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She Wants to Play With Your Fuzzy Balls

Ashley Harkleroad is neither Anna Kournikova, Ana Ivanovic nor Maria Sharapova but she is naked in Playboy, and I’d be incredibly remiss to not post the photos of a young sports star naked. I think I’d lose my blogging license or something.

Anyhow, Harkleroad did what those other super hot ladies only tease us with in their Maxim spreads, putting the goods on the table, and for that, I am thankful. These photos have been circulating all around the other blogs (Deadspin, With Leather, The Big Lead) all day, so maybe you’re sick of them by now, but hey, naked tennis player right!

After the jump are a few definitely NSFW pics, so be warned.



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Today in 90s Pop Rock

Because it tickles me so, I’m sharing the latest name for my fantasy baseball team.

I Smell Sexson Candy

Man, I’m clever!
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Manny’s Final Straw

I am definitely a Manny Ramirez apologist, I tolerate his antics and stupid actions sometimes because he’s one of the greatest right-handed hitters ever, hell, I practically fellated him 2 months ago. When he got in trouble for pushing the team’s traveling secretary, I thought it was bullshit, petulant and childish, but I wasn’t advocating throwing him off the team or suspending him or anything. I figured, as Terry Francona and Theo Epstein said, that the issue would be handled in-house and that was all I needed to know. Apparently, according to former Boston sportscaster Bob Lobel, Manny ended up receiving a fine in the six figures that went to charity from the team. Good. Totally appropriate and I’m sure it can help some people even if Manny doesn’t learn anything.

Lobel went on in his interview on WEEI sports radio to say that

The thing that most people are forgetting and haven’t talked about is the strikeout in Yankee Stadium. The bat on the shoulder for the three pitches from Mariano Rivera. That was a big [expletive] to the Red Sox after the fine. I’m just telling you … there are things in the front office that are perceived … I’m saying that there is a strong feeling that that [three-pitch strikeout] was the message to the Red Sox and it’s a strong feeling that that’s unacceptable … there’s a feeling that he didn’t give it his all, let’s put it that way … I’m just saying the front office has not forgotten that moment. It’s akin to Nomar sitting on the bench [in a game in which Derek Jeter dove into the stands at Yankee Stadium in 2004]. It’s the same thing. It’s an at bat that resonated very strongly in the front office.

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You Mean You Want Me to Actually Watch the Game?

I love women’s beach volleyball, I think I’ve shown that in the last few days with post after post celebrating that which is most good about this beautiful game. The Olympics might be very boring, but count me in as planning on dvring and watching every beach volleyball match possible. Except maybe for the Indian team’s games. That’s because they think wearing the standard outfits of the sport, the delightfully small and tight bikinis, to be against their traditions and objectionable.

beach-22Um, hello, this is half the reason why your game is an Olympic sport, it’s basically one step up from paddle ball. “We want to give a good fight in the game and not the dress code,” said Kanaka Mahalakshmi, one of the members of the Indian team. The rules of beach volleyball do allow for women, “out of respect for the religious, cultural and ethical sentiments of participating countries” to wear different outfits, and so the Indian women will be wearing shorts and t-shirts. Boring!

Zoe Chater, a Frenchwoman in India to play in a tournament who will be wearing her bikini said, “everything is possible in sports to respect culture of different countries. We don’t mean to offend anyone. We are here to play the sport.” I think I know which team the crowd will get behind.


Helicopter Fishing, the New Rage!

Something about this video clip is fishy to me, but it’s pretty neat regardless. Take one part man in helicopter, add one part marlin in the ocean, have man jump from helicopter and catch said marlin with barehands, bake for one hour.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The only real question I have is how they had the camera in the water ready to get the man get the marlin. Did the camera guy jump out of the helicopter too or is this like on a reality show when they show someone getting a phonecall and the other person happens to have a camera crew there filming when the phone rings? Whatevs, there has to be an easier way to catch fish though

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Maybe She Was Trying To Spark the Jays’ Offense (UPDATED)

The story of the topless blonde in the Rogers Centre Skydome box just keeps getting better. The 26 year old spoke today with the Ottawa Sun paper, the initial publisher of the photos of her, saying that she thought the windows were tinted and no one would be able to see through them.

“The [bachelor party hosts] told me that no one could see in,” she explained. Looks like that’s the last time she trusts a bachelor party crew. You’d think she’d have done her research and seen what these affairs could be like.

The young woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, is in grad school and works as a “hostess” to help pay for her school costs. I feel like I’ve heard that one before, maybe from every other hooker ever. I mean, not that I have a lot of experience with hookers. Unless paying women to have sex with me is experience. In that case I may need to change my response…

“I am not ashamed of what I do, there’s nothing wrong with this…but not everyone knows I do this,” she said. Unfortunately for her, the Blue Jays do see something wrong with it and, since her photo is out there, it looks like everyone is going to know what she does.

President and CEO of the Blue Jays Paul Godfrey said that her comportment went directly against the strict code of conduct for the erstwhile Skydome.

“It may be legal to walk the streets topless, but not at the Rogers Centre,” said Godfrey. Even T-shirts with offensive messages are not allowed in the stadium, he said. I didn’t know it was legal to walk the streets of Toronto topless, looks like it’s time for an action-packed mardi gras vacation to Toronto! Who’s coming with me, they got socialized medicine, street boobs and polite manners, what more could you need?

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