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The Indians Promotions Department is the Best

makeitrainDespite the prognosticators predicting a good season from the Cleveland Indians, someone in their marketing staff knew that wasn’t going to be the case because, for the third time in less than a week, the Indians have ANOTHER awesome giveaway for their fans. First it was the Shin-Soo Choo bobblehead, then the Rick Vaughn one, and now, FREE MONEY ENVELOPES!

All fans 18 years and older will receive an envelope that gives one a chance to win anywhere from $1 to $10,000. You could win 10K just for buying a ticket to a baseball game AND the Cubs are in town? Why didn’t I vacation in Cleveland the last week?!?



The Indians Make the Best Bobbleheads!

20090615_vaughnFans who have gone to the Indians’ games the last few days have been the lucky recipients of some of the best promotions yet this season. First there was the Shin-Soo Choo 80s bobblehead, and now, as promised, an even better one; a Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn bobblehead.

The face isn’t a great facsimile of Vaughn (or Charlie Sheen), it’s the equivalent of switching Wesley Snipes with Omar Epps, close but not quite the same. However, I’m more than willing to overlook that fact because it looks like they got the Wild Thing hair perfectly in the back. So long as there is also a Skull and Crossbones on the glasses then we’re cool.

I’m SO SO SO SO SO mad that I’m not at this game and can’t get one. Because the Indians know quality and know how to draw the fans, this promotion, like the Shin-Soo Choo one, is not limited, ALL fans in attendance will receive one. Awesome. I want. I also hope they ultimately make the whole Major League team, I’d love a Jake Taylor calling his shot one, or Harris getting hit with a bat, and of course, Dorn not laying out. Cleveland ROCKS!



A Promotion We Need in America

Spanish soccer team Villarreal fans won’t see themselves shut out from their favorite team next year, even if they don’t have the money for tickets thanks to the worldwide economic crisis. That’s thanks to the players who intend to help out those fans that are unemployed. With unemployment in Spain at 13.9 percent and in Castellon where they play, even higher at 14.7 percent, the players will be contributing to a special fun that helps provide season tickets to fans who have lost their jobs.

Villarreal president Fernando Roig said, “Season-ticket holders who are on the dole will be allowed in free next year. The idea is to think of the club’s wider social base and those who have been unlucky to lose their jobs so they can continue to watch football in the Madrigal.”

Everyone from the team’s star players to team executives, board members, coaches and sponsors will be contributing to the fund, in a very rare example of a sports team giving BACK to the people who support it.

One of the team’s big-time players, Joseba Llorente was glad to help out, saying, “We are keen to get involved because it seems like a good idea considering the times we are in. There are many people without work and it’s a shame if they don’t come to the stadium because of this.”

Now, I’d love it if the Red Sox or even the Mets decided to do this too. I’m sure I could find my way to the stadiums pretty regularly in that case… C’mon America, you want to fall behind SPAIN!?!

[Sports Rubbish]


Drinking and Bad Hockey Go Together

The NHL is in serious financial straits and the Phoenix Coyotes are one of the teams most vulnerable, already receiving money from the league in order to try and stay afloat. So, this promotion that Sports by Brooks came across makes perfect sense to me.

fe8854faafc42393b61407ac45485088_boozefornhlticketTo be fair, I think I’d probably need more than just one bottle of Smirnoff to get through an entire game played by the Coyotes who are 39 points out of first place and are simply abysmal. The one bright side for Coyotes fans, out of the 6 last place teams the Coyotes are only the 4th worst!

[Sports by Brooks]


The Washington Nationals and the Kingdom of the Disinterested Fans

The Washington Nationals have been battling all season, scuffling their way to a 14-18 record and ownership of last place in the NL East. They are also the proud owners of a dope new ballpark, but that hasn’t inspired their team to greater heights, so it seems they are looking around for any new options that can help the team. To that end, this is the latest, completely authentic, 100% undoctored version of the Nationals’ schedule for the month of May.


(ed.: the original photo was deleted and so I replaced it with this one, similar but not the same.)

In what manner are the Nationals going to play Indiana Jones? Broadcast it at the stadium? Actually challenge Harrison Ford to a baseball game? Can a team be made up of the stuntmen from the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular? Will they do the Stunt Spectacular at the stadium? Do I need to get these tickets through Stubhub or Fandango?!?

A hearty h/t to the good Eick of

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