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I’m Much More Interested in Basketball Now

Via Cuzoogle comes a preview of the NBA season with each team represented by various attractive, or unattractive women. For example, the Celtics are represented by Gisele:

Or the Philadelphia 76’ers “Could be one of the ‘it’ teams of the year” represented by Blake Lively:

But my favorite is their preview of the Minnesota Timberwolves, “Heavy drinking this year in Minny,” the semi-NSFW photo below the jump. Continue reading ‘I’m Much More Interested in Basketball Now’


Joe Maddon Has a Crush on Sager

Courtesy of the folks over at Sox and Dawgs comes this video of Joe Maddon checking out Craig Sager and even blowing him a kiss as Sager walks by before last night’s game in his purple velvet and blue shoes ensemble. How gauche!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The one thing I love about Craig Sager is that thanks to him after every game he’s involved in you hear men obsessed with sports talking about fashion and what someone was wearing. He’s like a gift to all the girlfriends and wives who are forced to sit through sporting events that they don’t care about.

Also, I really enjoy that Sager knows seemingly nothing about baseball and all of his post-game interviews feature him asking bizarre questions that are at the most basic level. It almost seems like he is just being fed the questions by the producers and he has no idea even who he’s talking to. They should have just left him on the NBA beat where at least he knows what’s going on. Where’s Tom Verducci? Sure, he wasn’t great on TV, but at least he knows baseball…


MIT Sports Will Continue Their Domination

When I think about MIT my mind instantly goes to their powerhouse sports teams that dominate the NCAA every year. I’m pretty sure that their football team has now won like 8 straight BCS championships right? And who could forget the Fightin’ Scientists as they dominate March Madness year after year, running roughshod over the opponents. See, MIT has sports down to a science.

That’s why this news is so welcome. George Steinbrenner, or at least the zombie corpse of George Steinbrenner made a $1 million donation to MIT yesterday for additional construction in their sports facilities.

“It is our honor and privilege to ensure that future athletes, fans, and the entire MIT community will be able to continue to enjoy the Steinbrenner Stadium for generations to come,” George Steinbrenner said in a statement.

The money will be used to help renovate Steinbrenner Stadium, the money for which was donated by George and his sisters in the 70s in honor of their father, a 1927 graduate of the school.

“This [donation] provides us with funding to upgrade our stadium seating, access areas and working press box,” said Julie Soriero, MIT’s director of athletics, “This will vastly improve Steinbrenner Stadium as it currently exists, making it an outstanding venue in which to compete or watch a game. We are appreciative of the continued generosity from the Steinbrenner family.”

As a native Bostonian, I can’t even count how many afternoons have been spent watching the physical marvels of the MIT sports academies ply their trades. Win after win, championship after championship, MIT has been, and should now long remain, UNSTOPPABLE! Thanks George!


Worst Road Game Ever

A second division Peruvian soccer team was returning from their most recent match when they suffered a catastrophic accident. After highway robbers forced the bus driver out of his seat at gunpoint, the brakes stopped working and the bus rolled off a cliff. It ended up falling down a ravine nearly 600 feet! Three players were killed, along with 2 of the owners of the team. Several of the players were also seriously injured in the fall.

The game that they were returning from they lost, 10-0.

Sounds like a great day…

[International Herald Tribune]



Smooke goes for it!

As long-time readers know, I hate college sports, I do however make an exception for the SUNY Maritime Privateers out of Throgs Neck, NY. I EAT, DRINK, LIVE Privateers. But even me, the most rabid SUNY Martitime fan EVER thinks that their last game wasn’t quite fair.

Playing Gallaudet University, SUNY barely eked out a 27-0 victory over the weekend, holding the Gallaudet “offense” to under 200 yards, the first time the Privateers have done so since 2006. QB Michael Smooke smoked the defense throwing for a career high 191 yards with a touchdown adding in another three rushing TDs, while James Spanopolous led the team in rushing with 119 yards in 29 carries.

The key to this game was time of possession, with the Privateers eating up nearly the entire second quarter with only one drive. Gallaudet really only had one drive, in the 4th, where they threatened until the ferocious SUNY D stood up and stripped the QB of the ball. In Gallaudet’s final possession they also tossed up an interception, allowing SUNY the chance to run out the clock en route to SUNY’s first EVER three win season. WE DID IT! HOORAY!

Sure, it was accomplished against a team of players who are deaf, but hey, it still counts. Personally I’m really interested in how Gallaudet runs their team. How does the QB hike the ball? What about defensive adjustments on audibles. I mean, wouldn’t it just make sense to audible constantly at the line if you were the opposing team?

Eh, who cares, MARITIME WON! Who wants to go take out the goalposts with me?!


My Face Hurts

Vitali Klitschko is the new WBC heavyweight champion of the world, but no one really cares because it isn’t the 1960s and boxing no longer matters. On Saturday Klitschko fought Samuel Peter of Nigeria for the title, winning on a TKO in the 9th round. Klitschko may think he’s tough, but he should remember that a fat white guy taught me karate at the YMCA, so he better recognize.

Anyways, if you ever wanted to know what it is like to get punched in the face by a WBC champion, it looks like this:



Stephanie Rice: Just Like Us

I must be prescient, I post that picture of Stephanie Rice yesterday and then BAM, today, pictures of her partying out come out. The world must love me. It seems that Stephanie and some friends went to Thailand for a weekend of funtimes and after agreeing to let some rando dude take a photograph of her Rice noticed that he kept snapping photographs for the rest of the evening. Understandably she’s upset because she is 20 years old and wants to be able to just go out and enjoy herself like anyone else her age. I agree, she should be just left alone, with me, on a romantic date where she is wooed. But, since the pictures are out there, I’d be remiss to ignore them. The Daily Telegraph, the newspaper that bought the photos fortunately also provides two other galleries with nearly 100 other Rice photos for our visual appreciation, so there’s that too. Since the Olympics ended Rice has been keeping busy, signing an $800,000 contract with Channel 7, and recently filmed her first segment for Better Homes and Gardens. Now, after having not swum since Beijing she’s been getting back into the pool and starting her training once more. “I set goals for myself in Beijing and some (swimming) times I set I didn’t achieve, so I am looking forward to moving forward and that motivates me. But swimming careers don’t really last a long time. I really want to continue doing the TV stuff when I finish my swimming career.” Sounds like a good plan to me.

Anyhoo, the galleries are here, here and here and feature photos like the ones below. The photos from Thailand in the first gallery aren’t particularly interesting but hey, any Stephanie Rice makes me happy.

Sigh. Swoon.

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