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Mike Hargrove is Tired of the BeeJays

MikeHargroveAs their manager hunt continues, one of the names who would like to be on the list is former Tribe skipper Mike Hargrove. When he was at the helm, from 1991-1999 Hargrove took the Indians to 5 postseasons and 2 World Series (losing to the Braves in ’95 and the Marlins in ’97.)

Since being fired resigning from the Seattle Mariners midway through 2007 Hargrove has been out of the majors; he has though been managing the Liberal (KS) BeeJays a semi-pro team he played on while in college.

Wanting to be on the list doesn’t just make it so, according the Cleveland Plain Dealer he hasn’t been interviewed and isn’t likely to do so. The likely candidates right now include recently fired Nationals manager Manny Acta, Bobby Valentine and Travis Fryman among others.

This marks the first time in history that a man is looking to dump liberal BeeJays for the opportunity to get involved in a hot mess. I mean, if they’re free-flowing why ever leave?



Two Things That Don’t Go Well Together

20090912_blanketI’ve been a fan of the Cleveland Indians’ marketing staff all season, their bobblehead choices (here, here and here) have been particularly inspired. However, today’s promotion just seems a little off; all fans who enter tonight’s game against the Royals will receive an Indians logo fleece blanket. This seems like the perfect way to remember their truly offensive past logos. What a time!

Also, for some reason I just don’t associate free blankets and the Indians in a good light; that hasn’t gone so well in the past…

I’d say Progressive Insurance, who are sponsoring the giveaway, aren’t quite living up to their name.

[Cleveland Indians]


Cleveland Rocks! (at Bobbleheads)

Surfin' SizemoreI would like very much to meet and shake the hand of the person in charge of promotions for the Cleveland Indians because he or she has an amazing sense of great bobbleheads. First we saw 80’s Shin-Soo Choo, then there was the Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn one, and now, as part of “Beach Weekend,” for all fans in attendance at Saturday’s game comes the Surfin’ Sizemore bobblehead.

Since Grady Sizemore was born in Seattle, I’m not sure exactly how much surfing he has done, but that’s neither here nor there. Same with having “Beach Weekend” in Cleveland, which is probably the last place I’d think of when contemplating sandy white beaches…

Regardless, this is the 3rd incredibly awesome bobblehead they’ve had this year; I seriously may need to move to Cleveland. SO GOOD!

[Cleveland Indians]


The Indians Promotions Department is the Best

makeitrainDespite the prognosticators predicting a good season from the Cleveland Indians, someone in their marketing staff knew that wasn’t going to be the case because, for the third time in less than a week, the Indians have ANOTHER awesome giveaway for their fans. First it was the Shin-Soo Choo bobblehead, then the Rick Vaughn one, and now, FREE MONEY ENVELOPES!

All fans 18 years and older will receive an envelope that gives one a chance to win anywhere from $1 to $10,000. You could win 10K just for buying a ticket to a baseball game AND the Cubs are in town? Why didn’t I vacation in Cleveland the last week?!?



The Indians Make the Best Bobbleheads!

20090615_vaughnFans who have gone to the Indians’ games the last few days have been the lucky recipients of some of the best promotions yet this season. First there was the Shin-Soo Choo 80s bobblehead, and now, as promised, an even better one; a Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn bobblehead.

The face isn’t a great facsimile of Vaughn (or Charlie Sheen), it’s the equivalent of switching Wesley Snipes with Omar Epps, close but not quite the same. However, I’m more than willing to overlook that fact because it looks like they got the Wild Thing hair perfectly in the back. So long as there is also a Skull and Crossbones on the glasses then we’re cool.

I’m SO SO SO SO SO mad that I’m not at this game and can’t get one. Because the Indians know quality and know how to draw the fans, this promotion, like the Shin-Soo Choo one, is not limited, ALL fans in attendance will receive one. Awesome. I want. I also hope they ultimately make the whole Major League team, I’d love a Jake Taylor calling his shot one, or Harris getting hit with a bat, and of course, Dorn not laying out. Cleveland ROCKS!



That’s an Error on the Gull

Last night’s Indians/Royals game featured one of the weirdest endings to a game in a long time; in the bottom of the 10th inning, tied 3-3 with 2 men on and no outs, Indians outfielder Shin-Soo Choo hit a single out to center and before Royals CF Coco Crisp could field the ball, it strikes a bird, part of a flock lazing on the field, and the winning run scores. You could watch 10,000 baseball games and never see this again.


When He Finishes, He’ll Wear the Little Helmet too

The other day on Baseball Tonight, Steve Phillips broke down some of the differences in Travis Hafner’s swing to figure out why he went from 42 homers to his less awesome current 20 homer version. Of course, it being from Steve Phillips, not a whole lot of knowledge was gained. However, within the piece apparently the Worldwide Leader decided that it wasn’t enough to show Hafner’s woes, but they had to drag the good people of Cleveland into it as well.



Sure, Hafner has been struggling, but did ESPN need to show how he is driving this local denizen into a diabetic coma? This man just wants to drown his sorrows in a helmet of ice cream. We’ve all been there. I remember back in the Butch Hobson managing era for the Red Sox downing helmet after helmet, trying to wash away the acrid taste of his failures. It’s hard being a little kid sometimes. The guy above though is no kid, he’s just a plump midwesterner trying to forget. I wish ESPN would have let his secret shame moment pass into obscurity but alas, they aren’t that thoughtful.


Things I Wouldn’t Do

If your name is Asdrubal Cabrera, and it is really easy to say incorrectly as “Ass-dribble” maybe wearing your pearl necklace to the plate is just compounding the issue. I mean, I’m just saying…


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