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Eyes on the Ball

So, I just noticed that this post that I wrote on January 20th was never posted. Oops! Fortunately, our crack team here discovered that, about two months later… Anyhoo, timely as ever, a girl plays with her ball.

I’m officially impressed by rhythmic gymnastics, or at least by this chick.

First off, that whole flexibility thing is pretty nice (wink), but look at the athleticism not to mention the concentration that she has in making some totally awesome catches of that ball. But isn’t that the same kind of ball as they’d have in the grocery stores that you’d play with until you knocked something over, then hurriedly put it back and bailed? That seems weird that that is part of a sport, right? Whateves, I’ll let it go since she already has better ball skills than half the receivers in the NFL.


JD Drew Could Learn From This Man

Jamie Vermiglio is a 26 year old semi-professional soccer player from Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, England who has been sidelined with a broken back. It turns out that though that he’s been playing through the injury for at least 32 matches, and possibly his whole life!

After his coach noticed him struggling on the field, Vermiglio was sent to get an MRI scan which revealed a stress fracture to his fifth lumbar vertebra.

“It’s caused a disc to slip and that’s causing pain in the nervous system down my legs,” he said. “I’ve just been taking pain-killers so I could play. I just got on with playing and thought it would go away after time, like most injuries.”

Told by the doctors that continuing playing could paralyze him for life, the primary school teacher by day took the field regardless, helping his Telford United squad to a 1-0 win in the semi-finals of the FA Cup.

“I’m not giving up hope yet. I am going to see another specialist and, fingers crossed, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.”

[Daily Mail]


Who Wears Short Shorts

runnerNew York Governor David Paterson is now a cover model after being photographed and interviewed for an upcoming piece in Runner’s World Magazine. And people think the magazine industry is dying! I’m renewing my subscription to Runner’s World RIGHT NOW.

Because he’s legally blind, Paterson didn’t play sports as a child and only got into running recently in his 40s. His wife, Michelle who is an avid runner herself helped push him along by challenging him to participate in the 1999 New York Marathon. “…Her first thought was to tell me not to; she knew it would be the fastest way to get me to do it,” Paterson told Runner’s World. “When I finished the race I had to go to the hospital. I’d become hypothermic.”

Maybe she was still angry about him having affairs at a Days Inn on the upper west side…

Since he’s, you know, blind, he requires a “companion” to keep him from running into a plate glass window or whatever. And how does the governor entertain his brain while he runs? “I hum music to myself while I run, usually old disco tunes, or inspirational songs like ‘I Will Survive’ and the ‘Rocky’ themes, or some old TV themes like ‘Hawaii Five-O’ and ‘Secret Agent Man,’ ” said Paterson.

Nothing says winner more than Gloria Gaynor hummed by a blind man in short shorts…

[NY Post]


Hot for the Coach

Alyce HesseMaybe you think you’re a sports fan but if you’re not following the box scores for New Orleans’ private schools high school girl basketball then quite simply you’re not a true fan.

Since I am a real fan, I was watching with great anticipation the match up between New Orleans Country Day and Oak Grove during the Ladies Top 28 tournament on Monday. Thanks to some clutch performances, and an all-out effort from coach Alyce Hesse, NOCD won a 43-34 victory. I am a devoted Hesse-maniac. She’s the best coach in America, probably, or at least the one who I’d like most to spend some quality practice time with…



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