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Broncos Back is a Different Kind of Diva

Flipping through the other videos from Topps’ “Rookies Got Talent” event that they held way back in July, I came across Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno showing off his operatic skills.

I had no idea.

I guess it ain’t over now until Knowshon sings…


Roethlisberger Takes on Professional Wrestling

Last night Ben Roethlisberger stopped by WWE Monday Night Raw, alas, he was totally spontaneously interrupted by Big Show and Chris Jericho. Showing the same poise that he has in the pocket, Ben sidestepped their aggression and called an audible, bringing out his offensive line. They squared off against Big Show for a moment before he cut his losses and left.

At least briefly. This time when Big Show returned Roethlisberger had even more help on his side when the tag-team D-Generation X came out and joined forces with the assembled Steelers. The Big Show was scared off and so there’s only two things to do, DANCE and PREEN!



Finally a Bike Race to Care About

tour_de_donut5Why is it I keep learning of these events I would DOMINATE too late? Greenville, Michigan held a prestigious biking event over the weekend, forget the Tour de France and instead gear yourself up for the Tour de Donut!

With 150 riders enlisted, the 30-mile race has designated glazed doughnut stops every 10 miles. For every doughnut downed by a rider the race organizers took 3 minutes off his or her time.

The most important rule, no vomiting; hurl and you’re disqualified.

Ryan King took home the championship, winning the award for most doughnuts eaten, tying with two others with eating 10, in addition King had the fastest overall time.

Presumably he developed adult-onset diabetes immediately after he stopped pedaling.

[AP and photos courtesy of Lance Booth]


The Press Box is Supposed to be Neutral

There’s a hard and fast rule that in the press box, there’s no cheering. Former Saints quarterback and current Saints broadcaster Bobby Hebert at this past Sunday’s game doesn’t follow that rule. Here he is simultaneously cheering and simulating fisting, so, at least he’s still capable of doing two things at once.


LeBron Has it Maized

You know you’ve officially made it as an icon when your image is cut into a corn field and turned into a maze. The owners of Little Darby Creek who made this incredible thing in the first place had this to say:

What an awesome spectacle to have in your 9 acre corn maze……Lebron dunking!!!! We are Cavs fans and love to watch him play basketball, so this year we get to see him in our cornfield all fall. Oh, and by the way, the maze was already cut, but we would also like to welcome Shaq to Ohio too!!! Go Cavs!!

Lebron Corn Maze

[Clubhouse Cancer]


One Case of Beer is NEVER Enough

Bathurst 1000 - Fans DrinkingRace fans in Australia headed towards the Bathurst 1000 – a three-day race featuring touring cars with V8 engines and set to begin this week — are going to find their plans for wild drunken rowdiness slightly hindered. That’s because, based on bad recent experiences, the police are trying to crack down on binge drinking.

Assistant Police Commissioner Alan Clarke explained that “Police respect people’s rights to enjoy the race weekend, but will promptly act when the law is broken. Every year thousands of race fans attend and enjoy the event and police will not allow their safety to be compromised by a drunken few. As such we will once again be focusing on alcohol-related behavior.”

If you’re attending the race the police will be insisting that you stick to no more than one case of beer a day. Wine drinkers are also expected to exercise restraint, limiting themselves to a mere 4 liters a day. There are ways around this crackdown though, for instance, if you opt for lower-alcohol beer you can bring in 36 cans instead! SWEET! Take THAT rules!

Obviously, now the fans are upset, feeling their rights are being under attack. After all, how can you possibly enjoy car racing if you aren’t shit-faced hammer-drunk? And when I say drunk, I don’t mean that weak-assed pussy way of getting drunk on JUST 24 cans of beer, I’m talking 60+ beers per person per day. I mean, these are AUSTRALIANS, 24 cans of beer is necessary just to get the saliva going in the morning.



The Real Reason Chicago Lost the Olympics

After awarding the 2016 Olympics to Rio, the American media was shocked that the US wasn’t selected; especially after President Obama went to make a personal pitch for the games. According to the International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge, the decision was not made based on money — which would seemingly make it a first.

“If we had thought about how to make a lot of money we would have chosen Chicago,” Rogge said, “Money is not what drives IOC members when it comes to choosing a host city.”

Which is true — if you ignore the bribery scandals of the last few games.

However, I have a theory why the Brazilians were selected over Chicago…

Adriana Lima 9


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