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Panthers Defenseman Knocks Out His Own Teammate

On Monday when the Edmonton Oilers took on the Florida Panthers, late in the second period, Oilers center Robert Nilsson glided up the ice, the only problem was that the Panthers’ Bryan Allen had him dead-to-rights in his sights.

Allen came flying in to check Nilsson somewhere into the next decade except, with a nifty spin-move Nilsson avoided the hit. All that energy had to go somewhere though and unable to stop himself in time, Allen instead slammed into his own teammate, Gregory Campbell, knocking Campbell out cold. Oops!

I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to take your teammates out of the game. I mean, I’m only a novice at hockey, but that seems counterproductive…

[Low on Oil]


Teammate Nearly Decapitates Own Goalie With a Slash

The Florida Panthers were in Atlanta to play the Thrashers and midway through the first period, already tied 1-1, Ilya Kovalchuk came flying in on a breakaway. Despite the efforts of goalie Tomas Vokoun who stymied the first attempt but was unable to stop the rebound shot from going into the net. Frustrated with his team’s lack of defensive skill, Keith Ballard took out his aggression on his stick. Unluckily, when Ballard slammed his stick against the post, breaking it, the end of the stick struck his goaltender, lacerating his ear. Oops!

Vokoun left the ice and was taken to a local hospital, but should ultimately be fine.


It’s Curtains for Booth

Have you ever taken a shoulder to the face from a hard-skating very large man that knocks you completely unconscious? Me either. I’d like to keep it that way. David Booth of the Florida Panthers might have been able to say he too had never experienced that, until Saturday that is. Booth has the puck in the middle of the ice and then Flyers captain Mike Richards comes flying in and sends Booth somewhere into the next decade.

Booth lay prone on the ice for several minutes before a stretcher took him off the ice and to the hospital for observation.

The Panthers were advocating a suspension for Richards, but the as of right now the Flyers captain looks like he’ll avoid that fate.


Nice Moves Mr. Man

Uri Man is a Vice-President for development for the parent company of the NHL’s Florida Panthers, he also appeared on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker to apparently no avail. That’s because he appeared on Fox News over the weekend and took the opportunity to try and throw some game at his interviewer, Ainsley Earhardt.

Starting off slow, Man, who wrote a book entitled “Getting Good Jobs in Tough Times,” first compares the market to an ex-girlfriend one tries to win back. Earhardt enjoys the example and then Man, later in the interview throws out that he knows where she went to college. A little creepy, but hey, he came prepared, I respect that. Man also took the time to comment that he must have missed the memo since Earhardt and her co-host were both wearing yellow. When she told him that his pink tie matched nicely with yellow he wonders aloud about how the two of them would look together. Class act.

The interview ends in the best way a guy could dream of, her laughing at him and asking her co-host if Man was “hitting on me on live TV? Did that just happen?”

Smooth Man, smooth.

[Sports by Brooks]


She Takes Them Out, She Presses Them to the Glass!

Right now the Florida Panthers are on the outside of the playoffs looking in, sitting just outside by only three points. So, is it little wonder that the fans are doing all they can to spur their team on to the post season. Fans love to cheer and they love to get on TV; wave a camera with a red light at people and who knows what you’ll get, but usually you’ll get something entertaining. This Panthers’ fan goes all out and I think she’s full of talent. After all, it isn’t easy to rub yourself up against the glass, it’s COLD in the rink…

[Total Pro Sports]

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