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10 Jews Get On a Snowboard *(UPDATED)*

Yesterday was the magic hour for Eric Sweet’s 10-Jew snowboard and the ride featured mixed results. They got up, did some turns but as was to be expected, struggled initially getting down an entire run. Regardless, I think Judaism can consider yesterday a victory for all of its people even if the participants themselves were unsure.

“This has the potential for disaster. Obviously, we’ve never done this before,” said Joshua Beck, prior to the first run. Beck, of course, is also an orthopedic surgeon and his mother is very proud of him and she brags to her friends all the time around the pool in Florida about her son, the doctah.

“We are 10 Jews celebrating not necessarily inside a synagogue but celebrating God and celebrating the beauty of this area as Jews together on the minyan board,” said Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn, who was worshipping in the snow.

Eventually, after several spills, they put it all together, and as a group are able to carve their way down the mountain. This is more inspirational than Masada and Channukah put together! Also, I love that the 2 girls, 1 cup, phenomena has spread to the extent that newscasters can refer to it, even obliquely, during their broadcasts, now that’s progress!

Check it out and make sure you watch the video below too, if only to fully enjoy Eric Sweet’s crazy wooly-mammoth jacket, (he’s the guy in the back in the picture below.)


edited to add: After receiving an email from “Louise” who is the person who also commented below, who says she is a member of the “Minyan Snowboard Management Team” the silly jacket that Eric Sweet is wearing is a $5,000 buffalo coat, from one of the sponsors of the board. So, that’s neat I suppose, besides the fact that it looks ridiculous, and this is coming from someone who prides himself on his ridiculous wardrobe.


10 Jews Get On a Snowboard

24-snowboardNo, that’s not the beginning of an awesome joke; on April 1, Eric Sweet, 47, wants to set a new world record with a special-built 10-person 36-foot snowboard, launching it at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. It’s one thing to create a super long snowboard for no reason, but Sweet has thrown in an extra wrinkle into the whole process, all of the riders will be Jewish!

Sweet already has received a trademark hold from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office giving him rights to the name “Ten Jews, One Snowboard” and “The Minyan Board.”

“It was more difficult to put 10 Jews together and agree on something [than actually making the board],” Sweet said. “That’s part of what I think is funny: With 10 Jews, can we actually pull it off? I don’t know. With 10 Jews on a snowboard, it’s going to be hard for us to look athletic.”

That’s the most difficult part? I would think finding 10 Jews in WYOMING would be much harder…

This isn’t the first time Sweet has come up with a unique snowboard idea; he made and rode a 3-person board last year, drawing local media attention. “Before you rode it, the feeling was unimaginable,” Sweet said. “We fell three times. It’s never been done since then.”

Originally from New York (of course!) and currently residing in Maine, Sweet has been going to Jackson for winters since he was 13 years old. His idea for the Minyan Board came after meeting Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn in Jackson.

“I came back to Jackson this winter and wanted to do something more,” Sweet said. “I approached the rabbi, spoke to him about that idea, and he thought it was fun. He thought it would bring fun to Judaism. It was crazy enough to work.” Continue reading ’10 Jews Get On a Snowboard’

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