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The Mets Don’t Care About Their Fans

snnews shea STATEN ISLAND LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALLWhen the New York Mets decided to cut seating capacity by 26 percent the regular fans weren’t the only ones getting kicked in the junk, the Mets also were meting out pain to 1,200 Little Leaguers. For the past 4 years, Queens Little Leagues have been involved in their own special day at Shea Stadium complete with a pre-game ceremony where the kids would get to line up around the field. I’ve been to these games, and the kids are always super psyched and it is the best thing to ever happen to them. I’d go nuts if I could have done this when I was a kid. NUTS!

Recognizing that getting these young fans now means getting them for life, the Mets have decided to CUT the promotion. Smooth.

Even the government — well, a State Senator, Frank Padavan, who represents Queens — is getting involved. “Some things transcend dollars and cents,” Padavan wrote in a letter, “Mr. Wilpon, I urge you to think of the youngsters who for years have enjoyed a day at the ballpark with their friends, teammates, coaches and parents and reconsider and do the right thing for the children. It’s a rite of passage that will leave a lifetime of memories.”

The Mets are in discussions with the Little League organizers right now, offering the kids can buy tickets, at normal cost, have no parade on the field and no other special treatment. So essentially the Mets are telling these kids to go fuck themselves. I almost want all of these Little Leaguers to become Yankee fans just because the Mets are such assholes.

“In light of the fact that the New York Mets organization enjoys generous tax breaks and subsidies from the state and the city that helped finance and build Citi Field, I believe like many others, that it is imperative that you give something back to the Queens community,” Padavan continued in his letter. “Maintaining your commitment and providing the full and adequate amount of discounted tickets to area Little Leagues is a step in the right direction.”

It’s unclear whether Padavan signed off his letter with the “You Money Grubbing Asshole,” epithet that Wilpon deserves.

[Queens Courier]


Dusty Baker Trades Reds In for a Winner

Dusty Baker has had some big league success, taking the Cubs and Giants to NLCS in back-to-back years, although along the way he destroyed the careers and arms of Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. Since then he’s been a truly AWFUL analyst on ESPN and because of that is forced to manage the Cincinnati Reds. Tired already of losing and having little hope for the future, this weekend Baker has decided to change teams and start working with a winner again.

Darren Baker, Dusty’s 9 year old son is on an under-10 Little League team called the imposing Hard 90 Pastimes who are in San Francisco for a tournament and their normal coach was unable to be there. So, after a little cajoling from Darren, Dusty agreed to take the job, much to the joy of his son, “I’m very excited because it was his dream to always coach me,” Darren said.

While Darren is excited, if I were the parent of one of the pitchers on that team I would be TERRIFIED. Is it possible for 9 year olds to blow out their elbows? Does anyone doubt whether Dusty will try and find out? I have to imagine that after this tournament the entire pitching staff will head en mass to visit Dr. Andrews. Regardless, the Little League team will go into the offseason with a better chance of winning the World Series than the Reds. No word as yet as to Dusty signing Corey Patterson to fill in in center field.


A Boy Who Loves to Play Baseball

Here is the story of Adam Bender, he’s 8 years old and plays catcher on his Little League team in Kentucky. When he was 1 years old his leg was amputated due to cancer, he doesn’t use a prosthesis and only uses his crutches when he’s on base. He also over the weekend got a chance to meet a bunch of the Reds at their stadium and throw out the first pitch, a week after he got to hang out with the White Sox. Excuse me for a minute the room just got really dusty…


MLB Wants Your Lunch Money Too

Baseball is awesome, we’re agreed on this. However, MLB: you need to stop being a giant douchebag of a corporation. The latest example is a Little League in Tinley Park, Illinois that was recently sent a cease-and-desist letter threatening a lawsuit if the league didn’t remove all MLB team names from the uniforms of the kids. It seems that for MLB, the fact that these freeloading little kids wanted to have their team names be things like the Phillies or the Cubs is absolutely ridiculous. They should be paying MLB thousands of dollars instead, obviously!

For Dave Glenn, the man responsible for making the Tinley Park uniforms, this whole situation is ludicrous. “Does a league have a right to name a local team? Baseball is saying no. That’s flying in the face of 100 years of tradition. I go out of my way to make sure we use town names, so we make it clear this isn’t a major league jersey. Now we’re told we can’t even do that. What it boils down to is the interpretation of the trademark.”

In 1992 MLB as an enterprise made approximately $1.2 billion in profits, last year they made over $6 billion, so I can certainly understand the absolutely inherent need for such lucrative moneymaking machines like Little League to start paying thousands and thousands of dollars for licensing fees. I mean, Bud Selig did only make $14.5 million last year and he probably is in the midst of a making a certain part of his body something respectable, and that kind of work simply doesn’t come cheap.

“Soon it will be THIS big!”

TThere is simply no way that Bud can be kept in all his various pills and prescriptions unless these dastardly thieving little piss-ants are crushed. After all, who needs little kids to like baseball? I mean why would MLB want to attract little kids to become life-long fans of the game? That seems like a poor waste of resources. It seems like MLB is going out of their way to push kids away from the game and towards the NFL. All the playoff games go super late now, often not ending before midnight, during the week, which means that most kids can’t stay up and see them, thus taking the games that are on the biggest stage and making them completely inaccessible to the youngest subset of fans.

But who needs little kids? After all, MLB has record attendance figures, people aren’t staying away from the game, so to MLB the chance to screw some small-town folk is just a fine way to spend an afternoon. For the kids of Tinley Park though, now they can’t go up to bat pretending to be Derrek Lee or Carlos Quentin. They can’t stare down from the mound channeling their inner Cole Hamels or Jamie Moyer (god I hope little kids pretend to be Jamie Moyer). When they make a great diving stop they can’t imagine that for a moment they know what it feels like to be Asdrubal Cabrera.

A solution may have been found, according to Steve Bowles, the league president, “We can’t have a (Major League) team name or logo on the uniform unless we buy it from Majestic. When we did a cost comparison of what we had versus that, we can’t do it for the same price. We were going to look at college names, because the licensing [cost] is different. We looked at names like the Fighting Irish and the Trojans, etc. About a third of the parents really didn’t mind the college names.”

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For One Day It Was the Big Leagues

My friends over at Improv Everywhere just released their latest prank, turning an otherwise ordinary Little League game in Hermosa Beach, California into the biggest game of the year. With printed programs, shirtless painted fans and a jumbotron showing replays and commentary by Jim Gray this prank was totally thought out and well planned. They pulled out all the stops for this one including mascots and even the Goodyear blimp. For these kids who were playing the game it had to be simply the coolest moment of their entire lives. I’m jealous. Check out the full prank with videos and such here.

I’m normally only shirtless at a Little League game when I have been drinking since early in the morning, so these guys MUST be big fans.

Go Mudcats!

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