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The Devil Is in the Uniforms

At Saturday’s Rays game, they wore some retro uniforms, all the way back to the good ol’ days of 1998! Since dropping the “Devil” part of their name, the Rays have won 145 games over the last season and a half, add in the teams first winning season/playoff appearance/World Series appearance and it seems like dropping the Beelzebubian part of their name has worked.

In Saturday’s game manager Joe Maddon was ejected, the team’s 4-game win streak was halted, catcher Dioner Navarro was taken to the hospital after taking a foul ball off the side of his face and worst of all, SMASH MOUTH played a concert at the Tropicana after the game.

We just seem to play better in a Rays uniform,” said Joe Maddon. “That was not pretty.”

I wouldn’t expect to see the “retro” uniforms again any time soon.

Also, to be fair, I used to really like the Smash Mouth first album.

[The Ledger]


Joe Maddon Has a Crush on Sager

Courtesy of the folks over at Sox and Dawgs comes this video of Joe Maddon checking out Craig Sager and even blowing him a kiss as Sager walks by before last night’s game in his purple velvet and blue shoes ensemble. How gauche!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The one thing I love about Craig Sager is that thanks to him after every game he’s involved in you hear men obsessed with sports talking about fashion and what someone was wearing. He’s like a gift to all the girlfriends and wives who are forced to sit through sporting events that they don’t care about.

Also, I really enjoy that Sager knows seemingly nothing about baseball and all of his post-game interviews feature him asking bizarre questions that are at the most basic level. It almost seems like he is just being fed the questions by the producers and he has no idea even who he’s talking to. They should have just left him on the NBA beat where at least he knows what’s going on. Where’s Tom Verducci? Sure, he wasn’t great on TV, but at least he knows baseball…


Tampa Bay Not Experienced at Celebrating

I am very excited by the Tampa Bay Abbadon Rays finally entering the playoffs, and as a divison champ no less! If they weren’t in the AL East I would be a HUGE Rays fan. I lOVE the Rays. But alas, they play my friendly Red Sox and so must be crushed in our wake. For the Sox, a team accustomed to celebrating regular and then post-season success, the celebrations have become expected, and if not for Jonathan Papelbon would be almost stale. The Rays,¬†unsure of how to properly celebrate their moment made some mistakes but hey, they’re new to this so we’ll give them a break. Then again, here they are drinking Bud Light out of a protective cup so…

So, Johnny Gomes likes to drink in the sweat of his teammates’ junk, which is special and I guess helps foster the true spirit of comradery. Also the team managed to persuade the hipster manager, Joe Maddon into taking a healthy swig too, which is all the more impressive since Maddon is such a big oenophile. That means he likes wine a lot smart guys!

[Big League Stew]

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