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Step 1: Buy Ferrari, Step 2: Pay Yearly Insurance Rate Equal to Cost of Car

Andy Murray is a 22-year-old Scottish tennis star who living a pretty standard early 20s existence. For instance, his super-cute now ex-girlfriend Kim Sears broke up with Murray in November because she was tired of him playing video games 7 hours a day.

Now, a mere 5 months after passing his driver’s test Murray, the world’s #4 ranked player, decided he wanted to buy himself a used car — partly to get over his recent breakup. Like most of us buying our first cars, he wanted to get a good deal, and so, obviously, he bought a Ferrari. He DID get a good deal on the car, paying nearly £50,000 less than the cost of a new supercar, but is probably in line for a big shock when he gets his first insurance bill.

That’s because, being a new driver, under 25-years-old, newly qualified to drive a high-performance auto and a celebrity means that his costs for insuring the car are likely to be astronomical. Murray paid £100,000 for the car and according to a survey of insurers, is likely to pay right around that sum A YEAR in order to get the appropriate insurance. Yikes!

Considering he’s already banked over £10M in endorsement contracts alone in his nascent career this purchase, and its subsequent costs, shouldn’t bankrupt the young star but it still is mighty exorbitant. But hey, he’s freaking 22-years-old, if you gave me that much money at that age I’d equally blow it in similarly fun fashion, so, more power to him. Enjoy it Andy!

[Daily Mail]


Anna Kournikova Visits the Troops

She didn’t win any tournaments when she was a on the professional tennis tour, but I’m sure Anna Kournikova won over a few hearts when she recently visited some of the troops stationed at the North Kabul International Airport compound in Afghanistan. The USO-sponsored trip brought Kournikova, comedian Dave Attell, singer Billy Ray Cyrus (sans Miley which I’m sure was the most disappointing to the soldiers) and of course, the big star, tennis coach Nick Bollettieri (who? yeah, I don’t know either.)’

I think it’s safe to say that, as funny as he is, Dave Attell was NOT the most looked-forward to celebrity for the soldiers. Kournikova was extremely gracious on her 3rd USO trip, signing autographs and taking loads of pictures with the assembled troops “I am extremely proud and privileged to be here,” she told them. “Thank you so much to you and your family for all you do.”

[International Security Assistance Force HQ Public Affairs]


McEnroe’s Blazes New Trails

There is nothing more infuriating then when one goes to a meeting to talk about marijuana reform held at a restaurant in the W Hotel in Miami only to have someone spark up a joint in the middle of the meeting. But that’s EXACTLY what happened the other night when art dealer Vito Schnabel held a fact-finding meeting. Failed talk AND game-show host John McEnroe and his rocking wife Patty Smyth were the sparks behind the loose joint and were apparently indifferent to the fact that blazing a j is generally frowned upon in hotel lobbies.

“They were talking about grass reforms and the next thing you know they were lighting up,” laughs an attendee. “No one seemed to mind, though.”

[NY Post]


Ana Ivanovic Gets Dressed Months in Advance

I’m not a professional tennis player and so I have no idea of the clothes I’ll be wearing in January; Ana Ivanovic IS a professional tennis player and so she (or more accurately adidas tennis) announced what she’ll be wearing at the upcoming Australian Open. This smart yellow dress took 18 months of development and design to come to light, and she wears it with panache. Then again, when you’re as attractive as the 22-year-old tennis star is, pretty much EVERYTHING you wear is going to look good.



Jon Stewart Wants to Play Ball With Serena Williams

I forgot to post this yesterday but Serena Williams stopped by The Daily Show on Tuesday for an interview with a very smitten Jon Stewart. He had Jessica Biel on the other day like it was nothing, but when Serena is there he can’t stop hitting on her, which is interesting considering that sitting next to him Serena looked like a giant muscle-bound specimen and he looked like a short out-of-shape panting Jew. Weird how that works. Move on Jon, it would never work between the two of you, she’s simply too powerful for you, she’d snap you in half.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Comedy Central]


Hottie Tennis Player Takes a Break on the Beach

At this past September’s US Open Caroline Wozniacki became the media darling, coming almost out of nowhere to finish second, upping her in the world rankings to 6th overall. Many fans and media alike were charmed by her youthful style, energy, and of course, the fact that she is uber-cute. Of course, we were already well-versed in Caroline since the beginning of the summer when she appeared at Wimbledon and was giving center-court treatment in no small part due to her good-looks.

After playing a tournament in the stifling heat of Doha, Qata she was suffering from cramps and stomach pains and lost to Serena Williams in the semi-finals. Needing a break, Caroline took off to Mauritius with three of her friends, making it the first vacation the 19-year-old has taken sans parents, “I deserve it,” said a smiling Caroline Wozniacki prior to boarding a flight from Doha to the island retreat.

As part of her newfound celebrity, Wozniacki now has paparazzi tracking her movements meaning her privacy is severely limited; unfortunate for her but it means we get some shots of her in a bikini on the beach, and I don’t mind that trade-off.

Caroline Wozniacki 10

[Ekstra Bladet via Sports by Brooks]


Turns Out Agassi Was Wearing a Piece the Whole Time

Andre AgassiAndre Agassi’s publicists are doing an excellent job of marketing his upcoming autobiography; first they released an excerpt where he talks about doing crystal meth and now he’s admitting that his long flowing hairstyle that he was famous for in the 90s was, in fact, a wig.

If we can’t count on honesty from our tennis stars our society is already lost.

In his 1990 French Open final (his first Grand Slam final) Agassi’s was concerned before the match “not for victory, but that my hairpiece would not fall off”, he writes in “Open”.

As his hair started falling out Agassi faced an inner struggle, “Every morning I would get up and find another piece of my identity on the pillow, in the wash basin, down the plughole.”

“I asked myself: you want to wear a toupee? On the tennis court? I answered myself; what else could I do?”

That French Open final was especially frightening for Agassi because the wig began to fall apart after he took a shower the night before. In a panic, Agassi and his brother pinned and clipped the wig back together in a slap-dash job that he wasn’t sure if it would hold.

“With each leap, I imagine [the wig] falling into the sand. I imagine millions of spectators move closer to their TV sets, their eyes widening and, in dozens of dialects and languages, ask how Andre Agassi’s hair has fallen from his head.”

His then-wife Brooke Shields finally convinced him to move on from the wig.

“She said I should shave my head,” he said. “It was like suggesting I should have all my teeth out.

“Nevertheless, I thought for a few days about it, about the agonies it caused me, the hypocrisy and lies.”

Agassi’s hair wasn’t real! I don’t know what to believe anymore, I feel like my whole childhood was a lie. I don’t think I could be more surprised than if you told me Ray Bourque spent the entire 1990s shooting heroin and was a highly successful art thief in the offseason.



I’m Golovin It

When I was in high school I played on the varsity tennis team as one half of the #1 doubles seed; that means that I’m both good at tennis and play well with others. I think Russian-born and French-naturalized tennis star Tatiana Golovin — who we’ve highlighted before — should keep both those points in mind because, after seeing these photos of her, I can’t get her out of my mind-grapes.

Tatiana let’s just get together and hit some balls around, see what happens. Facebook poke me!

Tatiana Golovin 3

[Sports by Brooks]


Federer Does Good Work Between His Legs

Just prior to Roger Federer winning his semi-final match against Novak Djokovic on Sunday he managed to hit this fabulous shot to set himself up a Love-40 and match-point situation. The man swings a powerful stroke between his legs.

He’s really good at tennis.


Ball-Boy Loses Battle of Foot Versus Wall

Formerly loyal commenter myummers used to work as a ball-boy at the US Open matches in Flushing, while he may not have the gracefulness of a ballerina, I am confident that something like this has never happpened to him.

During Andy Murray and Ernests Gulbis’ match last night the broadcast crew was given this delightful treat of a ball-boy trying to get off the court quickly by jumping over a sideline advertisement and instead falling FLAT on his face.

Are there funnier things than people falling, because I don’t know what they are. I’m also shocked that such an epic fail in Flushing didn’t involve the Mets!

[Sports Rubbish]


Bring the Pain

C_67_article_2054152_body_articleblock_0_bodyimageMark Pain was the tennis coach at the Reading Tennis Club in olde England, that is until a group of 14 year old girls noticed him masturbating in his car. Parked in front of the Whitley Sexual Health Clinic, the 49 year old was full-on pleasuring himself when the girls espied him and reported it to authorities.

The prosecuting attorney, Andrew Isaacs had this to say regarding the incident:

It was around 8pm on Tuesday, May 19, in the car park of the clinic in Northumberland Avenue. He was in his car and wearing a black baseball cap and T-shirt. [The girls] noticed the car was parked and he was just sitting there. [One girl] looked into the car and could see he was masturbating. The girls waited at a nearby bus stop and he drove past them slowly and did this about eight times. The girl who saw this [the masturbating] take place described how she was frightened by what was happening and was concerned about the number of times he drove past. The two others said they knew what the individual was doing was wrong but were not sure what to do.

Reportedly Pain told police he had just finished playing tennis and started to “feel himself.”

After the hearing Pain announced “I am quitting my job.” You don’t say? I always knew the Brits were understated but that’s just impressive. Also, go Giants, right?! Ha.

[Get Reading]


Wimbledon Opts for Hotties Over Talent

In a SHOCKING development, a spokesman at the All England Club admitted that when it comes to choosing who plays at center court “Good looks are a factor.” Several matches were held recently at the premier court that featured lower ranked female players while top seeds were relegated to less-prestigious courts.

According to the BBC who broadcast the matches in the UK, “It’s the Wimbledon play committee, not us who decides on the order of play. But obviously it’s advantageous to us if there are good-looking women players on Centre Court. No one has heard of many of the women now, so if they are pretty it definitely gives them an edge. Our preference would always be a Brit or a babe as this always delivers high viewing figures.”

So, the after Roger Federer played on Friday, the next match at center court featured two 19 year old hotties, Victoria Azarenka (8th seed) and Sorana Cirstea (28th seed), while that same day #2 seed Serana Williams was shunted to the number 2 court.

Even better, on Wednesday unseeded Gisela Dulko (world rank: 45) faced off against Maria Sharapova (also unseeded and currently world ranked 60) in a so-called “Battle of the Babes.” Thursday featured a similar bumping when 9th seed Caroline Wozniacki won her match on center court while #1 seed Dinara Safina was force to play on an outer court.

Johnny Perkins, the spokesman at All England added to his earlier comment saying court selection is “a great big mixture of where the players are in the draw, who they’re playing, what their ranking is.” But, “It’s not a coincidence that those (on Centre Court) are attractive.”

Of course, I’d be horribly remiss to not showcase some of these highly talented women tennis stars, just as the folks at Wimbledon have, so, after the jump join us.

[Daily Mail]

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