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No Wonder Interest is Growing

Beach volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports, no wonder since the women who play are generally pretty hot and wear small bikinis. Here is a delightful gallery with Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh and several other pro volleyball players. What an age in which we live!

Enjoy the rest of gallery here

(I especially like that this gallery was put together by the Florida Sun-Sentinel, that’s some hard-hitting news y’all are putting together, I thought that was only for the blogs, not the mainstream folk…)

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After the First Half Mets Fans Need Only One Thing

For the Mets, finally on the right track and owners of a 9 game win streak, the All Star break couldn’t have come at a worse time; they are finally hitting and their pitchers are straight up dominating, even Oliver Perez got in on the act!

So, with the end of the official first half of the 2008 MLB season, Mets fans are seeking release. I wish them luck.

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The Single Best Part of the All Star Fanfest

At MLB’s All Star Fan Fest on Sunday there was one line that was worth waiting on, and the swarming crowds proved that to be true.

What baseball celebrity could inspire such devotion, such eager excitement from fans?

Hank Aaron?

Willie Mays?

Bill Pulsipher?

What baseball celebrity requires an intense state police escort?

What baseball celebrity inspires crowds to go Beatles-on-Ed-Sullivan nuts in sheer desperation to snatch a photo?

Of course, it was none other than that noted “catcher” of star pitchers, Alyssa Milano!

I’m pretty sure she fell totally in lust with me. I mean, look at the way she autographed this photo, that heart swoop MEANS something. It has to…

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I don’t know why it happened, but I only noticed today that 2 of my posts from Friday somehow didn’t get posted, mostly because I think I’m an idiot. Sigh.

So, if you’re interested, these are the two posts that were supposed to have gone up 3 days ago…

I Disagree With Your Call and Would Like a Word About it

Corey Hart Gets All-Star Bid, Daughter Gets a Beer Bath


MLB All Star Fanfest, A Moderately Fun Time!

cnt_9130fanfestWith the All Star game tomorrow, there have been a ton of various MLB sponsored events around town. To take part in the festivities (since my press pass to the All-Star Game itself must have gotten lost in the mail), I headed over to the Fan Fest at the Javitz center on Sunday.

This was my first time ever at an event like this, so I wasn’t sure what to fully expect. When we arrived at the convention center, the simple act of buying tickets became a clusterfuck, as it took us a couple minutes to find the place where they even sell the tickets. Fortunately, while waiting in line a friendly scalper came by and sold us tickets at less than face value. Hey, thanks!

Tickets in hand, we could see the entrance to the event only a few feet away. Instead of conveniently walking through and getting into the fest, we instead had to walk back outside, go down some stairs, through a long snaking path, up an escalator, around a corner into another snaking line and then finally we came back to where we had bought our tickets and were eventually allowed entry.

Upon entering, we checked out the various items up for auction: some cool jerseys, balls, bats and other cool memorabilia for those of you with healthier checking balances than I. There were multiple a cappella groups performing around the area, which was totally fortunate since a cappella totally sucks. There was however a dope set-up of all the various hats of the minor leagues, arranged by team, which was very neat to see and there were some excellent hats.

We wandered around and saw all the trophies of baseball. Did you even know that the NL base-stealing champion wins the Lou Brock award? I didn’t. Apparently the AL guy gets nothing. Strange. The trophies were somewhat interesting, for example, I’d much rather, based on aesthetics, win the Home Run Derby trophy or the World Series MVP than the regular season MVP which is just a boring plaque.

Hilariously, they had some giant-size posters of players hanging from the ceiling. The ones that I noticed were from such current All Stars like Barry Zito, and my personal favorite, Kaz Sasaki. He’s only been out of the league since 2003, so I can see why they’d be anxious to market him…

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