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Yankees Trade for Granderson, Tigers Make Out Well Too

The Curtis Granderson to the Yankees rumors turned out to be true, when just a few hours ago the Tigers, Diamondbacks and Yankees agreed to a three-team 7-player deal. Granderson heads to New York, Detroit gets Arizona starter Max Scherzer and reliever Daniel Schlereth as well as NY’s Phil Coke and OF prospect Austin Jackson. Arizona takes home Edwin Jackson from Detroit and Ian Kennedy from NY.

I LOVE this deal for the Tigers, sure, losing Granderson’s defense and lead-off ability hurts, but considering for his career he has an OPS+ of 50 against lefthanders, it’s not a gigantic loss. The Yankees are going to ultimately need to platoon Granderson with someone who can actually hit lefties sooner rather than later. However, his defense is going to be huge in Yankee stadium, especially if they bring back Damon to play left. Meanwhile, I think Austin Jackson has a decent chance of being nearly as good as Granderson (with less HRs) within a year or two at a significantly cheaper cost. Add in Scherzer’s power arm, Schlereth and Coke upgrading the bullpen and all of sudden the team has fixed one of their biggest weaknesses while replacing two important starters with serviceable replacements.

Me, personally, I’d much rather have Scherzer than Edwin Jackson because he’s younger, has better breaking pitches and has a chance to have better command, unlike Jackson who has yet to string together a full season that matches his talent.

What I don’t understand is what the hell Arizona is doing. They take on Jackson and Kennedy, two pitchers who are OK, but with less potential than Scherzer, plus Jackson is more expensive and has less years of control remaining. What is the plan there? Justin Upton is about to become a monster on the major league level, plus MVP-candidate Mark Reynolds help drive the offense, presumably players like Stephen Drew and Chris Young can’t be as bad as they were last year but the pitching staff still has holes and they just gave up two young power arms, because, you know, those aren’t needed. The NL West is a weak division, I simply don’t get why you make this trade that weakens your team.

Also, now I’m super sad because I always really liked Granderson and now he’s a Yankee…(Incidentally, I won’t be surprised when he records 35 HRs next season in Yankee Stadium.)



Tigers Pull the Ol’ Switcheroo

magskalineFor yesterday’s game with the Braves, in a team-unity measure, Curtis Granderson got his Tigers teammates together and they decided to trade uniform tops before their game. Magglio Ordonez went out in Hall of Famer Al Kaline’s jersey, while Justin Verlander traded in his top for Gerald Laird’s. Newly named closer Fernando Rodney played kiss-up a little, going out to the mound as Fernando Leyland.

“Fernando asked if he could wear my shirt,” Leyland said. “So I let him. I had a pretty good change-up, didn’t I?”

When Leyland was asked about Magglio’s day, after he went 0-4, Leyland quipped, “Not a Hall of Fame day.”

[Det News]


Braylon Edwards Can’t Hold the Ball

At Curtis Granderson’s celebrity hoops game over the weekend, the fleet Tigers center fielder served as referee for the various celebs in attendance. Granderson had some fun with the role, no more than when the Cleveland Browns’ all-pro dropsies receiver Braylon Edwards went up for an acrobatic, wide-open breakaway dunk and lost control of the ball. “Somebody must have fouled you,” Granderson called out after blowing his whistle after the play, noting that no one was in the vicinity whatsoever. Of course, Edwards is well-versed in being unable to hold onto the ball, as he just finished one of the great seasons in drops from a wide receiver.

The game was ultimately tied up by a pair of Kid Rock free throws, as most true sporting events are, and then a dunk contest between Edwards and Jameer Nelson, an And1 baller where Nelson emerged as the victor.


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