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Bergeron Gets “Obliterated”

Marc-Andre Bergeron made his premiere for the Montreal Canadiens last night; it didn’t go perfectly. He took a hooking penalty in his first shift, and then in the second period he gets absolutely CRUSHED into the boards on a massive hit from the Atlanta Thrashers’ Colby Armstrong. Bergeron’s teammates immediately come to his defense swinging, but Bergeron just stands, very unsteadily, nearby watching the scrum trying to clear his head.


Hockey Star in Hot Water Over Saucy Ad

Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque is an imposing gentleman, the rest of the NHL agrees having named him the Best Fighter and Best Enforcer several times. Despite his dangerous presence on the ice, off the ice he’s something of a pussy-cat, for instance, he became a vegan to protest the meat industry. And probably to get girls.

Looks like it worked! Georges appeared in an ad for Octane 7.0 a combo alcoholic/energy drink that sounds likes you’re drinking gasoline. The ad begins with some scantily clad women running and then stretching prior to a street hockey battle against Georges. Now, several women’s groups are upset with Laraque for the (in their opinion) misogynist ad.

The women “don’t even talk. All they’re showing is a certain part of their body. The camera, the eye, is focusing on certain parts of the body,” said Chantal Ismé of CLES, a group that fights sexual exploitation.

“People who know me know I’m not that kind of person,” Laraque said. “That’s not the kind of thing I’d agree to promote.” Laraque said also that he should never have done the ad in the first place when he arrived on set and saw the way the women were dressed. He claims that the only reason he stayed was that the ad would provide substantial donations to the various charities he supports. Talk about turning a situation back on the groups against you, I can’t wait for the various women’s groups to try and continue bashing him after Laraque claims he wasn’t paid and all the money went to charity. Including animal charities. Women find animals adorable. Ergo, Georges Laraque, adorable.

[National Post]


Her Bid to Own the Team Will Go On

With George Gillett trying to divest himself of the Montreal Canadiens, currently 10 prospective ownership groups have emerged to take over the team. Among them are Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte, Quebec cable giant Quebecor Media and, of course, star chanteuse Celine Dion. Because if you’re a fan of the Canadiens you definitely want an association with the Titanic. Haven’t Canadiens fans suffered enough?



Les Canadiens Sont Trés Gauche

In 1912 the Titanic struck ice, Fenway Park opened and the Montreal Canadiens wore these awful barbershop stripe uniforms. In an attempt to return to these sad days, the Canadiens brought back the jerseys for a retro night on Sunday against the Bruins.

article_23011_2APTOPIX Bruins Canadiens Hockey


Oh yeah, and the Bruins shut Montreal out, 1-0, with a rookie goaltender.

[Puck Daddy]


Root for the Black and Gold(en Showers)

The Boston Bruins used to be a proud and respected franchise. They went to the playoffs every season for over 20 years at one point, but these days find it impossible to get out of the first round, if they are even able to qualify. Right now the Bruins are fighting for their lives against their arch rivals, the Montreal Canadiens. If not for an overtime goal in game 3, the Bruins would be down 3-0 in their 7 game series. Understandably the fans have been frustrated. I, for one, gave up on the Bruins officially after they traded away Joe Thornton for nothing and he went on to win the MVP.

Boston does love its hockey though and the fans have been coming out for the playoffs. One fan, Walter Cutler, 40, took his love of the Black and Gold to a new level when he was charged with open and gross lewdness and disorderly conduct.

Getting arrested at a hockey game is not a big story. In fact, it’s highly respected and expected, particularly during the playoffs. But ol’ Walt took it a step further.

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