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Nomar Scores for Charity

Everything comes in twos today it seems…

Despite being the greatest female soccer player of all time, Mia Hamm wasn’t able to eke out a victory over her husband’s team at the second annual Celebrity Soccer Challenge at the Home Depot Center on Saturday. Nomar Garciaparra, or Mr. Hamm, led his team, Nomar United to an 8-7 victory over FC Hamm, erasing the embarrassing stigma from losing last year 13-12.

“I was just glad to get that game-winning score, because I didn’t want to have to hear it for another year,” said Garciaparra, he followed up immediately by tearing his hamstring while scratching an itch.

The event, which raised nearly $200,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Mia Hamm Foundation as well as encouraging hundreds of fans in attendance to sign up for the National Marrow Donor Registry.

Among the “stars” in attendance were actor C. Thomas Howell (star of the greatest beach volleyball movie, Side out), actors Josh Hutcherson and Mark Consuelos, Donald Faison of ABC’s “Scrubs,” Jimmy Jean-Louis of NBC’s “Heroes,” Angus Jones of CBS’s “Two and a Half Men,” Josh Henderson of the CW’s “90210,” Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and skateboarders Tony Hawk and Ryan Sheckler. A real powerhouse of stars. Faison endeared himself to the crowd when, after accidentally scoring on his own goal earlier in the game, made up for it by scoring a proper goal later in the match.

Fortunately, the crowd was able to see some real soccer players too, including Brandi Chastain, Kristine Lilly, Joy Fawcett, Tisha Hoch and Abby Wambach. Other current and former male soccer players who participated included Cobi Jones, Chris Seitz, Matt Reis, Brian Dunseth and Alexi Lalas.



Nomar Loves Impressions of Himself

Nomar Garciaparra is well known for his many quirks and OCD antics at the plate, and this video of the Batting Stance Guy takes aim at Nomar with Nomar watching from the dugout. Fortunately Nomar has a good sense of humor about it.

Unfortunately Nomar tore his ACL while laughing and will be out for the forseeable future.

[Bar Stool Sports]


Manny’s Final Straw

I am definitely a Manny Ramirez apologist, I tolerate his antics and stupid actions sometimes because he’s one of the greatest right-handed hitters ever, hell, I practically fellated him 2 months ago. When he got in trouble for pushing the team’s traveling secretary, I thought it was bullshit, petulant and childish, but I wasn’t advocating throwing him off the team or suspending him or anything. I figured, as Terry Francona and Theo Epstein said, that the issue would be handled in-house and that was all I needed to know. Apparently, according to former Boston sportscaster Bob Lobel, Manny ended up receiving a fine in the six figures that went to charity from the team. Good. Totally appropriate and I’m sure it can help some people even if Manny doesn’t learn anything.

Lobel went on in his interview on WEEI sports radio to say that

The thing that most people are forgetting and haven’t talked about is the strikeout in Yankee Stadium. The bat on the shoulder for the three pitches from Mariano Rivera. That was a big [expletive] to the Red Sox after the fine. I’m just telling you … there are things in the front office that are perceived … I’m saying that there is a strong feeling that that [three-pitch strikeout] was the message to the Red Sox and it’s a strong feeling that that’s unacceptable … there’s a feeling that he didn’t give it his all, let’s put it that way … I’m just saying the front office has not forgotten that moment. It’s akin to Nomar sitting on the bench [in a game in which Derek Jeter dove into the stands at Yankee Stadium in 2004]. It’s the same thing. It’s an at bat that resonated very strongly in the front office.

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