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The Giants Fail at Bobbleheads


Bobblehead promotions are one of the easiest ways to entice fans to come to the ballpark; after all, who doesn’t love free collectibles of their favorite players? Unlike the Cleveland Indians who know how to make the coolest and most interesting bobbleheads (here, here and here), the San Francisco Giants marketing staff has some work to do. That is, unless you’re some HUGE Jon Miller fan…

I know I’ve been waiting my WHOLE life for the chance to have Miller’s bobbing Hawaiian-shirted visage grace my home. And look at that smile! Now isn’t that precisely what you want staring at you as you doze off to sleep at night?

I thought promotions were something you were supposed to get you to WANT to go to the game…Do not WANT.

[San Francisco Giants]


Owner Bobbleheads are the Newest Collector’s Item

ebffbe1413_Henry_06302009Red Sox owner John Henry married his blushing 30 year old bride, Linda Pizzuti over the weekend at Fenway while the Sox were out on the road. Instead of boring gifts for their guests, the billionaire gave out silver picture-frames with the guests standing in front of the Green Monster or with the World Series trophies. Pretty sweet!

As well, when the friends and family streamed out of the stadium they were given an additional present, a John Henry/Linda bobblehead! Unfortunately for the Henry’s, according to the gossip hounds over at the Boston Herald, “Many, many, of the parting gifts, we’re told, were left behind.”

[Boston Herald]


The Indians Make the Best Bobbleheads!

20090615_vaughnFans who have gone to the Indians’ games the last few days have been the lucky recipients of some of the best promotions yet this season. First there was the Shin-Soo Choo 80s bobblehead, and now, as promised, an even better one; a Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn bobblehead.

The face isn’t a great facsimile of Vaughn (or Charlie Sheen), it’s the equivalent of switching Wesley Snipes with Omar Epps, close but not quite the same. However, I’m more than willing to overlook that fact because it looks like they got the Wild Thing hair perfectly in the back. So long as there is also a Skull and Crossbones on the glasses then we’re cool.

I’m SO SO SO SO SO mad that I’m not at this game and can’t get one. Because the Indians know quality and know how to draw the fans, this promotion, like the Shin-Soo Choo one, is not limited, ALL fans in attendance will receive one. Awesome. I want. I also hope they ultimately make the whole Major League team, I’d love a Jake Taylor calling his shot one, or Harris getting hit with a bat, and of course, Dorn not laying out. Cleveland ROCKS!



Tampa Fans 100% Not Classy

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers “honored” Mike Alstott by retiring his jersey and reminding him that he has been a part of a dysfunctional, idiotic franchise because they weren’t able to figure out how to put a properly spelled uniform on him, you’d think that would be the end of the story. But, it turns out that Tampa fans are just as douchey as the organization. For attending the game, fans were given a special Mike Alstott bobblehead. Fans were so touched and impacted by this that DURING THE GAME they were putting the bobbleheads up for sale on eBay. Now that’s celebrating a true Tampa “legend.”

[Orlando Sentinel]


For the Royals He Isn’t Half Bad

There are sometimes some very silly bobblehead giveaways, for example, the other night the Dodgers gave out a Joe Beimel bobblehead. Beimel, best known previously for getting drunk before the 2006 playoffs and getting hurt in a bar, thus ending his team’s hopes in the playoffs, was voted to get a bobblehead even before such actual stars like Matt Kemp or Chad Billingsley. These things are all politics.

Sometimes, teams plan bobblehead promotions too far in advance, for example, when the Toronto Blue Jays cut Frank Thomas only days in advance of his bobblehead day, or the Kansas City Royals, who planned a Tony Pena Jr. bobblehead night in the beginning of the season. Only problem is, now, Pena is hitting a robust .160 and lost his starting job long ago to rookie “sensation” Mike Aviles. Because they already planned the night and had the bobbleheads made, the Royals are going through with the promotion which will be held on September 6.

Who knows, maybe between now and then the slick-fielding Pena will suddenly learn to hit and become an unstoppable offensive force, propelling the Royals to AL Central glory, and thus making him worthy of a bobblehead. Or he could languish on the bench for the rest of the season as a defensive replacement and then fade off to obscurity. If I were him, I’d grab a couple of those bobbleheads, methinks there won’t ever be another Tony Pena Jr. day in the big leagues.

“The decision to have a Tony bobblehead promotion was made back in February and March,” Royals vice president of sales and marketing Mark Tilson said, “When you think about the Royals situation back then, Tony was coming off a very good year and was regarded around the league as one of the top defensive shortstops in baseball. There was really no way of anticipating that he wouldn’t be the regular starter now. And when we plan these promotions and carry them out, it’s not really performance based.” Which means that the promotional staff and the scouting staff work off the same idea! Yes! Nailed it!


In No Longer Appropriate Giveaway News

Frank Thomas was given his outright release by the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday in a somewhat surprising move given that he is a known slow starter and seemed to at least still have something, albeit not his former MVP glory, in the tank. The decision was made more with an eye on the bottom line than anything else; Thomas had a $10 million option that would have been automatically triggered with 300 plate appearances, a very reachable target if he were the starting DH. Now, the Blue Jays are able to play professional hitter Matt Stairs instead and soon, hot prospect Adam Lind. For the future of the franchise, this makes perfect sense, but it is certainly a jones for Thomas who is now out of work. Teams like the Twins and the Mariners should seriously consider signing him as a DH, in fact, he might even be worth it if he were signed cheaply.

It seems though, that Thomas is still in the Blue Jays minds. On May 25th, one day after giving out Aaron Hill bobbleheads, the Jays are planning to giveaway 10,000 Frank Thomas bobbleheads to the fans. Oops…

No word as yet if they are Frank in the powder blues, I can only wish it so. I hope that they have been made already and are sitting in some Toronto warehouse right now. I would be truly saddened if these never got the chance to be in the public’s hands. I for one, cannot wait to find one on ebay!

Now that would be a fun game to go to. Would he show up? Would they still mention anything about it? Will they change the event?

Also, on a semi-related note, why is there all this talk about Thomas getting resigned but at the same time Mike Piazza remains completely out of work. Is Thomas at this stage significantly better than Piazza? One of my friends insists it is backlash against the Piazza being gay rumors and that teams are scared of him. Regardless, I have to think a team like the A’s, the Mariners or the Twins could all certainly use a player like Thomas or Piazza to upgrade their offenses.

ed. to add:

Oh no! The Blue Jays are too smart for me! They have taken down their planned Frank Thomas bobblehead giveaway, and now are announcing it as a “Blue Jays Giveaway.” Double burn for Thomas I suppose, first he’s released and then they destroy all evidence of their ever celebrating him. If I were him I might have someone try all my food, maybe Ricciardi will remove all evidence of Frank Thomas ever existing…!

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