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Another Goalie Goal

Danny Cepero is brand new to MLS, making his debut with the NY/NJ Red Bulls in goal on Saturday. And he faced quite the challenge, with the highest scoring team in the league opposing him in the Columbus Crew. For the 23 year old from Long Island, his debut will be forever burned in his memory. That’s because, en route to a 3-1 victory Cepero made MLS history. Thrust into a starting position after starting goalie Jon Conway was suspended for 10 games for using performance enhancing drugs, Cepero struck a penalty kick 81 yards to score, becoming the first MLS goalkeeper to score a goal. Awesome.

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So, Does the Ref Get a Bud Lite Now?

I’d have watched the LSU/South Carolina game this weekend, but college sports are fucking stupid, so, you know, I didn’t. However, by missing the game I missed this tackle of SC QB Stephen Garcia by one of the game’s refs. It’s about time the zebras started fighting back.

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Tampa Honors Mike Alstott Through Typos

While smart people were paying attention to the Red Sox/Rays battle, Tampa fans were split, with the Buccaneers playing on SNF last evening. During halftime, the Buccos retired former fullback Mike Alstott’s jersey, a truly classy gesture to a gentleman who, by all accounts is a very classy man. To show their love and appreciation for all of Alstott’s years in service to the Bucs, to show their respect for all the times he played hurt, to honor his many rumbling touchdowns the Bucs presented him with two of his uniforms framed. Maybe someone should have spell-checked them before they went under the glass though…

Very classy Tampa.


According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Buccaneers PURPOSELY misspelled Alstott’s name because

In Alstott’s first season, 1996, his jersey had his name misspelled for each of his first two games before the error was finally corrected. So, in commemorating the past, the Bucs decided to dot all the “i’s” but leave off one “t.”

Ok, so it’s not a COMPLETE screwup, instead, the Bucs are honoring how their team has HISTORICALLY screwed things up and want to commemorate THAT. It’s amusing but doesn’t inspire much past or future confidence in the team.


And Thus It Comes to an End

This loss hurts, but not as bad as 2003, or even 2005. Was I fully confident that the Sox would come back and win that game? Yes. One hundred percent yes, Today, I’m left with the AL champion Rays, from TAMPA, not one more Boston run to the championship. So it goes. When it came down to it, the Red Sox’ strength simply wasn’t there in this series. The pitching rotation carried this team, and in games 2-5 the rotation couldn’t keep up with the young power bats. When the Red Sox came to the postseason in years past, the middle of the batting order was fearsome, this year we were declawed. David ORTiz looked woeful and while Drew, Youk and Bay all were solid in the ALCS, none of them stepped up in the way that the Sox needed, like Lowell or Ramirez did last year. The Red Sox entered the ALCS with their number 3 hitter struggling, and without the #4 and 5 hitters from last year’s team, who combined last year for 18 RBIs. That loss of offense wasn’t replaced by the rest of the guys in the lineup.

Does that mean this season was a disappointment? Well, I’m disappointed but the Rays were the better team. They showed it during the season. They showed it in this series. That the Red Sox came back and made this a series after being down 3-1 and forcing a game 7 is testament to their team unity but it was clear that the Rays were better in all aspects besides the bullpen. When Andy Sonnastine is dealing you know that you’re season is probably going to be over. Continue reading ‘And Thus It Comes to an End’

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