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Oh What a Day for Darren O’Day

The old adage in baseball is that you can NEVER have enough pitching, unless you’re the New York Mets and your pitching rotation after Johan is a mess and so you drop two useful pitchers over a couple days. First, the Mets put Darren O’Day on waivers; now O’Day isn’t going to remind anyone of a young John Wetteland, but he was a serviceable bullpen arm, and had pitched solidly in the spring and to start the season.

odayO’Day, after being picked up by the Texas Rangers off waivers had quite the day yesterday, at home in Panama City, FL, he received a call from his agent that the Rangers had picked him up and wanted him to make his way to Toronto to meet the team. Getting onto a flight to Memphis and then a connecting flight to Toronto, O’Day landed around 9:45 pm, expecting to go to the hotel and meet up with the team after their game. The plans changed though, “The travel secretary was texting me back and forth,” said O’Day. “The original plan was to go to the hotel, but he said, ‘Go to the field, we might need you.'” As the game went into extra innings O’Day arrived at the stadium at the beginning of the 10th, except there was another problem, the team didn’t have a jersey waiting for him.

Apparently, the club’s equipment manager doesn’t bring blank uniforms with him, but does maintain a stash of uniforms for players who MIGHT be called up. So, O’Day donned a spare Kason Gabbard uniform — who is currently in AAA — and headed to the bullpen. Alas, O’Day only got the chance to face one batter, Kevin Millar, who promptly welcomed O’Day with a hit to the left-field gap, winning the game.

Then, to show that the Mets are the smartest team in baseball, today they designated Nelson Figueroa for assignment, I guess because he was too useful in his role as a spot starter on Sunday. Don’t worry though, come June the Mets won’t be desperate for pitching… Blech.



Steve Nash Wants That Oscar

Phoenix Suns have a lot of free time right now, since they couldn’t make the playoffs this season, so it makes sense that Steve Nash is moving off the court and behind the camera, directing a short film for the Suns website.

Fortunately, he has an accomplished thespian, and legit movie actor in Shaquille O’Neal (star of such films as Blue Chips, Kazaam and Steel) on the roster and having that kind of professionalism on the set always leads to excellent results. Alando Tucker clearly has a lot to learn about film-making, but he turns in a solid performance as the Billy Ray Badger, the sidekick to Shaq’s Thaddeus Thundercastle.

Not too shabby boys, definitely made me laugh multiple times, maybe next year try and translate some of that effort OFF the court ONTO it?


Is Eckersley Trying to Order a Burger?

dennis-eckersleyAfter last night’s day/night double-header while doing the post-game wrap-up on NESN, Dennis Eckersley made clear what he thought about Brad Penny’s stuff saying:

He’s a little gay with his cheese.

Now, I don’t know EXACTLY what he means by that, but I got a pretty good idea, and I don’t think you’re supposed to say that on television… Unless of course Eck was just referring to his post-game meal plans…

[Babes Love Baseball]


Atlanta’s Hawk Tries to Steal the Spotlight

Hawks Mascot BasketballI hate attention hogs; for instance, the Atlanta Hawks real-life mascot Spirit, normally the hawk that flies down from the rafters during the pre-game and then his duties are done. But before game 2 against the Miami Heat, Spirit decided he wanted to hang around, scope out the babes, maybe eat a rabbit…

With 8:28 left in the first, Spirit sat on top of the scoreboard, then flew around a little bit before coming to a rest on top of the Hawks’ basket, refusing to budge. Proving their mettle, the players all refused to take the court until the big bad bird left the basket. Ultimately, Spirit’s handler was able to coax him off the hoop and out of the arena, to big cheers from the crowd and some of the players.

Dwyane Wade, with moderate assistance from his teammates then led the Heat to a victory.



Bo Knows Good IRA Rates and How to Restructure Debt

ept_sports_mlb_experts-369489620-1240415212Finally, residents of Burr Ridge, Illinois have a bank, and a banker to trust. In these uncertain economic times, the local bank takes on all the more importance and so who better to entrust your money to than one of the greatest physical freaks of talent ever, Bo Jackson.

In addition to several others, Jackson is backing the newly chartered bank, the Burr Ridge Bank and Trust, and despite the failings of many other banks, Jackson et al have few concerns about their new venture. “We have no type of debt, like all the other banks. We’re a small community bank and one thing we all decided, is that if we are going to do a bank in our community, it needs to be owned by the people who live in the community,” Jackson said.

Since his retirement from sports, Bo has been a pretty successful businessman, including owning and operating a gigantic sports complex and his food company, N’Genuity in addition to his regular speaking engagements for schools and similar organizations. The other charter members of the bank are excited for the chance to be working with Bo, “We interviewed Bo. He was very committed to growing the bank and being part of our organization, not just a name,” said Roy Thygesen, CEO and president of the bank.

Alas, Bo’s sporting days are long past, the 46 year old these days only plays one game; “I’m crushing golf balls, when I hit it straight. I’m enjoying being an employer,” said Jackson.

[CBS 2 Chicago and Big League Stew]


Nice Catch!

If you go through the fence to make a catch than I’m likely to post it, that just shows good effort. So, here’s Kenny Burns of URI robbing Northeastern’s Mike Tamsin of a sure home run. I particularly enjoy the struggle with the fence after the catch.


You Suck at Golf Compared to This Kid

If you’re a golfer, you might as well just quit now; that’s because Nolan Hayes, age 4, is already a better golfer than you. While playing a round with his dad at the Springs Hills Golf Course — which to me seems like too many plurals but whatevs — in suburban Cleveland, Nolan sank his first hole-in-one, and his dad managed to catch it all on video! Sure, he was only hitting from 80 yards away, but this is also a four year old, so, you know, stop being such a downer.

According to his dad, Nolan has been playing since he was one years old and has also parred 15 other holes. Look out Tiger!

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