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Warning: Only Read if You’re Obsessed With Fantasy Baseball

Being a good Jew, Christmas means nothing to me, but I can understand the excitement you goyim feel on that day because once a year, I get to do one of my absolute favorite things; draft my fantasy baseball team. Draft day is one of the best days of the year, hope springs eternal and the sheer elation I get from having an empty team page start to get filled up with stars and scrubs alike is nearly indescribable. Yesterday marked the 8th annual draft for my most important fantasy league, simply known to us all as “The League.” Every year after the draft I provide an in-depth and exhaustive recap of each team and the draft itself. This year the draft clocked in at a robust 4 hours and in total 348 players were drafted to fill the 12 teams. Join us after the jump for the full (almost 8,000 words) recap or you know, go off and do something actually productive with your life…

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The Man Knows How to Play With His Balls

Being this skilled with a soccer ball is pretty neat, although all I can think of is the hours and hours spent mastering these moves when you could be doing more useful things. Like playing FIFA on the PS2 or something.

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Step Right in to Citi Field

Since it seems to be wall-to-wall new NYC stadia today, here is a video of Mets owner Jeff Wilpon giving a tour of Citi Field; it looks dope, I can’t wait to see it in 3-5 years.



The Yankees are Selling Grass to Kids!


The New York Yankees announced that at the end of this month at Home Depots around the state, saps will be able to purchase officially licensed Yankees grass in either seed or sod form. DeLea Sod Farms, the exclusive provider of turf to the Yankees since the 1960s has seen an opportunity to try and swindle some fans and are hoping to monetize their connection.

“It’s just capitalizing on what we have and what we’ve done,” said Rick DeLea, vice president of DeLea Sod Farms, which his grandfather founded in 1928. In south Jersey about 80 acres of Yankees turf are growing, the sod farm has other clients, a high school for instance in West Long Branch, N.J., had 16 acres installed last fall, only then it was just called sod, not “Yankees Sod.”

The impetus for the idea came from a former consultant to DeLea who is now the vice president for business development, David Andres. A self-described “sell ice to Eskimos kind of guy,” after receiving permission from the Yankees and MLB, Andres aggressively pursued this path, “It’s going to be one of those ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ stories,” he said.

Buyers can get a patch slightly bigger than five square feet — 16 inches by 4 feet — for $7.50, meaning resodding your backyard might take a couple thousand bucks. But when you do it you’ll know that you have the officially licensed grass of the Yankees; complete with MLB authenticity hologram. If you don’t want the already grown sod, you could always buy Yankees Grass Seed — in a gift-friendly novelty size of three ounces or eight ounces — at Yankee Stadium; Home Depot will carry bigger bags of seed. I can just see all the little kids at the stadium now clamoring for their dads to buy them a hat and some grass seeds, they’ll be FLYING off the shelves.

Never fear though Yankees fans, in case there is some horrible grass disaster, the DeLea farms are still reserving 10 full acres of the grass just for Yankee Stadium, I guess because you never know…

[New York Times]


Citi Field Opens for Business

Prior to moving into their new digs at Citi Field, the New York Mets let St. Johns University and Georgetown get in a game to test out the stadium. Former St. Johns and Mets player John Franco was on hand to throw out the first pitch before a crowd of 22,397 who came out despite the wet and chilly afternoon.

“It was a great turnout,” said Franco, “The crowd is a little bit closer to the field [than at Shea], but I think the players are going to enjoy it and I think the fans are really going to enjoy it.”

St. Johns took an early 3-1 lead, but something Mets fans are all too familiar with, the bullpen was unable to hold on, giving up 4 runs in the 7th to give Georgetown the lead, the final score was 6-4, Georgetown.

The real occupants of Citi Field will arrive on Friday for a two game exhibition against the Boston Red Sox but the early reviews of the stadium sound good.

“Shea was a party place and it was great, but this is like we grew up and now we’re in a new house,” said Dawnrose D’Aloia of Corona, N.Y. “It’s beautiful, how ornate the brickwork is.”

“I happen to be a big Mets fan and it’s a beautiful ballpark,” St. John’s athletic director Chris Monasch said. “They grabbed all the best aspects, I think, of all the new ballparks around the major leagues.”

“I was sad to see Shea go, but it was time,” said Mark Savino of Corona, N.Y. “I followed the construction of it online and came and saw it go up, but seeing it now for the first time like this, it’s very stunning. I wanted to be here, no matter what type of game it was, to be able to say I was here for the first one.”



That’s Some Nice Stick Work

Marty Turco of the Dallas Stars is a pretty good goalie but this shootout attempt from Anze Kopitar from the Los Angeles Kings is simply too much for him to handle.

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