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7’5″ Middle Schooler is a Big Target on the Football Field

Brenden Adams FootballWhen he was born, Brenden Adams was a perfectly average infant but by 5 months doctors realized something was special about him, starting with the fact that he already had all his teeth. He was growing rapidly, by age 2 and a half he was 3 foot 6, by 5 he had grown a full foot, at age 11 Adams stood 6 feet 8 inches.

“It was my 12th chromosome that broke in half and flipped over and reattached,” Brenden explained, something that his doctors don’t know how or why it happened, and that they had never seen before.
Brenden AdamsToday, at age 14 Adams measures 7′ 5″, which according to the Guinness Book of Records makes him the world’s largest teenager. Life isn’t easy with such a large frame, all Adams wants to do is be normal and play with his friends but his size makes it difficult.

His lifelong dream has been to play football but concerns that he would be seriously hurt had prevented his mother from allowing him to play. Now that he’s in 8th grade, Adams mom, after consulting with various doctors agreed, “This is the first year my mom’s let me play. She thought I was gonna get hurt or something. It’s my favorite sport and she said this is an opportunity she didn’t want me to miss.”

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5-Year-Old Body Builder is in Much Better Shape Than You

Guiliano Stroe 1We’ve seen 80-year-old bodybuilders strutting their stuff and that was weird, now at the tender age of 5, Romanian Guiliano Stroe has entered the Guinness Book of Records for his own feats of strength, specifically the “fastest ever 10 m hand-walk with a weight ball between his legs,” done live on television. The six-packed 5-year-old has been going to the gym with his father Iulien since he was two and they work out together.

“He has been going to the gym with me ever since he was born,” Iulien said, “I always took him with me when I went training. I have been training hard all my life myself. He is never allowed to practice on his own, he is only a child and if he gets tired we go and play.”

When he’s not working out Guiliano, the oldest of 4 siblings, likes normal 5-year-old activities like watching cartoons, playing in the  park and painting.

Now, I scored 23 on the How Many 5-Year-Olds Could You Take in a Fight quiz, but if I had to face off against 23 Guiliano’s I think I’d get wrecked.

[Daily Mail]


That’s a Whole Lot of Horse

remipuppracticeCheryl Davis of Princeton, Texas celebrated some great news on Monday, her Clydesdale horse, Remington, was named the World’s Largest Living Horse by the Guinness Book of Records people. Measuring in at a robust 80 inches without shoes, and topping the scales at over 3,000 pounds, Remi is a whole lot of horse.

He even has his own blog, called Of Course I’m a Horse which follows his adventures. Cheryl describes her large equine friend as playful as a puppy and like a feisty teenager.

“I was always proud of him, but I’m even more so now.” Cheryl said after receiving the news, “That’s the whole name of the game – to break the record.”

Because of his size, Remington requires special-made shoes for his size 10 hooves and a special trailer to transport him place to place. Am I the only one wondering what the conversion rate is from a horse size 10 to junk size? I can’t be the only one right?

Regardless, to celebrate his honor Remington received a few extra carrots and Cheryl got a certificate from the Guinness folks though  she’s unsure where she’ll hang it up. “Not in the barn, he’d probably eat it.”

[Dallas News]


What Can YOUR Vagina Do?

TatiataKozhevnikovaonallfoursIn sports when athletes reaches their 40s it usually is precipitated by a drastic drop-off in skill level. That doesn’t appear to be the case with 41 year-old Russian citizen, Tatiata Kozhevnikova who, after training for 15 years, has entered the Guiness Book of World Records as the greatest Vagina Lifting champion ever after holding a 31 pound weight solely with her lady parts.

This wasn’t something Kozhevnikova always could do, she explains that “After I had a child, my intimate muscles got unbelievably weak. I read books on Dao and learned that ancient women used to deal with this problem using wooden balls, I looked around, saw a Murano glass ball and inserted it in my vagina.” Makes sense to me.

I love the idea that she was sitting in her house and is just looking around for random objects to shove inside herself to tighten up.

The whole process of training is pretty easy she claims, “You insert one of the balls in your vagina, and it has a string attached to it with a little hook at the very end. You fix a second ball onto this hook.” Bing-Bang-Boom, Vagina Lifting champion.

[In Game Now]


Cricket Goes to the Mountains

While they are waiting for it to be officially ratified by the Guinness Book of Records, two teams of British cricketers believe they have set the record for the highest-altitude for field sports. At the foot of Mount Everest, nearly 17,000 feet above sea level in Gorakshep, Nepal, the teams played one another with Team Hillary edging Team Tenzing. The teams were named after the two men who first climbed the mountain. The organizers of the game are hoping to raise over $365,000 from sponsors for two charities.

[3 News]


I Can Think of a Better Way to Spend 88 Minutes…

Cuban Erick Hernandez bested his own Guiness Record on Saturday when he bounced a soccer ball on his thighs for 1 hour, 28 minutes and 6 seconds, demolishing his previous mark by nearly 3 minutes. I’m glad to see Cubans are engaging in useful activities, since the country is still permanently stuck in the 1950s, this seems like a worthwhile time killer. I have wireless internet, so I can spend just a minute watching this video instead. Ah progress.


Grandmaster Takes on All Comers

georgiev02Bulgarian Grand Master Kiril Georgiev broke the world record for the largest number of simultaneous chess matches on Monday when he played 360 games at one time. The marathon process took 14 hours and 8 minutes with Georgiev playing against opponents ranging from children to retired old people.

His final record at the end of the challenge, 284 wins, 70 draws and only 6 losses. The record has now been submitted to the Guinness Book of Records for certification.

Pretty impressive I suppose, although those 6 losses are a bit embarrassing, after all, he IS a GRANDMASTER and then he gets beat by little Billy from some nearby elementary school?

[Whiz Bang Pop]


Guinness Records Be Crazy

I didn’t even know that there WAS a Guinness Record for throwing people, but then, here is Juha Rasanen of Finland on a Spanish TV show throwing a 132 lb person 17.7 feet! Now, the clip it turns out is from 2006, but then I’m only JUST getting caught up on my Spanish TV from that year so please forgive me. I particularly enjoy the bounce that the tossee takes on the floor mattress when he lands, I hope I too can someday strap someone in a harness and throw them on national TV, especially if the host is as hot as that Spanish chica…

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