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Youngest Earnhardt Climbs Into Daddy’s Car

Taylor_Earnhardt_Goodwood_540Dale Earnhardt has been dead for nearly 7 years now but this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Goodwood, England the car he drove in winning his final Cup race will be taken out of the Richard Childress Racing Museum for the first time since 2003. The person tabbed to drive his famed #3 car won’t have to worry about them changing the name on the car, as it is Earnhardt’s now 20-year old daughter (and semi-hottie), Taylor Earnhardt.

Despite never having driven a stock car before, Taylor will drive the car during demonstrations at the festival, with her mother Theresa alongside for the ride.

“It’s very, very exciting,” Taylor Earnhardt said. “I’ve already spent some time in the car getting used to it, and I’m looking forward to the demonstration run. Hopefully, the fans in the United States and around the world will enjoy seeing one of my father’s winning cars participate in this awesome event.”

[Scene Daily]


Owner Bobbleheads are the Newest Collector’s Item

ebffbe1413_Henry_06302009Red Sox owner John Henry married his blushing 30 year old bride, Linda Pizzuti over the weekend at Fenway while the Sox were out on the road. Instead of boring gifts for their guests, the billionaire gave out silver picture-frames with the guests standing in front of the Green Monster or with the World Series trophies. Pretty sweet!

As well, when the friends and family streamed out of the stadium they were given an additional present, a John Henry/Linda bobblehead! Unfortunately for the Henry’s, according to the gossip hounds over at the Boston Herald, “Many, many, of the parting gifts, we’re told, were left behind.”

[Boston Herald]


Who Says Girls Can’t Brawl

batfaceDuring a softball game in Colorado Springs last night a brawl broke out that required the police to come and contain the situation. According to the Colorado Springs police department criminal blotter the police were forced to come out to the Four Diamond Sports Complex as up to 30 people, some with baseball bats were fighting.

The brawl, between Cheyenne Mountain and Wasson High School girls’ softball teams, started when one player was hit with a pitch and then charged the mound. That girl was ejected and subsequently one of the coaches started ranting at the ump, who then stopped play.

Then, as players and fans were leaving there was another “physical confrontation” in the parking lot. Among the arrested includes a woman charged with third-degree assault and two juvenile girls being investigated for fighting.

As players and spectators were leaving an argument and “physical confrontation” took place in the parking lot, police said.

Sounds like a fun night!

[Denver Post]


A Journey-Man Mayoral Doppelganger

After a successful college career Drew Gooden has bounced around the NBA some, he’s on his 6th team in 7 years and has proven to be a useful bench and role player but has never achieved any semblance of stardom. He doesn’t need to be a star though for a long and fruitful NBA career. When not sporting one of the worst beards in beard history, Gooden also shares a resemblance with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Nationally known thanks to Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent coverage, Ray Nagin has also brought plenty of media attention on himself for some outlandish statements to the press. Regardless, these two men look so much alike I actually got confused putting their pictures next to one another of who was who.

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Francouer’s Gobble Gobble Underwear

jeffWhen Jeff Francouer was called up in 2005 from Double-A I almost immediately fell in baseball-love. The young prospect started his career with a .300 avg, 14 HRs in just 257 ABs and an OPS+ of 126 seemed to signal a future superstar. Toss in his prodigious throwing arm and his enthusiasm for the game and I was smitten. His first full year though saw the average drop to .260 but he also managed to knock 30 balls over the wall and was still seemingly learning the game. Another reason I (used to) pine for Francouer; up until last season, the life-long Red Sox fan was using a Red Sox branded credit card until several of his Braves teammates chided him and made him get rid of it. Despite growing up in Georgia, Francouer has always been a Red Sox fan and that always makes someone better in my book.

These days Francouer has gone from struggling to anemic. He was sent down to the minors last year in an attempt to get him back on track, which unfortunately didn’t help. In an effort to both help his scuffling team and his own stats, Francouer told reporters he will be wearing his lucky Thanksgiving-themed turkey boxer briefs. According to Francouer the Braves are 7-0 when he wears the lucky briefs, including Sunday’s 2-1 win over the Red Sox.

Knowing the team needed a win on Sunday, especially with rookie pitcher Tommy Hanson suffering a bout of the flu, before the game Francouer let his team know everything would work out; “I wore the turkey underwear,” he announced.

Francouer’s wife Catie washed the boxers yesterday, and Francouer intends to wear them again today, the first time he’s worn them in back-to-back games.



His Balls are Deadly Accurate

The best video you’ll see of a Frenchman kicking a soccer ball into random objects that you’re likely to see ALL week; it’s a little long, but it’s all enjoyable.

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