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Anna Kournikova is Always In Style

Anna Kournikova may not be playing competitive tennis anymore but that doesn’t mean she isn’t on our minds. Wimbledon will be starting up again soon and so it is only appropriate to showcase these new photos of Anna from In Style. Enjoy!


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Welcome a New Site to the World

My good friend, commenter “Myummers” is one of the most opinionated people I know, which is why, amid great anticipation he has finally launched his own blog, Bullpen Cloach. Set it as a bookmark and start visiting it regularly, you won’t be disappointed and he’ll always get your brain going, whether you agree or not.

So go to the BULLPEN CLOACH today!


I Keep Feeling Like We Forgot Something…

rengifoThe Peruvian soccer team traveled to Columbia over the weekend to play another game in the South American World Cup qualifying group. They lost 1-0 to the Columbians but that wasn’t all that they lost in Columbia. When the team arrived back in Lima they realized that they had left behind one of their players, Hernan Rengifo!

The team it turns out left Medellin and their hotel early, somehow forgetting to let Rengifo know. Oops!

“What happened with the team and the journey will remain on the consciences of the directors. They know their responsibilities,” Rengifo said. “The directors know what they did, they’re responsible for everyone in the team. Many things have happened in Peruvian football that it’s not surprising that unusual situations keep happening.”

Peru remains in last place for qualifying for the Cup.

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During the Bramham International Horse Trials in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, UK, Faith Cook was riding her faithful steed, Nagor de la Roche when, at the final water jump they suffered a minor set-back.


Nagor, the horse, was uninjured but Cook, who was competing in the Under-25 division was taken to a nearby hospital, although it is too early to say if she’ll make a full recovery.

[Daily Mail]


Look Out for the 7-Footer on Skates

PHP4A3194A497DCAWhile Greg Ostertag left the NBA three years ago he didn’t leave behind his competitive spirit and athletic nature. Now living in Scottsdale, Arizona the 7′ 2″ 300 pounder is keeping busy baking cakes, playing golf and participating in a no-checking men’s hockey league. //

“I had a hat trick,” he said of a recent game. “I go out and play hard. We try to win.”

Before a big time growth spurt, Ostertag grew up playing hockey in Duncanville, Texas, but once you get to the 7′ range it’s hard to ignore the draw of basketball. To be fair, basketball worked out pretty well for Ostertag, he earned over $48 million over his career and went to two Final Fours and NBA Finals, although never won a championship.

The NBA may have moved beyond Osterga, but he still feels the old tug. “I know I can still play,” said Ostertag, “It’s just a matter of getting back into shape. I can still play. I can put in 10 or 15 minutes a game, get some rebounds and block some shots.”

Now though, he spends most of his time playing golf (he’s a 3-handicap), playing hockey, watching his son Cody, a 6-5 sophomore play basketball and of course, there are the cakes.

“Just learning how to make the icing, color the icing, the shapes, how to draw, that’s the hard part,” Ostertag said. “I just get an idea in my head and go from there. My handwriting isn’t that great.” He’s made a number of different cakes, from a wedding cake, to a Superbowl cake, to one for his daughter’s swim team. His knowledge and love of baking came from his mother Ostertag said, “I learned from watching her, I learned how to do it,” Ostertag said. “I’ve made some for my kids for their birthdays. I made a couple for my mom for her birthdays.”

[AZ Central]


The Indians Make the Best Bobbleheads!

20090615_vaughnFans who have gone to the Indians’ games the last few days have been the lucky recipients of some of the best promotions yet this season. First there was the Shin-Soo Choo 80s bobblehead, and now, as promised, an even better one; a Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn bobblehead.

The face isn’t a great facsimile of Vaughn (or Charlie Sheen), it’s the equivalent of switching Wesley Snipes with Omar Epps, close but not quite the same. However, I’m more than willing to overlook that fact because it looks like they got the Wild Thing hair perfectly in the back. So long as there is also a Skull and Crossbones on the glasses then we’re cool.

I’m SO SO SO SO SO mad that I’m not at this game and can’t get one. Because the Indians know quality and know how to draw the fans, this promotion, like the Shin-Soo Choo one, is not limited, ALL fans in attendance will receive one. Awesome. I want. I also hope they ultimately make the whole Major League team, I’d love a Jake Taylor calling his shot one, or Harris getting hit with a bat, and of course, Dorn not laying out. Cleveland ROCKS!



Who is this Sharon Lady on the Nats?

!BTs2w4!B2k~$(KGrHgoH-DUEjlLlzqhLBKJ0Rjg)Hw~~_1When you play for the Nationals you can’t expect much media attention; after all, who wants to cover a team that is so consistently miserable. So, for Shairon Martis, who currently leads the team in wins with 5, it isn’t super surprising that no one is paying attention to any of your actions. At least though, you can take solace in that moment, when for the first time as a professional baseball player you can see yourself memorialized on a baseball card. Shairon won’t ever have that proud moment thanks to a misprint from Topps where they write his name as “Sharon.” Nicely done Tooops. I mean Topps.

Even worse, a misprint card is usually worth a couple bucks, but since it is a Shairon Martis card, and he’s a Nat, and Topps made thousands upon thousands of these, it’s probably not worth more than a dollar. Sigh.

[Boston Globe]


Clothed Streaker Interrupts Nude Rugby


As a part of the celebrations for New Zealand’s national “Nude Day,” every year two rugby teams battle each other fully nude. This contest is also a precursor to the big match between New Zealand’s All Blacks and France. While the temperatures were not as balmy as the players might have preferred, the players went all out, with plenty of hard hits, tackling and hard-nosed play. There was only one interruption in the game, when a fully-clothed streaker ran across the field to cheers from the crowd.

You got to love a country that has a national Nude Day, no wonder everyone in their 20s goes to New Zealand for a bit…


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