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I Did It! I Did It!

When good things happen you want to celebrate, it’s only natural; if you score a strike, seemingly unexpectedly you wouldn’t be wrong in wanting to jump up and down in excitement. This young lady unfortunately (for her, for us it’s very fortuitous) doesn’t count on the oil used on the bowling lanes interfering with her elation.


Replacement Bowler Steps In, Rolls a Perfect 900

Andrew TeallIn September when Andrew Teall’s father Tom required knee surgery, Andrew stepped in and took his dad’s place on his local bowling team, Wipeout, in the Monday Night Invitational League at Medford Lanes in Medford, NJ.

This past Monday, at his final frame, Teall reached his arm back, and rocketed the ball down the lane, STRIKE. Not in itself that exciting, except when you consider that throw was his 36th consecutive strike, making him the 15th sanctioned person to roll a perfect 900 series, scoring three straight 300s.

“It’s somewhat comparable to a perfect game in baseball where 27 batters come up and all go down,” said Mark Miller, corporate communications manager for the United States Bowling Congress, the governing body for bowling in the US. In recorded bowling history there has been a grand total of 21 900 series in 114 years.

“There was quite a silent crowd during the 10th frame,” said Teall, a 2003 graduate of Shawnee High School who as senior was a second-team All-South Jersey bowler. “After I did it, the first thing I heard was my Dad’s loud voice and then there were a lot of hands in my face for high fives and a lot of man hugs.”

“There was a big crowd that kept growing and by the time the 10th frame hit, the place was packed,” said Dave DeSantis, vice president of the South Jersey Bowling Association.

“It was actually very surreal and to be honest, I wasn’t nervous,” said Teall, who has been bowling competitively since he was a high school freshman. I had bowled 300 (five times) before but never twice in a row. When I got halfway through the second game, I actually thought I could do two in a row and when I did, it was an unbelievable feeling. Then the third game, it just came and went.

“I’m pretty superstitious when I’m bowling. I have the same routine and I get in a groove. I only touch the same five or six people all night for congratulations and I try not to look around to see who’s watching. You just have to drown everything out.”

Amazingly, despite the rarity of a true 900 series, the previous one was done just 3 days before Teall did his, by Chris Aker in Winnermucca, Nevada.

Just because his son rolled a perfect series though doesn’t mean Tom intends to sit out the rest of the year, “I’m hoping to get back sooner than later and I think that once I’m able to bowl that he’ll take some time off,” said Tom Teall.

[Courier Post]



Continuing today’s meme of people falling comes this hilarious clip of a British bowler by the name of Timmy who has narcolepsy. Stepping to the line for his turn, he winds up and…boom! on the lane asleep. Now, I will say this kinda looks like a bullshit clip, but it’s funny and so, who cares!

When he lets go of the ball after he gets dragged off the lane it fucking SLAYS me.

Also, that’s CLEARLY a penalty, mark it zero.

[With Leather]


Finally I Can Understand that Complicated Bowling Thing

This is Len Bari, manager of the Maric Lanes in Astoria, Queens and owner of a 216 average explaining the scoring rules of bowling. At last, someone made a video to explain bowling to the rest of us.


Two Hands on the Ball

bowler__1237117061_7948The Professional Bowling Association is desperate for attention, once one of the most popular sports on television, these days bowling is largely ignored by the mass populace because, you know, it’s boring. There was a time in the early 1980s when bowling was king; the PBA scored better television ratings than the Masters and the NBA finals weren’t even broadcast on TV.

Enter Jason Belmonte, a 25 year old Australian with an unorthodox style and 34 perfect games to his resume. Throwing two-handed, with just two fingers in the ball, Belmonte is able to generate significantly more rotations on the ball as it rolls down the lane, thus generating more energy to transfer to the pins. Most professional bowlers get about 400 rotations of the ball with each throw, Belmonte’s unique style enables him to get over 630 per toss.

The amateur World Bowler of the Year twice, (2004, 2007) Belmonte grew up in the bowling lanes his parents owned in Orange, Australia, about 130 miles west of Sydney. As an 18-month old his parents would give him a pair of shoes and a ball and let him have at the lanes for hours at a time, and since he wasn’t able to lift the 10-pound ball he started his two-handed motion. He won his first tournament at age 4, by 5 he was averaging 118 a round. Continue reading ‘Two Hands on the Ball’


The Lanes Must Be Slick

Get ready Steelers fans, this video of Ben Roethlisberger bowling is apparently from a few days after he was carted off the field with a concussion. Roethlisberger, who is an avid bowler seems to be suffering some of the effects of the concussion still. Check it out.

Of course, the smart guy who posted the video said Roethlisberger either doesn’t know that when Roethlisberger got hurt it was 2008, not 2007, or this video is really old. Either way, Roethlisberger falls down and I laugh so, win/win.

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