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I’m A HERO! Oops, I Blew It…

Here’s some video from a German soccer match where the goalie takes and then scores on a penalty kick. Clearly pretty happy with himself he takes his time making his way back to his own goal, celebrating with his teammates. Alas, the other team wasn’t content with dawdling and took their revenge on him. Check it out!


Angels Futility

I heard these stats on WEEI and haven’t been able to track them down yet, but they are pretty ridiculous. Apparently in their last 50 some innings the Angels are yet to hit a post-season home run. Not only that, but over their last 70 some post-season innings they are yet to hold a lead larger than 1 run. Oh yeah, and of course they have lost now 10 straight against the Sox in the playoffs. Yummy!


Travis Henry Needs a Bailout

Following in the footsteps of former Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Nate Newton, former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry was arrested for allegedly distributing cocaine. Newton was busted in 2001 with 213 pounds of weed on a highway in Texas one year after his retirement. Unlike Newton who at least waited a year to get in trouble, Henry is precocious and after getting released only in June he managed to get himself into serious trouble.

Henry who signed a $22.5 million 5-year contract only last year was dumped by the Broncos who felt that his effort wasn’t commensurate with what they were paying him. Among the other reasons the Broncos dropped Henry was a reported drug test that Henry failed, testing positive for weed once more, likely resulting in a shiny new 1 year suspension.

While I’m impressed with Henry’s entrepreneurial mindset, does he really need the money that badly? Has he already spent the bonus money and first season salary he received, plus whatever monies he gets from being released? That’s just not fiscally responsible, especially in an economic downturn period. Then again, since he reportedly has fathered 9 children with 9 women, (take THAT Shawn Kemp!) maybe he was just trying to be responsible. Unfortunately for Henry, if he gets convicted he could face life in prison PLUS a $4 million fine. He owes at least that much to all the fantasy football teams he killed last season.

With Leather has a great update on this story and the affadavit on the arrest and it’s full of fun and interesting tidbits, like that Henry was going to sell 1 kilo of real cocaine and 2 kilos of “fake” cocaine, which was actually drywall. So check out their full story here.


Who the Hell is “El Caballito”

I watch a lot of Sox games, I listen to even more, I read the newspapers every day and follow the team in multiple formats, so it was with some surprise that I heard Chip Carey Caray last night refer to Dustin Pedroia as “El Caballito.” Caray stated during the broadcast, “How many times over the summer when we saw the Red Sox would we hear them talk about about ‘el caballito,’ the ‘little pony,’ Dustin Pedroia…” Um, what? I have never EVER EVER heard ANYONE refer to Pedroia as that. And yet, according to Chip Caray all summer long everyone refered to Pedroia in that manner. Methinks someone is screwing with Caray and fed him some bull. My money is on David Ortiz having told this to Caray as a joke and Caray, being an idiot, believed him and then decided to make it like he knew more about the team than he actually does and so said it like he did.

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