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Scalper Stabs Potential Customer

Hamin Basim AnsarScalping tickets is an’t an easy job, you need to be a quick negotiator, know how to size up your mark and be willing to take the best deal, even if it isn’t the highest price. Hamin Basim Ansar doesn’t follow that plan. Instead, while trying to scalp some tickets to John Langsett outside Landshark Stadium prior to the Jets/Dolphins game right at the same time as kickoff Ansar refused to budge on his price.
He wanted $150 per ticket while Langsett had only $100. It being kickoff already, Langsett figured it wouldn’t be a problem. So wanting his price Ansar did the only reasonable thing, he took out his pocket knife and stabbed the 24-year-old Langsett in the chest and the back of the head. The surrounding crowd saw what happened and detained Ansar until police could arrive on scene.
Langsett was airlifted to to the hospital where he was briefly treated and then released.
[Last Angry Fan]


High School Pulls Awesome Victory Out of Nowhere

Homecoming for John Glenn High School seemed to be a bust until the last-second field-goal attempt was blocked but never went beyond the line of scrimmage. Instead, as the Plymouth Wildcats celebrated and ran off the field, bedecked in their fabulous purple uniforms John Glenn milled about for a moment until finally one of the players grabbed the ball and untouched made his way to the endzone to win the game. Pretty sweet!

Also, I didn’t realize you could name high school’s for people still living. Where is the high school named after me? Oh what, I need to go into space and then become a senator for several decades before I get one? That’s just discrimination and I’m pissed.


Kassim Does a Fabulous Makeover

Kassim OsgoodCharges special teams ace Kassim Osgood is an avid twitter’er and when stuck in the hotel prior to this week’s game he took to the twitter-waves to ease his boredom.

First he tweeted this message:

I wish the game was tonite so we xan hurry up and get the heck out of here. Tired of this hotel!

Love the enthusiasm, love the desire to play, but why not find some productive way to spend your time. Read a book, learn a foreign language, write a haiku for each of your teammates perhaps.

Clearly Kassim and I are different people because instead of those activities he opted for some creative new hair-styling instead.

This Is what happens when left unattended and cooped up in a hotel all day instead of playing ball!

Someone find this man some board games stat! A few more weeks like this and he’ll be the Dennis Rodman of the NFL.

[Kassim Osgood via The JockoSphere]


Look Ma, No Hands!

Elijah ClarkA youth soccer tea in Mooresville, NC is on the verge of getting to the Junior World Cup Tournament in South Africa, a pretty awesomely huge deal for a bunch of 11-year-olds. Part of the team’s success comes from the versatility of their players, most of whom play multiple positions.

For instance, there is Elijah Clark, age 11, who alternates between forward, midfield defense and goalie, all this despite the fact that he was born without hands.

In fact, Clark was born with only one forearm bone and 2 fingers. “I used to hide behind my mom because I didn’t want people to look at me. But, I had to overcome that. I don’t care what people say about me now,” says Elijah.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

When he’s not on the field, Elijah is equally dominating in the classroom scoring a perfect 100% grade average. Several of his teammates’ parents say that Elijah can write and type better then their sons using just his elbows! Elijah’s mom, Alisha Clark said that “he’s pretty much figured everything out on his own. He’s shown US how it’s going to be…the best way for him to be independent was for him to do things. (To) do everything else that a regular person can do.”

Next weekend’s match in Washington DC will determine the Lake Norman soccer club’s fate; win and they’re headed to South Africa for the World Championships.

Count me in as a Lake Norman booster.

[Fox Charlotte]


Brady Quinn Wants Out from the Mistake by the Lake

Brady QuinnIn 2007 the Cleveland Browns traded back into the 1st round of the draft in order to acquire Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn; he was heralded as the QB of the future. The following season Derek Anderson came out of nowhere to have a Pro Bowl season and Quinn was relegated to the bench. Last year Anderson fell apart and so Quinn entered this season as the starter.

After a grand total of 10 quarters this year Quinn was benched again in favor of Anderson. It was just the third game of the season, after going 6 for 8 for 34 yards, and one interception, just like that, he was benched. Anderson came on and threw 3 interceptions and the Browns were crushed to the tune of 34-3. The next week head coach Eric Mangini announced that Derek Anderson would be the starter. How could he not, he was so EFFICIENT!  This past week Anderson went 2 for 17(!) with just 23 yards and his team managed a grand total of 6 points. Awful. He remains the starter.

It is obvious Anderson CAN’T play and while we don’t know about Quinn, there is a CHANCE he can. Clearly though Quinn doesn’t think he’ll ever get that chance. According to a Cleveland newspaper, Brady has put his house up for sale and is about to formally ask the team to trade him.

That’s some good work there Mangini, you’ve been head coach for not even a season and already the entire franchise is in disarray and everyone hates you. That’s awfully impressive.



Hockey Star in Hot Water Over Saucy Ad

Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque is an imposing gentleman, the rest of the NHL agrees having named him the Best Fighter and Best Enforcer several times. Despite his dangerous presence on the ice, off the ice he’s something of a pussy-cat, for instance, he became a vegan to protest the meat industry. And probably to get girls.

Looks like it worked! Georges appeared in an ad for Octane 7.0 a combo alcoholic/energy drink that sounds likes you’re drinking gasoline. The ad begins with some scantily clad women running and then stretching prior to a street hockey battle against Georges. Now, several women’s groups are upset with Laraque for the (in their opinion) misogynist ad.

The women “don’t even talk. All they’re showing is a certain part of their body. The camera, the eye, is focusing on certain parts of the body,” said Chantal Ismé of CLES, a group that fights sexual exploitation.

“People who know me know I’m not that kind of person,” Laraque said. “That’s not the kind of thing I’d agree to promote.” Laraque said also that he should never have done the ad in the first place when he arrived on set and saw the way the women were dressed. He claims that the only reason he stayed was that the ad would provide substantial donations to the various charities he supports. Talk about turning a situation back on the groups against you, I can’t wait for the various women’s groups to try and continue bashing him after Laraque claims he wasn’t paid and all the money went to charity. Including animal charities. Women find animals adorable. Ergo, Georges Laraque, adorable.

[National Post]

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