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Nothing Says “Thank You” Like Pizza Hut

Pittsburgh Penguins players Marc-Andre Fleury, Jordan Staal, Max Talbot, Kris Letang, Tyler Kennedy and Pascal Dupuis dropped by the construction site of their future home, the Consol Energy Center, to check on the progress and deliver a special thank you to the construction workers.

“We think it’s a great gesture for our players to say thank you in this small way to the men and women who are building the new Consol Energy Center,” said team president David Morehouse. “These workers have done a great job — especially during the cold weather of the winter months — and this is a token of appreciation from the team.”

That special token? Pizza Hut pizzas! Way to go all out there guys, why not slow it down a little, you don’t want to overwhelm the workers with such an outpouring of emotion. Maybe start small, give each of the workers a koosh ball or something…



While at a Soccer Game, A Riot Broke Out

Most soccer riots take place in the stands and are contained to just the fans, but during a game between Barracas Bolivar and General Lamadrid, two teams in the Argentinian Primera C league the teams decided to get in on the fun action too.

Players from Lamadrid, upset with Bolivar fans started arguing with the fans while the players were on the sideline. Then, seeing their fellow teammates and fans in trouble, the players on the field decided to join the fray. Soon enough a massive brawl was in full-force, causing riot police to be called in.

Ultimately, the referee got involved, he handed out 18 red cards to the Lamadrid side, all 11 starting players were sent off, as well as 7 subs. Lamadrid will also be short-handed for their next game as their entire starting lineup has been suspended. Before the match was suspended Bolivar was up 3-0, and were awarded the victory.

[Sports Rubbish]


Bud Selig Does Something Cool

Bud Selig gets a lot of grief on this site, all with good reason, but for once he’s done something pretty worthwhile. After purchasing the house next to his, intending to tear it down and build a garden there, Selig has offered up the use of the house to several area groups.

School officials from the Milwaukee Area Technical College are expected to bring in about 30 carpentry students to practice on the soon-to-be-razed house. They will get two days to do such exciting things such as remove and install cabinetry, windows, casings and trim, and disconnect plumbing to sinks and vanities.

That’s not all, Selig has also offered the home as a training location for the local police department who are interested in using it for training how to enter a home with a burglar inside. Those exercises would likely use paintball guns and are expected to take place during the beginning of May.

After that, the fire department is slated to get a chance to have a go-round in Selig’s fun-time mansion, that is of course until he turns an entire house into an extravagant garden.

[Bayside Now]


Fan Sentenced to Continue Watching Sucky Team

kieron-dyer-lee-bowyer-punchupKevin Southerton had had enough, fed up with watching his beloved Newcastle United, he ran onto the field last month after his team let in another goal. He was of course, stopped and arrested. Southerton figured that if he were arrested on the field that he would be banned and thus, stopped from having to see Newcastle play anymore. When the police caught up to him, Southerton told police officers: “I hope I get banned, I’m sick of watching this.”

Unfortunately for the master criminal, the judicial system didn’t see it that way; giving him a fine instead. “It must be the first time someone’s been forced to carry on watching a team they’ve fallen out of love with rather than get banned,” said a police source.

Facing a possible three-year ban, Southerton’s attorney, Liz Dunbar told the court that “He was very upset at the performance of Newcastle United. I don’t know very much about football, but I understand he isn’t the only one feeling this way at the moment.”

The police were ultimately disappointed in this measure, hoping the ban would send a strong message to the fans that running on the field will not be tolerated, instead the court merely levied a $291 fine.

[Daily Star]

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