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Nails’ Precious Memories on Sale

DykstraRing1Despite being hyped as being quite the money manager, Lenny Dykstra’s second career as a finance guru has collapsed in recent months with him being forced into bankruptcy. Now, as a means to try and raise some money, auctioneers are planning on selling a number of memorabilia items that Nails left at a Beverly Hills pawnshop.

Among the items available are his 1986 Mets World Series ring and a trophy from the series. Advanced guesses place the items as being valued for more than $20,000.

DykstraRing2Scheduled to take place in Texas and online October 1 and 2, the auction being held by Heritage Auctions Inc provides the chance for Mets fans to own a piece of history. Hark back to the days when they actually WON games, as opposed to being officially eliminated as of last night.

Meanwhile, Lenny reportedly owes more than $31 million to debtors and has a mere $50,000 in assets. I’m no financial expert myself but that seems like a big problem.

[Heritage Auctions and ABC News]


Phillies Employee Flushes His Ring Away *(UPDATED)*

Thanks to the security camera footage at Citizens Bank Park, the missing Phillies World Series ring has been recovered!

A janitor at the stadium found the ring and led police to it in a supply closet where he had stashed it wrapped in a paper towel.

Police are planning on filing charges against the janitor, who they believe hid the ring because he had second thoughts.



Phillies Employee Flushes His Ring Away

Phillies+World+Series+Ring+front+640If your team has waited 28 years to win another World Series you think you’d treasure your championship ring, even if you weren’t on the field to win it yourself.

Well, one member of the Phillies’ marketing department has set off a big-time search by the team and Philadelphia police to find his ring which he took off while using the bathroom. Upon entering a restroom inside Citizens Bank Park, the unidentified and soon-to-be shamed employee took off his ring and placed it on top of a toilet paper dispenser, forgetting it there when he left.

Realizing his mistake he went back to find the $15,000 ring but — of course — it was gone. Ooops!

The cops and Phillies are reviewing security camera footage to try and find who might have grabbed the ring while it sat there. Talk about getting an AWESOME souvenir at the ballyard…
[NBC Philadelphia]


I Know It’s Around Somewhere…

Julian Tavarez was recently unceremoniously dumped by the Red Sox when they designated him for assignment. After no one stepped up to trade for him, he was released and then signed a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. So far, his tenure there is very similar to his time in his previous homes as well. Case in point, Tavarez won a World Series ring last season with the Sox, and recently said, “I got my World Series last year and now I feel spoiled. I want another one and another one and another one.”

Perhaps he should take better care of the one that he has currently. This story out of Milwaukee reveals that Tavarez isn’t exactly sure what he did with his ring. After the Sox DFA’d him, he apparently left the $20,000 ring in his locker, somewhere.¬† “They’re going to mail it to me, I’m sure,” he told the Capital Times. Great.

I like Tavarez, well, not so much as a player but as a guy I’ve seen on TV and such he seems like a giant goofball who acts instintively and never thinks anything through. Perhaps that’s related to how he never really went to school as a child and has essentially been in an even more arrested state of development than other baseball players. That said, he loves to play baseball and while he’ll do boneheaded plays (like rolling a ball to first or punching a wall and injuring himself) he genuinely seems to enjoy himself out there.

But after having spent his entire career trying to win the World Series you’d think that something like your World Series ring might be a bit more valuable to him and at least he’d have a ROUGH idea of where such a thing might be. Maybe I’m just a silly Sox fan, but if I had a World Series ring I’d know where it was at every moment for the rest of my life.

I think Julian should just take Gagne’s. After all, he DEFINITELY didn’t deserve to get one at all. That would settle it easily.

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