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Skip It!

It is hard enough to hit a hole-in-one, let alone to get one by skipping the ball across a water hazard and THEN dropping it in the hole. Well, Vijay Singh did just that this year at the Masters tournament. Sure you could be like, hey, it’s October and that was APRIL, get current, to which I’d respond, “yes, but golf is slow and boring and so it takes at least 6 months for interesting things to be noticed by me.”


You Suck at Golf Compared to This Kid

If you’re a golfer, you might as well just quit now; that’s because Nolan Hayes, age 4, is already a better golfer than you. While playing a round with his dad at the Springs Hills Golf Course — which to me seems like too many plurals but whatevs — in suburban Cleveland, Nolan sank his first hole-in-one, and his dad managed to catch it all on video! Sure, he was only hitting from 80 yards away, but this is also a four year old, so, you know, stop being such a downer.

According to his dad, Nolan has been playing since he was one years old and has also parred 15 other holes. Look out Tiger!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



It’ll Never Get Better Than This

SP_302981_FOUN_GOLF_2 Unni Haskell, 62, moved to St. Petersburg, Florida to enjoy retirement, while there she decided to take up playing golf. After two months of lessons, Haskell felt ready to take on the course itself.

At the 100-yard first hole, she teed up her ball, swung her purple driver as hard as she could and watched as the ball went about 75 yards, then bounced to avoid the bunker, landed on the green and rolled into the hole. Her first swing in golf resulting in an astounding hole-in-one. “I didn’t know it was that big of a deal,” she said. “I thought all golfers do this.”

While not completely unprecedented, this is still pretty remarkable, the odds of an amateur hitting a hole-in-one on any par-3 hole are roughly 12,500 to one.

“We were going to do a putting lesson that day,” her instructor Rick Sopka said. “She said, ‘no,’ she wanted to play. She didn’t even hit a range ball. No warmup at all.”

“I haven’t played since, but I want to,” Haskell said.

Unni, learn a lesson from George Costanza, go out on a high-note. Take up Jai Alai or something instead.



I Think We All Know That Feeling

Clive Seymour, a 74 year old grandfather of 6, was aiming for the 10th hole at Hele Park Golf Club, in Devon, England, when he scored a hole in one. The only problem? His ball went into the 4th hole.

“It’s a great feeling, even if it was in the wrong hole.” Seymour said.

You bet it is.



What Have You Accomplished This Year

glauserDave Glauser is just a typical dude from Toledo, he’s 61 years old, works as an auto parts salesman and enjoys playing sports. It just so happens though, that he’s awesome at sports. On Monday, while playing a round at Giant Oaks Golf Club in Temperance, Ohio, he fired in a hole-in-one. That’s pretty neat, but not extraordinary, lots of people have done that, even at his age.

However, this is now his 3rd hole-in-one, to go along with the 3 times he’s rolled a perfect 300 bowling game. According to, the odds of an amateur golfer hitting a hole-in-one is 1 in 12,750 and for rolling a perfect game, 1 in 11,500. This guy has now done both, 3 times each!

He’s very modest about it,” Glauser’s daughter, Allison Schroeder, said. “He pretends like he’s calling about something else and then he says, oh by the way, I got a hole-in-one. He’s very excited about it, but he’s not the type to brag.”

Glauser has no intention of slowing down, “I’ll keep going as long as I can. I’ll keep doing the same old thing, playing until I can’t play anymore. I just love the challenge and I try to keep active.”

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