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How Mommy and Daddy Met

Corey Hart jacked a home run yesterday off Danny Haren but the real hero of the play was an alert fan who tracked the ball off the bat and makes a great play on the grassy knoll. The ball gets knocked out of his glove by the ground, but the fan manages to do the more important thing, saving the bikini’d hottie who was sunbathing from getting an unexpected ball to the face.

This is how romance starts; reminds me of the end of the cinema classic, Speed.

Sandra Bullock: You didn’t leave me. I can’t believe it. You didn’t leave me.
Keanu Reeves: Didn’t have anywhere to be just then. I have to warn you; I’ve heard relationships…based on intense experiences never work.
SB: OK…we’ll have to base it on sex, then.
KR: Whatever you say, ma’am.

[Busted Coverage]


I Think I Like Cricket Now

I consider myself someone very smart when it comes to understanding sports, but I’ll be damnded if I can figure out what the hell goes on during a cricket game. However, this NSFW video shows me that sometimes you can just enjoy the game’s broadcast; even if you have no idea what is otherwise happening on the screen. Thanks anonymous lady cricket fans!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[With Leather]


Tigers Pull the Ol’ Switcheroo

magskalineFor yesterday’s game with the Braves, in a team-unity measure, Curtis Granderson got his Tigers teammates together and they decided to trade uniform tops before their game. Magglio Ordonez went out in Hall of Famer Al Kaline’s jersey, while Justin Verlander traded in his top for Gerald Laird’s. Newly named closer Fernando Rodney played kiss-up a little, going out to the mound as Fernando Leyland.

“Fernando asked if he could wear my shirt,” Leyland said. “So I let him. I had a pretty good change-up, didn’t I?”

When Leyland was asked about Magglio’s day, after he went 0-4, Leyland quipped, “Not a Hall of Fame day.”

[Det News]


Obama Holds Off on Dismantling NASCAR, For Now

Aprils Fool’s Day used to be so much fun before the Internet. Now everyone feels the need to show how incredibly clever they are by coming up with fake news stories or gadgets or what have you. I just find myself hating to use the Internet that day because instead of finding real information you just get crap and a day without Internet?!!!?

That said, as I reported yesterday, and suspected, the news that President Obama was telling Chrysler and GM that acceptance of government funds would require them to pull out of NASCAR was in fact, fake.

Tony Stewart, one of the top racers and a team owner himself had this to say regarding the prank:

“I know that talking to the people at Chevrolet they’re very committed to the racing program. They realize the value of it with not only the rest of corporate America but what it does to our nation.  It still goes back to ‘win on Sunday, sell on Monday.’  This is a sport that’s been good for the auto industry and vice versa.

Which of course, is no longer the case, but then I wouldn’t expect NASCAR to be current with facts and data. And while this was a prank, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is something the government seriously looks into. If they are going to tell Citibank and automaker executives that they need to cut down on their silly expenditures like private planes and the like, why wouldn’t wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsorship dollars be better spent elsewhere, instead of essentially the government sponsoring auto sports. Fortunately, that would never happen.

[Orlando Sentinel]


New Seahawk Uniforms Look Like Bile

Not content with sucking while playing in the easiest division in the NFL and distraught over the retirement of Mike Holmgren, the Seattle Seahawks have plans for a third, alternate jersey. The uniform, tastefully colored in Snot Green should be a big seller amongst kids who want to get beat up by bullies. I’d recommend wearing a Rick Mirer version of this uniform for EXTRA beatdowns. These uniforms are the ultimate combination of fail and suck.

2009greenalts[Green Glare]


A Doppelganger on the Dark Side

Bob Sheppard has been the voice of the Yankees and Yankees Stadium since 1951, but will miss this year’s opening day due to illness. Sheppard, who is in his late 90s is probably the most iconic announcer in the history of announcers and it is unfortunate that the first voice to be heard over the loudspeakers at the new Yankee Stadium won’t be his. While all accounts have Sheppard down as a gentleman, that just means he’s the “good” doppelganger. Emperor Palpatine, on the other hand, was a man set on power, much like Sheppard’s boss, George Steinbrenner, and who would let nothing slow him down. I think these two share quite the resemblance and whether you agree or not, make sure you vote in the poll below!

And for all the other doppelgangers, make sure you visit our doppelgangers page here!



10 Jews Get On a Snowboard *(UPDATED)*

Yesterday was the magic hour for Eric Sweet’s 10-Jew snowboard and the ride featured mixed results. They got up, did some turns but as was to be expected, struggled initially getting down an entire run. Regardless, I think Judaism can consider yesterday a victory for all of its people even if the participants themselves were unsure.

“This has the potential for disaster. Obviously, we’ve never done this before,” said Joshua Beck, prior to the first run. Beck, of course, is also an orthopedic surgeon and his mother is very proud of him and she brags to her friends all the time around the pool in Florida about her son, the doctah.

“We are 10 Jews celebrating not necessarily inside a synagogue but celebrating God and celebrating the beauty of this area as Jews together on the minyan board,” said Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn, who was worshipping in the snow.

Eventually, after several spills, they put it all together, and as a group are able to carve their way down the mountain. This is more inspirational than Masada and Channukah put together! Also, I love that the 2 girls, 1 cup, phenomena has spread to the extent that newscasters can refer to it, even obliquely, during their broadcasts, now that’s progress!

Check it out and make sure you watch the video below too, if only to fully enjoy Eric Sweet’s crazy wooly-mammoth jacket, (he’s the guy in the back in the picture below.)


edited to add: After receiving an email from “Louise” who is the person who also commented below, who says she is a member of the “Minyan Snowboard Management Team” the silly jacket that Eric Sweet is wearing is a $5,000 buffalo coat, from one of the sponsors of the board. So, that’s neat I suppose, besides the fact that it looks ridiculous, and this is coming from someone who prides himself on his ridiculous wardrobe.

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