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The Newspaper Industry Knows the News

When I see hard-hitting news exposés like this, I find it hard to believe the newspaper industry is struggling; The Daily Mail, the British tabloid paper had this breaking news story today, “Serena Williams looks buoyant in Miami… but still can’t find a pair of bikini bottoms to fit.” I don’t know how I would have gotten through my day without this kind of information. Of course, since so many people today learn visually, they made sure to add plenty of photographs so we simple-folk could understand. Thanks Daily Mail, keep doing the important stories like these, I’m sure your corporate bottom line will have no problems if you do.

Also, I think Serena’s thighs could crush my head like a grape…


Sex Sells Skis and Snowboards

At long last the ski and snowboard season is coming back upon us. Sure summer is fun with all the nice weather and BBQs, not to mention the joy that is sun dresses, but winter is when men are forged. Schussing and shredding down a mountain is the best, a feeling unlike anything else and one that makes you look totally badass if you can do it well. For the new season some of the newest equipment is designed to attract the eye as much as it is to slide on snow. Take for instance Burton’s new Playboy inspired “Love” line, featuring scantily clad femmes for you to get distracted by as you take huge air.

Not to be outdone, ski manufacturers are getting in on the act too. Boone Skis have made what they term the “greenest” skis possible featuring “the newest ski technology with sustainable ingredients.” Erik Boone, the founder of the company had this to say regarding the new skis:

It was really important to us that we be environmentally conscious when we designed our skis. We take this green movement to heart. It is imperative we as a society do everything we can to lessen our impact on the earth. This is just one small thing Boone Skis can do. The double benefit for us is that bamboo is a terrific material for our high performance skis. Using bamboo is not a compromise. It truly is a great product.

And if that isn’t good enough for you, they’ve added a nice little visual touch to entice you even more.

“The art on our skis is the icing on the cake,” says Boone, alluding to the bikini model graphics. “We wanted to create skis that performed at the top of the market. Why shouldn’t they look as hot as they ride? Ours do.”

Now who is ready to go carve?

[First Tracks Online]


You Mean You Want Me to Actually Watch the Game?

I love women’s beach volleyball, I think I’ve shown that in the last few days with post after post celebrating that which is most good about this beautiful game. The Olympics might be very boring, but count me in as planning on dvring and watching every beach volleyball match possible. Except maybe for the Indian team’s games. That’s because they think wearing the standard outfits of the sport, the delightfully small and tight bikinis, to be against their traditions and objectionable.

beach-22Um, hello, this is half the reason why your game is an Olympic sport, it’s basically one step up from paddle ball. “We want to give a good fight in the game and not the dress code,” said Kanaka Mahalakshmi, one of the members of the Indian team. The rules of beach volleyball do allow for women, “out of respect for the religious, cultural and ethical sentiments of participating countries” to wear different outfits, and so the Indian women will be wearing shorts and t-shirts. Boring!

Zoe Chater, a Frenchwoman in India to play in a tournament who will be wearing her bikini said, “everything is possible in sports to respect culture of different countries. We don’t mean to offend anyone. We are here to play the sport.” I think I know which team the crowd will get behind.

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