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How Mommy and Daddy Met

Corey Hart jacked a home run yesterday off Danny Haren but the real hero of the play was an alert fan who tracked the ball off the bat and makes a great play on the grassy knoll. The ball gets knocked out of his glove by the ground, but the fan manages to do the more important thing, saving the bikini’d hottie who was sunbathing from getting an unexpected ball to the face.

This is how romance starts; reminds me of the end of the cinema classic, Speed.

Sandra Bullock: You didn’t leave me. I can’t believe it. You didn’t leave me.
Keanu Reeves: Didn’t have anywhere to be just then. I have to warn you; I’ve heard relationships…based on intense experiences never work.
SB: OK…we’ll have to base it on sex, then.
KR: Whatever you say, ma’am.

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Corey Hart Gets All Star Bid, Daughter Gets A Beer Bath

Corey Hart was voted in by the fans to his first All-Star game and his teammates couldn’t have been more excited for him, deciding to invade his press conference and shower him with beer. It’s a totally awesome gesture and shows how genuinely excited and happy for him his teammates are, but they clearly didn’t think about that he was holding his infant daughter. Oops!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I assume she’s fine, but if as she becomes a teenager she starts dancing on tables and begging men to spray her with champagne and beer we’ll know exactly where that desire came from.

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The Doppelganger Onslaught Continues!

Loyal reader Youppi sent these doppelgangers along, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Of course, he also seems like the type of “man” to go see Sex and the City in the theaters with fellow reader Myummers sans any girls or self-respect, but that’s a whole other story…

As always, these and all the other doppelgangers are available at the doppelganger page at the top of the screen or by clicking here.

The single best jersey I have ever seen at a baseball game was when I saw a guy walking around Shea in a Cleveland Indians jersey emblazoned with “Dorn,” on the back. I’ve always been jealous that I don’t have my own one of those as yet… Anyhoo, Corbin Bernsen who played the overpayed, undertalented Roger Dorn and Red Sox reliever/bow hunter Mike Timlin share a resemblance.


I can’t believe that people like Emile Hirsch get to kiss Elisha Cuthbert, even in just a movie setting, it is patently unfair. I am about 45,000 times cooler and better looking than he is. Well, regardless, he shares a kindred look to Brewers outfielder Corey Hart, minus about a foot, seeing as how Hart is a gargantuan 6′ 6″ and actually looks like he can grow facial hair.


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Maybe Not One for Milton Bradley’s Hall of Fame Audition

I understand that Milton Bradley is a significantly better athlete than I am, he is capable of agility and grace, and that he has accomplished many things at the major league level. However, Monday was not one of those outings.

Embarassing! I wonder what his competitors would say sarcastically to him after such a misplay…

I can just watch that over and over and over, it’s hilarious to me. And I do agree with Buck Showalter, it does indeed look bad. He just crumples in abject horror, justifiably so, scorched cow skin raining randomly from the sky, that’s something most people would want nothing to do with. (On a tangential note, I’m glad to see Buck Showalter back on Baseball Tonight, he gives much better analysis than any other manager they’ve had on recently and was missed.)

That was not all for the bizarre outfield plays this Monday, secret pen-pals Corey Hart and Ryan Ludwick combined together to make two of the stranger plays of the evening. First, there was Corey Hart going for an easy liner off the white-hot bat of Ludwick,

now, to be fair, Corey did just miss a great catch and then banged into the wall pretty hard earlier in the game, so while he should have caught this ball, I’m not going to hold it totally against him for being uneasy about the wall again.

But wait, there’s more! Ryan Ludwick felt bad, he didn’t want to have Hart go home feeling bad about himself, he just knew it would be reflected in an angry IM message later, so he figured he’d do a little something to put the hop back into Corey’s step. With Corey at bat Ludwick charged in on a dropping liner and–

Indeed that is nasty. Strange day out here at Windswept fields

ed. to add:

Great, so MLB took down the videos. Sweet, thanks MLB. I can see why you’d want to take down any ways for the fans to possibly enjoy the game outside of After all, why utilize the millions of users on Youtube, I mean, they don’t matter at all right. Sigh. I’ll try and see about getting them back up. Blame MLB.

I apologize for the shitty screengrabs but they’re the best I can do… it kinda works…

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