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Need to Save a Raider Fan From the Black Hole?

You have to love local advertising, usually it looks like it is filmed on a household camcorder from 1996 with a script that was written by the 3rd graders of Ms. Sybil’s class but this ad from before the Chargers/Raiders game this past Sunday is simply too good to pass up. Sure, the imagery is more than a bit repetitive but the end tag-line more than makes up for it.

After all, what group of fans needs bail bondsmen more often than Raiders fans?


Kassim Does a Fabulous Makeover

Kassim OsgoodCharges special teams ace Kassim Osgood is an avid twitter’er and when stuck in the hotel prior to this week’s game he took to the twitter-waves to ease his boredom.

First he tweeted this message:

I wish the game was tonite so we xan hurry up and get the heck out of here. Tired of this hotel!

Love the enthusiasm, love the desire to play, but why not find some productive way to spend your time. Read a book, learn a foreign language, write a haiku for each of your teammates perhaps.

Clearly Kassim and I are different people because instead of those activities he opted for some creative new hair-styling instead.

This Is what happens when left unattended and cooped up in a hotel all day instead of playing ball!

Someone find this man some board games stat! A few more weeks like this and he’ll be the Dennis Rodman of the NFL.

[Kassim Osgood via The JockoSphere]


Being a Rookie Can be a Drag

larry-english-dinner-bill-resizedFirst-round pick Larry English is expected to be a major cog in the San Diego Chargers defense this season; to show their appreciation for all his hard-work, the entire team took him out for a classy steak dinner.

Oh, wait, that’s backwards; English was forced to pick up the bill for the ENTIRE team as part of an annual Chargers rookie tradition. The tab ended up at a robust $14,508.67 which is awfully pricey for a 23 year-old. Then again, when you sign guaranteed 5-year 9.9 million contract maybe 15K isn’t SO bad.

In some respects, English got off easy; when Shawn Merriman was a rookie his dinner bill ended up around $32,000, although Ryan Leaf merely spent $3,000 in 1998.

Courtesy of fellow linebacker Shaun Phillips’ Twitter feed, English’s hazing can be shared with the world.

I also want to know who got the raspberry sorbet, which tough guy football man ordered that; it had to be Nate Kaeding the kicker right? Also, I hope the team did the whole, “we’ll be right back” thing and told English to wait for them as they all bailed.



Today in 90s Family Television

This weekend’s San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos game is a battle for supremacy of the AFC West and the bad blood between these teams is spilling over into a war of words. A strange war of words. For instance, take this bit of trash talk from Chargers defensive end Jacques Cesaire:

They have bad teeth. They have bad hair. They don’t know how to cook. What else don’t I like about them? They watch Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Who does that? Who watches Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? That’s what I want to know. I heard the Denver Broncos watch it. I’m just sayin’.

I’m not quite sure how that is supposed to scare or intimidate the Broncos, but then again, Cesaire is a 2nd string D-Lineman who isn’t particularly good in the first place. Don’t worry though, he wasn’t done.

For the most part, I have no problem with those guys. Some guys might. I mean, obviously the quarterback (Jay Cutler), from what he’s saying about my quarterback (Philip Rivers), I have a little problem with him. But my biggest complaint with him is that he looks like Ringo Starr, you know? I’m just not feeling his haircut.

Take a look at Cutler sometimes. He has like this shag look going. I don’t even know what it’s called. I was just looking at his press conference the other day after the game. He had on this overgrown suit jacket. It was like ‘Come on, man. Let’s get it together.’

When asked what he might say to Cutler if he were to sack him, Cesaire responded with a one word answer, “supercuts.”

Teammates on the Chargers, like Luis Castillo were not in a rush to get behind Cesaire’s comments, worried that he might have given the Broncos some bulletin board material. However, I feel fairly confident that the Broncos are not going to be extra energized just because some scrub accused them of watching “Dr Quinn,” after all, Jane Seymour is a good looking lady, even still, and besides, that show was pretty good. I’m not ashamed to say that when I recently saw the complete series box set available at Costco I seriously considered getting it. I didn’t but I thought about it.

OK. I’m kinda ashamed about that.
[Sign On San Diego]


Giant Man Loves Jonas Brothers

Marcus McNeill is a giant of a man. He’s 6’7 and weighs 336 lbs and has been to the Pro Bowl his first two years in the NFL, so I’m not one to intentionally provoke him too much, but the fact that he is a giant Jonas Brothers fan is disturbing to me to no end. McNeill is one year younger than me, so it’s not like this is some generational thing that I can’t understand. Also, I can’t imagine he’s just making it up, because really, it’s not like saying you like the Jonas Brothers is going to get you laid. Unless you’re really into underage girls…Um, Marcus let’s not go down that road eh…?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Fan IQ]


Eat it Shawn Merriman

The baseball steroid scandal gets all the press and headlines but there is no doubt in my mind that the NFL has just as much an issue, they just have better PR. For example, take a look at Shawn Merriman.

“I eat babies and always cut in line at the supermarket.”

He’s an otherworldly linebacker with a devastating combination of power and speed, and he was suspended 4 games in 2006 for testing positive for steroids. Of course, he then went on to record 15.5 sacks in only 12 games. So he’s a beast. Also, he’s a tool. Further, he’s a member of the San Diego Chargers who feature whiners like Ladanian Tomlinson who complained about the Patriots every time after they have manhandled him and turned him from an MVP into Lamont Jordan. Continue reading ‘Eat it Shawn Merriman’

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