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Dance With the Bloopers Who Brung Ya

Winner of a Congressional Water Safety Award in 1978, Bill Dance is a legend in the bass fishing world who has had a fishing show since the 1960s, his most recent version (Bill Dance Outdoors) airs on the Versus network in between hockey and the constant showings of Bloodsport. The long-time fisherman has had a number of bloopers during his day, and this 3 minute clip captures some truly hilarious ones.

Say what you want about the inanity of fishing — I agree — but these bloopers are absolutely amazing, I’m almost tempted to buy one of his DVDs to see more. I won’t but I’m tempted.

The camera guy falling off the clip completely slays me, that shit is PRICELESS.


6-Year Old Makes Catch of the Day

833-derby-full.standalone.prod_affiliate.7Out on the water with her mother and father, 6-year old Tegan Humphrey ended up pulling out of the water a 138.8 pound halibut, big enough to win the Lady Angler division of the Homer (Alaska) Jackpot Halibut Derby.

Not too bad a feat for the 40 pound youngster, besting the next closest competitor by 77 pounds. However, while her parents were impressed and proud, Tegan herself was a bit sad, it was a nice catch sure, but it was the wrong species.

“She was fishing for a mermaid, and she didn’t get what she wanted,” said Courtney Humphrey, her mom. “So she was a little disappointed.”

Having already caught a decent-sized chicken halibut earlier in the morning, Tegan rebaited her hook and cast again.

“No sooner did she hit the bottom, than that fish was on,” ship charter captain Rob Hyslip (left) said. “And it took off zinging line. Next thing I heard was, ‘I can’t crank it, I can’t crank it.’ “

Tegan’s father, Charles went over to help, and the battle lasted about 25 minutes. As he was reeling in the fish, Hyslip took out his sawed-off shotgun.

“You’re not going to shoot my fish,” she pleaded.

“Yeah,” Hyslip acknowledged. “She wasn’t thrilled at first. She didn’t really understand what was going on.”

Ultimately she relented and the Hyslip shot the fish in order to bring it on-board. While her father did the hard work in bringing it in, everyone agreed it was her fish, and the small angler was exhausted.

“She was completely tuckered out,” Courtney said. “I’ve got an awesome picture of her on the way back in, sleeping.”

[Anchorage Daily News]


Angling For a New Truck

slimmen_20090224163700992_320_240Monica Slimmen the scary-eyed Debra Messing doppelganger to the left caught a 1.72 pound northern pike during an ice fishing competition in Somerset, Wisconsin, earning her second place among 2500 fellow competitors. The winner of the competition was Lee Shehow who caught a 2.4 lb pike which got him the grand prize, a brand new 27,000 truck. All in all, a fine day for the town’s Youth Athletic Association which raised more than $100,000.

Luckily for Slimmen, Shehow is a shady dude and it turns out that he smuggled in his winning catch in his coat.

“He was buying water from the girls, out buying water and pop, and he was all wet on his shirt and inside his coat. And that was some suspicious activity also,” says John Montpetit, event organizer. “He was very nervous when he came up, and the people registering the fish and weighing the fish thought something was abnormal.”

The organizers then brought in a private investigator and a lie detector expert and were prepared to give Shehow a polygraph but he disqualified himself and returned the truck. Now, Slimmen, who has spent the brutal Wisconsin winter without 4-wheel drive has a brand new truck and more importantly, can claim to be the winner of a semi-prestigious fishing event, which is almost nothing to sneeze at. Almost.

The local sheriff is investigating Shehow, but since he returned the truck it is likely that there won’t be any charges.
Don’t worry though, next year’s event will have much better security according to organizers so that we can all angle confidently and safe from treachery.

[Fox Twin Cities]


Helicopter Fishing, the New Rage!

Something about this video clip is fishy to me, but it’s pretty neat regardless. Take one part man in helicopter, add one part marlin in the ocean, have man jump from helicopter and catch said marlin with barehands, bake for one hour.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The only real question I have is how they had the camera in the water ready to get the man get the marlin. Did the camera guy jump out of the helicopter too or is this like on a reality show when they show someone getting a phonecall and the other person happens to have a camera crew there filming when the phone rings? Whatevs, there has to be an easier way to catch fish though

[Fan IQ]


Poles? We Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Poles!

Most people are looking forward to the upcoming long weekend, but for some avid sportsmen in Vermont, May 25 signals the end of days. That’s because this coming Sunday is the final day of the annual Vermont fish shooting season, an activity allowed only on the northeastern part of Lake Champlain and nowhere else in the country. From March 25 to May 25 fishermen (hunters?) are allowed to use guns and particularly shotguns in order to go after the carp, bowfin and pike that reside in the lake.

‘It’s harder to shoot a swimming fish than it is a flying duck, though it’s not easy to shoot either,” said Ron Gallant, a hunter from New Hampshire. John Noyes of Vermont said: ”Some people think it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but it’s not that easy. It takes a lot more stamina than sitting on a river bank with a pole.”

So long as you are not using a semi-automatic weapon able to house 7 or more rounds, anything goes. You want to use a .357 Magnum, go nuts. I’m not a hunter, I’ve never gone ever, although I wouldn’t be totally opposed, I’ve just never had the opportunity, nor do I think I have the requisite patience required for such an affair. Fishing I’ve done, and found it to be incredibly mind-numbingly boring, although, I did once catch a speedboat from a bridge overpass, and the dude whose boat it was cussed me out pretty good, helping my 8 year old self learn some valuable swear words.

According to a Vermont gaming spokesman, the annual fish shooting is not a ”sporting event,” and he added: ”We’ve always had people try to stop the shoot. The idea of banning it has been introduced in the Legislature, but it never got off the ground.”

Apparently “the hunters regard the fish shoot as a way to take advantage of the good weather after a long, cold winter. ”It’s a way to get out of doors with the guys and a chance of landing a large pike,” Gallant said.

I’m not totally surprised by this, Vermont has some of the loosest gun laws in the country (despite their reputation for liberalism) and people in that area love to hunt from what I’ve gathered. That said, shooting fish just seems neither sporting nor difficult and more rednecky than anything else. At least it’s not dynamite fishing I suppose. It would seem to me that shooting fish would be more damaging to the good parts of the fish to eat, not to mention leaving lots of fun little pellets within the fish itself. Nothing I enjoy more than biting into some food and finding tiny metal shards used to bring said creature’s death about. Fun!

That said, who wants to get a gun and go shoot some fish, let’s make our own deadliest catch…

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