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Hines Ward Shows a Bit of Hypocrisy

A few weeks back when Ben Roethlisberger was forced out of the Steelers lineup with concussion symptoms, his top receiver, Hines Ward questioned Ben’s toughness.

“I’ve lied to a couple of doctors saying ‘I’m straight, I feel good,’ when I knew I’m really not straight. But I don’t think guys really think about the future when they’re playing currently in the NFL,” Ward told Bob Costas, “Trust me, the players, they wanna go out there because these games, you don’t get back. You’re never gonna get this Baltimore-Pittsburgh game back.”

Fast forward to this week and coach Mike Tomlin’s announcement today that Ward is “very questionable” to play this Sunday.

I thought every game mattered Hines….

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The Penguins and Steelers Suggest You Pack it Up

As weird as it is to believe, over the last decade the second-best city for championships has been Pittsburgh. Sure, the Pirates are miserable, but 2 Steelers championships, a Penguins Cup and multiple late-round playoff trips for both teams shows that the Pittsburgh is a force to be reckoned with. On the heels of success comes entrepreneurs eager to exploit it for their own gain and the Steel City is no exception.

If you’re a big-time Penguins or Steelers fan forget replica jerseys, t-shirts or beer cozies, there’s only one true way to show everyone how much you care; “tobacco pipes.”

Now, I’d never get one of these, not my style (or teams) but if I had to choose, you gotta go with the Penguins one right? I mean, the color scheme is just so much better, and let’s face it, style matters.

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Gay’s Movement Rode Roughshod Over

Vikings superstar running back Adrian Peterson is a man-beast, here he takes on Pittsburgh’s William Gay, lowers his shoulder and just fucking demolishes the defender. When he was coming out of high school it was said that Peterson might be the only player capable of going directly from high school to the pros; this is a man amongst boys situation right now, he’s just too good to stop.


Roethlisberger Takes on Professional Wrestling

Last night Ben Roethlisberger stopped by WWE Monday Night Raw, alas, he was totally spontaneously interrupted by Big Show and Chris Jericho. Showing the same poise that he has in the pocket, Ben sidestepped their aggression and called an audible, bringing out his offensive line. They squared off against Big Show for a moment before he cut his losses and left.

At least briefly. This time when Big Show returned Roethlisberger had even more help on his side when the tag-team D-Generation X came out and joined forces with the assembled Steelers. The Big Show was scared off and so there’s only two things to do, DANCE and PREEN!



The Steelers Take Some Time to Play With Assault Rifles

steelerswithgunsReportedly, three years ago the Pittsburgh Steelers phoned the Pennsylvania State Police for some “gun safety instructions” which led to 14 members of the team heading to the Greensburg barracks. There, the troopers and the Steelers players took out the illegal assault weapons from the evidence room, some ammo and had a fun ol’ time.

“It’s a state police firing range used for state police to train. When we’re there, it’s downright military,” said one state police official, who requested anonymity. “But at this event, it’s chaos. Everybody’s throwing contraband assault weapons around like they’re toys; it’s like they’re having G.I. Joe tryouts. Not only is this totally unethical, but it’s totally illegal.”

The State Police insist that nothing was amiss in their actions, saying they do these kinds of events regularly and denied that the Steelers players used ANY of the seized weapons.

“This was a good-faith gesture to ensure that they [Steelers] knew how to operate firearms safely,” Lt. Myra Taylor said. “We do this with a number of other community groups – Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, citizen police groups.”

harrisongunsUnfortunately for the troopers, anonymously distributed photographs from the event show the players shooting M-16s and other handguns and rifles at targets in the barrack’s firing range. All around the players are the smiling happy faces of troopers, instructors and barracks superiors.

While Taylor insisted that the guns were “personal weapons owned by others,” there appears to be evidence tags visible on at least one assault rifle that a player is holding.

In addition to all that, the players violated basic safety rules, under the eyes of the instructors and supervisors, shooting without ear or eye protection. Later, in posed photographs the players are seen pointing their guns at their teammates’ heads, which must do wonders for team chemistry.

Among the players pictured were now-former Steelers Joey Porter and Najeh Davenport, and still current Steelers such as last year’s defensive player of the year James Harrison, Ike Taylor, Max Starks, James Farrior and Brett Keisel were also clearly seen. Other players were in attendance but due to the poor quality of some of the photos were difficult to identify.

The Steelers have not commented on the story.



Steelers Get Their Diamond-Covered Rings

ept_sports_nfl_experts-446182119-1244634507The Superbowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers received their rings this week, commemorating their accomplishment. The rings check in at 3.7 ounces each, featuring 63 diamonds (3.61 carats total), the six large diamonds on the face represent the 6 championships the team has won, the 7 diamonds around the top of the logo are for the team’s 7 conference championships, and the bottom 7 are for the 14 team division titles. On one side of the ring is the players name, his uniform number, the Steelers logo and the NFL logo. The other features the 6 Lombardi trophies sitting inside Heinz Field and the Super Bowl XLIII logo along with the game’s final score.

Continuing the recent tradition of making the rings as gaudy and gigantic as possible, these ones even dwarf the ones the Steelers got 3 years ago. Charlie Batch held up the two compared to each other and the old one looked about half the size. “Everybody’s in awe right now,” Batch said. “When everybody opened his box, it was like ‘Wow!'”

I hope the players enjoy their gaudy new baubles as they have NO chance of getting another one so long as Tom Brady remains healthy. I also hope that the Steelers made sure to triple-check everything written on the ring so they don’t have an embarrassing moment like when they learned — 30 years later — that their 1975 rings were erroneously engraved.
[Shutdown Corner]


Roethlisberger Hates on Cheerleaders

In this week’s Monday Night Football matchup the Pittsburgh Steelers are set to face off against the Washington Redskins but for players like Ben Roethlisberger this game won’t be a fun one to play. “I’m not a big fan of playing there because it is loud, they’re really good at home…” he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Seems fair, I can’t imagine it’s a lot of fun having 50,000 people rooting against you and hoping for your failure, but then again, he’s a professional athlete and should be used to it. But wait, there’s more, that wasn’t the end of the quote! He went on to voice his real displeasure with playing the Redskins, “…they try to make their cheerleaders stretch in our tunnel before we come out of the locker room. That’s just not good. The couple of preseason games I’ve played down there, we’ve seen it,” Roethlisberger said, “It can be [a distraction], let’s be truthful. They’ve done it before. I’ve heard a rumor that they’re not allowed to do it anymore.”

It’s true, the league last year instituted a rule colloquially known as the “Redskins Rule” wherein the cheerleaders are not supposed to warm up in front of the visiting team’s locker room entrance. Since there are multiple entrances and such somehow the Redskins’ ladies are able to get around this rule. Meanwhile, for Roethlisberger their T&A is simply too much for he and his teammates to handle. Most players thought this ruling was an overreaction and unnecessary but clearly Roethlisberger disagrees. Hey guys, why not just play the game and THEN worry about banging the cheerleaders? You make millions of dollars, I’m sure you can charm them. So stop whining, take a peek and then go about your job.


Steelers Super Bowl Rings Erroneously Engraved

Say you’re a member of the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers, you work hard all season long and you get rewarded with the greatest present possible, a Super Bowl victory. The next year you’re given a ring to commemorate your team’s accomplishment, on the side of the ring are included the scores of the playoff games your team won.

Now, don’t you think you might at some point between say, 1976 and oh, 2008, you might look at that ring. I know if I won a championship, I’d treasure that ring and probably memorize every detail of it. You’d think that any of the numerous players, front office and other staffers who received rings would have thought, “Hey, remember when we played the Bills for the AFC Championship and we won, 32-14? Why does our ring say the score was 32-6?”

A Pittsburgh front office employee recently passed away and his personal items were up for sale in an estate auction, included among the items were his two rings from 1975 and the 1976 Super Bowl championships. After a story about the auction appeared in the paper, an eagle-eyed fan noticed that the score was incorrect on the ring.

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