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Now THAT’s an Acrobatic Flip Dunk

It’s a video explosion today!

Here’s one of the Houston Rockets’ Power Dancers taking it to the hoop with a fine flip dunk. I love the post-dunk run back to that weird swaying circle with the other cheerleaders.


Now THAT’s Bracketology

As loyal readers know, I hate college sports, I hate March Madness and I will not be participating in any bracket pools whatsoever, besides of course So Good’s Meat Madness. Were I to participate though, it would be in Fan IQ’s much more entertaining and pleasing Cheerleader Madness. Pitting each school’s cheerleaders against one another in the actual brackets is significantly more exciting then being forced to watch bad basketball and crappy players.

I might even pick a major upset, with Tennessee-Chattanooga taking it over #1 seed UConn, or maybe I’m just a sucker for tight pants…


EAST Bracket

MID-WEST Bracket

SOUTH Bracket

WEST Bracket

[Fan IQ]


She Takes Them Out, She Presses Them to the Glass!

Right now the Florida Panthers are on the outside of the playoffs looking in, sitting just outside by only three points. So, is it little wonder that the fans are doing all they can to spur their team on to the post season. Fans love to cheer and they love to get on TV; wave a camera with a red light at people and who knows what you’ll get, but usually you’ll get something entertaining. This Panthers’ fan goes all out and I think she’s full of talent. After all, it isn’t easy to rub yourself up against the glass, it’s COLD in the rink…

[Total Pro Sports]


He’s a Dancing Fool

Celtics fans can’t stop themselves, they all just want to get DOWN when they enter the Garden. First we saw an overly exuberant Bon Jovi routine, complete with lip syncing and intense gyrations from Jeremy Fry, but now Jeremy has competition from a 7 year old who has all the moves and loves to get down.

Daylon Trotman goes to about half the games at the Garden with his mom, and when he’s there, he’s showing off his expansive tool bag of dance moves. This kid has got IT, and he is becoming more than just popular at the Garden.

Ellen Degeneres even had him on her program for him to show off his moves. And NOTHING wows a crowd of bored and lonely housewives than a little kid busting a move. Even better, Ellen gave the Trotman’s season tickets to the Celtics so that he can continue to pump up the crowd.

Quick, someone get me a kid to go with me to Red Sox games and he BETTER be a good dancer, Daddy needs some season tickets!


Did You Learn That He Hits Hard?

Ever wanted to know what it’d be like to fight a professional MMA fighter? Yeah, me either because I don’t like being hit, but this guy did and set up a brief sparring session with Mike “Bonesaw” Hyman. They set up some ground rules; Mike would “take it easy” and no hits to the face. That doesn’t stop the pudgy normal guy from getting stomped on, even with Bonesaw taking it really really easy on him.


High School Coach Drives Drunk, Gets a Lift

elk-memorial-coachThey certainly take high school basketball seriously in Indiana, as evidenced when the police drove a coach to a game following his arrest for a DUI. Elkhart Memorial High School’s coach Mark Barnhizer was taken on Saturday from jail straight to the game on the authorization of Elkart’s assistant police chief and at the request of Elkhart Community Schools.

“We felt you shouldn’t penalize 10 young adults for the mistakes of one person,” Tim Balyeat, the assistant police chief said, who added that the ride from the police was warranted due to the impact the schools and athletics have on the community.

Barnhizer, in his 25 year coaching at Elkhart, made it to the game, with 4 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, Elkhart ultimately lost to Munster 48-39. Good thing he made it! The team really benefited from his appearance.

The night before Barnhizer was arrested after a sheriff’s deputy observed him making an unsafe lane change. While he passed a blood-alcohol test he was arrested after being administered a “drug-recognition test,” whatever that is. Barnhizer also told the police that he takes a prescription for methadone.

While methadone is not used exclusively for heroin addiction–it is sometimes used for chronic pain due to its low cost–it’s a strange drug for a high school coach to be taking.

In his defense, Barnhizer said that he was reaching over for a gallon of milk that fell over and that caused the swerving. “I haven’t had a drink in 10 years,” Barnhizer said. Also, he has reportedly suffered continuing pain from foot surgeries several years ago; hence the methadone.

Yesterday Barnhizer was officially charged with driving while intoxicated and driving while suspended. This isn’t his first driving incident though. After the jump, his rap sheet: Continue reading ‘High School Coach Drives Drunk, Gets a Lift’


That’s Not a Dunk, That’s an Acrobatic Flip

Here’s Wyoming freshman Adam Waddell slamming down an emphatic dunk, turning himself ass over tea kettle. But he gets right up and has a big smile on his face, so don’t be scared, even though it looks like he landed on his neck and should be dead…

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