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2 More Seasons!

gqfeature3hSome days are harder to get through than others, but today is a good day. That’s because the best show that none of you are watching is coming back, for at least two more seasons! That’s right, Variety is reporting that Friday Night Lights will be back for 2 more seasons of 13 episodes each, with DirectTV broadcasting the season first and then NBC broadcasting the episodes in January. I CANNOT WAIT! Season 3 has been phenomenal and returns right back to the magic of season 1 which was as near to perfection as broadcast TV gets. If you aren’t watching FNL get on it right now, you can watch full episodes on, so GET ON IT, trust me, once you start watching this show you will be hooked. Everyone I have turned onto it has become a full-fledged fan. Hell, send me an email and I’ll burn you some episodes, you MUST start watching this show. Oh yeah, and in addition to the excellent writing, the fantastic performances of Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler and the natural shooting style of the show, there is also that added bonus of the ridiculously hot talents of Minka Kelly, Adrian Palicki and Amy Teagarden. So set your DVRs.



Friday Night Lights Cuts Street and Smash

Friday Night Lights had one of the greatest first seasons in television. The show was awesome, every episode felt real and earned, and other than that every time the team won they did so in incredible fashion, it had nearly no flaws. The second season was a disappointment, with NBC execs meddling and trying to change the show into some Gossip Girl shlock that simply didn’t fit with the show’s vibe. Fortunately the show was saved, and will return for a 3rd season in the fall and until it proves it no longer is good, I am counting on you out there to watch it, so that I may continue watching it.

Alas, according to Entertainment Weekly, the show will be returning without two of it’s stars and more compelling characters, Jason Street and Smash Williams. Street was the star quarterback who was paralyzed in the first episode and Smash was the star, cocky running back. Sure, Tim Riggins will return to drink and chase chicks, and for that I am thankful, but the loss of Jason Street, whose subplot was one of the most compelling on the show, and the large personality of Smash will be sorely missed. Both characters will apparently be given 4 episode arcs to close their stories which is nice, but means that the show better find some suitable replacements. I just hope they don’t do some stupid casting and just remake the characters with new younger actors.

Season 3 will be on a short leash for me, if the show returns to it’s beginnings and takes away the teeny-bopper crap, then it should be just as good as ever, after all, all the Taylors are returning…

Also fortunate, the show is retaining it’s most important assets, the fine trio of Amy Teagarden, Minka Kelly and Adrian Palicki:

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