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I Swear I Thought I Saw A Nickel on the Ground

Heidi Watney joined the NESN Red Sox broadcast team in late April and has since become something of a crowd favorite, mostly because she is a former beauty queen who is easy on the eyes and is genuinely interested in sports. The fine gents over at Red Sox Monster have an item today about a new fan-site for Heidi, which is all well and good, but is not the only Watney related place online. For example, flickr is rife with photos of her and some are especially interesting. Take for instance this one, entitled “Why cameramen love their jobs.”

Heidi isn’t up to Erin Andrews levels of fanboys yet, or even Hazel Mae, but a bit longer in the Boston market and she could be. In the meantime, let’s hope that the fan-sites thrive and we get some chances to appreciate her fine work.


Sad Day For America

Pro Football Talk has the news that ESPN has chosen to remove Emmitt Smith from their Sunday NFL Countdown and America is the worse off for it.

Sure, Emmitt is a terrible commentator, he often seems totally lost, mispronounces or misidentifies players constantly, makes up words and generally says inane and uninteresting comments, but… wait, no this is all a good thing, there is no but.

Smith will still be a part of the 27-hour coverage of Monday Night Football (along with Trent Dilfer, yikes!) but his place on the Sunday Countdown will be taken by Cris Carter.

Here’s the official ESPN announcement:

Former All Pro wide receiver Cris Carter has been named an analyst for Sunday NFL Countdown (11 a.m. ET) and Monday Night Countdown (7 p.m.), ESPN’s popular NFL pre-game studio shows. In addition, Emmitt Smith will move this fall from Sunday NFL Countdown to the new expanded Sunday morning editions of SportsCenter (8 a.m. and 10 a.m.) where he will offer insight and analysis during NFL segments. Smith will also continue to travel to the Monday Night Football game site each week for Monday Night Countdown.

[Pro Football Talk via Awful Announcing]


Around the Stadiums in 26 Days

I know that I am super jealous of the summer that Josh Robbins has had. That’s because, in 26 days, he visited all 30 baseball stadiums to take in a game. He has submitted his accomplishment to the Guinness Book of Records besting the previous best by 2 days.

The native New Yorker who now resides in California began his trip in Seattle traveling 14,212 miles and spending more than $2,000 in gas. Don’t ask Robbins which stadium had the best hot dogs though, the classic ballpark fare isn’t something he likes, so Robbins survived on chicken tenders and pretzels along his journey.

During the trip he went to two games in a day 4 times in order to save time. He went from Seattle to San Francisco; Anaheim; Phoenix; Oakland; back to Los Angeles; down to San Diego; and then to Denver; Kansas City; Detroit; Toronto; Cleveland; Chicago; Minneapolis; Arlington, Texas; Houston; St. Petersburg, Florida; Miami; Atlanta; St. Louis; Cincinnati; Baltimore; Pittsburgh; Boston; the Bronx in New York; Queens in New York; Philadelphia; Washington; Chicago; and Milwaukee.

Along the way, seven friends or family members – including his wife, Su Karuppana, and dad, Jon Robbins – joined him to help drive and watch games.

“The most difficult drive was San Diego to Denver,” Robbins said. “That was one of the most thrills I’ve had driving. After the Padres game, we had 14 hours to drive 1,082 miles. We got to the first pitch by two minutes, every second counted. I still don’t know how [we] did it.”

Robbins managed to see some pretty cool games along the way, too. Continue reading ‘Around the Stadiums in 26 Days’


I See Red People

In order to beat the oppressive pollution conditions, Olympic athletes are looking around for ways to combat the haze and smog which can make visibility difficult. The British women’s field hockey team has taken an unusual approach so they can continue their run toward the gold, red contact lenses. Apparently the red provides enhanced visibility through the smog. After practicing on the Chinese island of Macau, the women found that with the contact lenses they could perform significantly better and their vision was drastically increased. Not to mention that it also is semi-terrifying, if I were the coach of that team I would insist that each of the players eat some alka-seltzer tablets during the game or pop blood packets and just let the blood and/or foam drip down the women’s faces, but then again, I haven’t been allowed to be an Olympic field hockey coach since the ’84 games. How was I supposed to know that if you hit a ref with a stick that they’ll go unconcsious?!?


Nice Form on the Stiff-Arm Tackle Though…

Yesterday in NYC the annual bike event “Critical Mass” went off with very few hitches. Except for when they rode through Times Square and 22 year old NYPD member Patrick Pogan took umbrage and tackled rider Christopher Long for apparently no reason. To add insult, Pogan then arrested the rider for attempted assault in the third degree, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct; he has been since stripped of both his badge and gun.

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