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Without the Pole It’s Just Dancing

Pole dancing is a sport, or so say the women who do it, there’s even a movement to make it an Olympic sport, unlike your normal trip to the local strip club on a Wednesday afternoon — I know, you go just for the lunch buffet — the competitions for pole dancing are serious and don’t involve stripping.

This competition in Moscow doesn’t feature any stripping but it does feature the worst thing that can happen to a pole dancer. Well, besides Dennis Rodman coming into the strip club…

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Europeans Know How to Party

Somehow my press invitation must have gotten lost, but last weekend, in Amsterdam no less, was the European pole dancing championships. Ladies from Albania to Spain took to the pole to show off their acrobatic skills on two different poles, one in a fixed location and one that rotated, I suppose to add to the challenge and drama.

“Everything which we do requires so much strength. You train your legs and your muscles. It has nothing to do with eroticism. You have no time to think of that!” said Jeannine Wikering, a 26-year-old competitor from Germany who, probably FOR that reason finished third. “I think one day it should be an Olympic sport — but that will take time. You would have to agree which moves on which to judge competitors, at the moment we all have such different routines,” she added. Of course, she’s not the only one who wants to make it an Olympic event as we’ve already seen.

Galina Troschenko, 36 (above), of Spain took home top honors, evidently impressing the judges with her acrobatic displays. “I’ve only been doing this for three years, but I suppose I have a background as a dancer,” she said.

Now here’s my question, what inspires a 33 year old woman to start pole dancing, and then to do it competitively? What was going on in her life that led to this path? I want answers!

Kenneth Tao, one of the several hundred audience members had this to say after the event, “I didn’t see anything which I thought was erotic. It was gymnastic. I was watching their choreography in particular.”

In other news, Kenneth Tao only reads the Playboy articles and finds the most erotic part of a woman her brain. I do too, but usually I have the brain in a jar sitting on my desk….

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Olympic Pole Dancing, Coming Soon?

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This video has simply too many amazing things going on within it, it’s hard to believe that it is from an actual newscast. First off, the topic is that these women are starting a petition to have pole dancing added to the gymnastic events in the Olympics. OK, that seems strange, but I’m willing to agree that skilled pole dancing does have many impressive gymnastic elements so that’s not ridiculous. Then there is the fact that this newscast is from Utah, the official state of boring people. When was the last time pole dancing and Utah were in the same sentence, let alone in a POSITIVE news story?

Follow that with one of the co-owners of the studio in her giant stripper heels saying that the shoes are only for building strength, “[they] really help my calves get stronger…” she says, ALMOST with a straight face. Meanwhile the video features a lady in fishnets upside down slithering on the pole. Yeah, NOTHING to do with strippers. Throw in the Mormon housewives in the class and this video simply has everything you could ever ask for. And then, just to top off the unintentional comedy in this video, the petition has 300 signatures! 300! And they are trying to become an Olympic sport! I’m not a member of the Olympic Committee, however, I feel safe in saying that you’ll need significantly more than 300 people in UTAH to become an official Olympic sport.


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