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A Boy Who Loves to Play Baseball

Here is the story of Adam Bender, he’s 8 years old and plays catcher on his Little League team in Kentucky. When he was 1 years old his leg was amputated due to cancer, he doesn’t use a prosthesis and only uses his crutches when he’s on base. He also over the weekend got a chance to meet a bunch of the Reds at their stadium and throw out the first pitch, a week after he got to hang out with the White Sox. Excuse me for a minute the room just got really dusty…


I Hope They All Watch “Bring it On”

So as the Olympics come closer, more stories about the preparations and extreme steps the Chinese are taking to make the games go off well and have the media report good things about China. To that end, the Chinese have created the largest cheerleading squad ever, over 200,000 people! The cheerleaders are comprised of people from all walks of life, from students to retired civil servants–who I’m sure have by far the best moves–and will learn some simple dance steps and have nosiemaking thunderstix to excite the crowds.

From the 200,000 there will also be an elite group of 400 who will server as cheerleaders, dancers and acrobats. To help get these teams ready since China has no history of cheerleaders, the games organizers arranged for the teams to get training from the New England Patriots cheerleaders.

The girls have been training for 4-6 hour days and are gearing up for the games.

“‘Everyone knows cheerleading is a Western activity, but we hope we can find a Chinese way to do it [and] show the world,” says He He, who sports long, dyed-red hair and a sparkly belly-button ring.”

Let the games begin!


Mike Lowell Caught Stealing

Controversy invades Fenway! Mike Lowell was caught stealing the other night, but not on the bases. This vidcap from Monday’s game shows Lowell along the 3rd base box seats swiping an unsuspecting fan’s cell phone while everyone is distracted by a foul ball.

“I always just look to see if there’s like peanuts or nachos… and no one ever on the third base side… I think they banned like nachos, peanuts and popcorn there… because no one ever eats them,” Lowell admitted under intense questioning.

But that’s not all, Lowell, who makes nearly $12 million a season wanted to try and make a quick score off this fan.

“I kinda just want to take one from them to see their reaction. I guess a cell phone could have been good. If it was his wallet it would have been better. If it was his wallet I would have kept it in my pocket until the end of the game and then I would have given it back to him. I think that one would have been good.”

That’s how identity theft happens Mike. It all starts with a millionaire baseball player stealing credit card numbers. We’re all onto you! Just because you look like you should be Zorro doesn’t mean you are allowed to steal from the people around you.


You’re just so damned handsome and debonair. I can’t stay mad at you. Besides, you did say it was all in fun…

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I Thought it was Cold in Denver

Day 1 of the Denver Broncos cheerleaders’ bikini calendar is in the books. Now it’s headed to your spank bank.


Friday Night Lights Cuts Street and Smash

Friday Night Lights had one of the greatest first seasons in television. The show was awesome, every episode felt real and earned, and other than that every time the team won they did so in incredible fashion, it had nearly no flaws. The second season was a disappointment, with NBC execs meddling and trying to change the show into some Gossip Girl shlock that simply didn’t fit with the show’s vibe. Fortunately the show was saved, and will return for a 3rd season in the fall and until it proves it no longer is good, I am counting on you out there to watch it, so that I may continue watching it.

Alas, according to Entertainment Weekly, the show will be returning without two of it’s stars and more compelling characters, Jason Street and Smash Williams. Street was the star quarterback who was paralyzed in the first episode and Smash was the star, cocky running back. Sure, Tim Riggins will return to drink and chase chicks, and for that I am thankful, but the loss of Jason Street, whose subplot was one of the most compelling on the show, and the large personality of Smash will be sorely missed. Both characters will apparently be given 4 episode arcs to close their stories which is nice, but means that the show better find some suitable replacements. I just hope they don’t do some stupid casting and just remake the characters with new younger actors.

Season 3 will be on a short leash for me, if the show returns to it’s beginnings and takes away the teeny-bopper crap, then it should be just as good as ever, after all, all the Taylors are returning…

Also fortunate, the show is retaining it’s most important assets, the fine trio of Amy Teagarden, Minka Kelly and Adrian Palicki:

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