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Josh McDaniels Really Wants to Win the Matriach-Fornicating Game

I’m consistently shocked by awfulness of the NFL Network’s game broadcasts, they’re simply incredibly bad, I feel like I’m watching high school football half the time. Unlike MLB network whose game coverage is at least as good as the main networks, it’s as though the NFL has no desire to put any solid efforts into their productions or in making THEIR product look good.

The latest example was in their Thanksgiving Day broadcast of the Broncos/Giants game, theoretically one of the most-watched games of the year on the nascent network, it being a major holiday that for many families is centered AROUND FOOTBALL. After coming back from a commercial break they had a highlight package lined up featuring Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels talking to his offense who had just failed to capitalize on a 1st and goal situation. You’d think, it having been edited and reeled up they would have noticed that in the first THREE SECONDS he drops a “motherfucker.” Of course, they DON’T notice it, and it goes out on the air, they didn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE it until after the NEXT commercial break, several minutes later. That’s some fine TV production there boys.

When he was asked after the game how he felt about his swearing going out on the NFL network, Josh McDaniels, who clearly knows how woeful the NFL network is, looked completely unsurprised and merely said, “It’s the NFL Network, It doesn’t surprise me.


Hakeem Nicks is Quick on the Draw

Back in July the various NFL rookies gathered together for a photo shoot with Topps, in addition to having their pictures taken, the rookies also participated in showing off their other talents. Upper Deck held a similar event only their version was geared around the best touchdown dances.

Here is Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks showing off and validating his claim of having the fastest hands in the NFL as he plucks a specific playing card out of the air as part of Topps’ “Rookies Got Talent” competition.

Wow. That is dope. He’s a WITCH!



Giants Fans Handle Defeat With Grace and Aplomb

I don’t know what it is about the Giants Stadium parking lot, or maybe it is just the fact that most Giants fans are giant tools, but here’s some fans after the Giants loss destroying cars (supposedly their own) in the parking lot. Classy guys. I bet you were totally happy with the decision you made the next day.

[The 700 Level]


Do Not Mess With Brandon Jacobs

The New York Giants are nothing but targets right now it seems. Plax shoots himself, Steve Smith got robbed last week and so, intrepid reporters are talking to the rest of the Giants to see how the players handle their own security. Take Brandon Jacobs, the 6’4″, 264 lb behemoth who loves to run over linebackers and safeties who is worried about his own safety. “It’s tough out there for us and a lot of people don’t know that. It’s tough in everyday life for us to be targeted. Some people are very bothered by it. That’s why I stay home.”

However, don’t mess with Jacobs’ family or that brutal football stallion will come out on you.

“In the streets, with me, there’s no need for it,” Jacobs said. “But if you come between that door frame in my home, I’m going to kill you.”

Asked if he has a gun in his home, Jacobs said only, “Listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth.”

So, um, I’d say he’s got a bunch of guns. Big ones.


A Office Giant’s Olympian Doppelganger

Whilst watching the Giants game yesterday and seeing a picture of Eli Manning, one of my roommates noticed the uncanny resemblance that Eli Manning shares with John Krasinski of The Office and Michael Phelps. I couldn’t agree more. Even more alike is the sheer awkwardness that both Phelps and Manning produce whenever they speak in person, when it always seems both are speaking in public for the first time ever. Make sure that you vote in the poll below to cast your opinion to see if this doppelganger pairing can join the illustrious ranks of the other doppelgangers that are gathered together here.



Strange Partnerships These Days

FINALLY! The sports partnership we’ve all been waiting on finally has happened. The New York Giants have joined forces with Tiffany’s to offer a range of items as the “New York Giants Super Bowl XLII Collection.” The collection includes:

  • Pendant with blue accent on an 18-inch chain: plated $75, sterling silver $225 or 14k white gold $1,350.
  • Round tag bracelet in sterling silver, $225.
  • Round cuff links in sterling silver, $200.
  • Helmet paperweight in crystal, $175.
  • Football paperweight in crystal, $100.
  • Beer mugs in crystal, set of two, $100.
  • Sterling silver “Return to Tiffany™” round tag pendant on an 18-inch chain, $110.
  • I.D. tag pendant in sterling silver with a coin edge on a 20-inch beaded chain, $275.
  • Set of two crystal tumblers, $60.

Sounds like a MUST-OWN for all true Giants fans. What big blue fan wouldn’t be desperate for a crystal Giants helmet paperweight right?

(Not pictured, the Angel of Death waiting just off frame)

Of course, this isn’t the only strange sports partnership announced in the last few days. The New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys, with a side order of Goldman Sachs have announced a partnership to create a new stadium concessions company, Legends Hospitality Management.

The company’s focus will “be on operating catering, concessions, retail merchandising and other facility management enterprises for major sports and entertainment facilities. Legends has been granted the exclusive right to operate concessions, catering and merchandising services at the new, state-of-the-art Yankees and Cowboys stadiums on a multi-year basis. Legends intends to expand beyond these anchor teams to provide its services to professional and college sports teams and other event facilities worldwide.”

This picture below of Jerry Jones and George Steinbrenner shaking hands might be the most disturbing photo in the last decade. I’m almost positive this is a sign of impending apocalypse.


100 Years Ago was Merkle’s Boner

In honor of the Cubs’ second straight journey to the postseason as the NL Central division winners it is important to note that today is the 100th anniversary of the “Merkle Boner.” No, that isn’t what happens whenever you give German Chancellor Angela Merkel a massage; it happened on the baseball diamond in a game between the Chicago Cubs and the New York Giants.

Fred Merkle, then at 19, the youngest player in the league, came up to bat in a 1-1 ballgame in the 9th inning. With two outs already and Moose McCormick on first, Merkle singled moving McCormick to third. Then, Al Bridwell came to the dish and hit a single of his own. McCormick scored and the New York fans came running onto the field cheering, swarming the players and the field.

Unfortunately for the Giants, Merkle never reached second base because of the fans and had walked off the field. Johnny Evers, the alert Cubs second baseman noticed this and after retrieving the ball appealed to the second base umpire who then called Merkle out on a force play. Because it was a force, the run was thus negated and the game was to continue. However, with all the fans on the field it was impossible to restart the game and it was ruled a tie.

At the end of the season the two teams though had identical records and a one-game playoff was required. The Cubs ended up winning that game and then going on to win the World Series, which as baseball fans know, was the last time they won. Had Merkle just run to the base and touched second, the Giants would have won the game, won the division and the Cubs would be mired in misery forever, instead of just for 100 years.

So, honor Berkle’s Boner in any way you feel appropriate today. This might be the year the Cubs just actually do it and get past their demons and win the World Series. Although I don’t think they will. They may get there but I don’t think the Cubs can get past either of the Red Sox or the Angels, but if they play the White Sox or the Rays I think they have a real chance.

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