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Getafe and Creepily BK Team Up

bkdirectionsWe already have seen the creative advertising campaigns for Spanish soccer club, Getafe, thanks to a partnership with Burger King, the team will also have some creativity on the field.

As part of their scary ad campaign using the BK King, next season’s Getafe uniforms will feature a BK logo on the outside of the shirt. The really innovative part though is on the INSIDE of the new uniforms where a picture of “The King” will be, upside down!

Now, when a Getafe player scores and pulls his shirt over his head to celebrate, as many soccer players do, the King’s face will be right-side up for the cameras.

Concerned that soccer players may not be smart enough to figure out how to properly show off the King, the shirt comes with instructions. The only potential problem here is that Getafe just barely avoided relegation and are not known for their goal-scoring prowess so there may be limited opportunites to show this off.




Hey Stephon, Whatcha Smokin’?

Anxious to have an NBA team sign him, the Summer of Insanity tour, brought to you by Stephon Marbury just keeps cruising along. Here is Stephon in his ride going One Toke Over the Line.

It’s a shame the Jailblazers don’t exist anymore, he’d fit in perfectly. Maybe too perfectly…


AHH! Where’d Her Body Go?

 Sure the World Synchronized Swimming Championships are now long over — taking place in Rome from July 17-August 2 — but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some photographs of the event right?


If you can’t enjoy headless torsos writhing around in water then I simply don’t understand you.

[NY Post]


Two Words You Never Want to Hear: Bleeding Testicle

Beltre14_173801gm-aAdrian Beltre is in his free agent year and his expected contract push was just starting to heat up when his season was tragically derailed. In Wednesday’s game against the White Sox, Beltre took a one-hopper straight into his junk.

Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu after the game told reporters that Beltre is out indefinitely and may require surgery due to BLEEDING inside his testicle.



Beltre was “walking stiffly with his legs far apart” before yesterday’s game with the Yankees, which he obviously didn’t participate in.

“[The trainers] don’t want him doing anything, just sitting and resting and icing,” Wakamatsu said, “They say if it’s a major surgery it could be at least a month, maybe more, so there’s a chance of that. … It’s healing already, it’s just a matter of whether they’re going to have to go in and fix it surgically. We’ll know shortly.”

Beltre told reporters in 2008 that he doesn’t wear a protective cup when he plays. “I hear that a lot, that I’m crazy, stupid. [The other players] might be right. There is some stupidity to it.”

And now he has a bleeding testicle. Ow. OW OW OW OW OW OW.

[Fox Sports]


Public Enemy #1 is CAPTURED!

beer_throw4500thisAt last, we can sleep peacefully now, thanks to an active campaign to track him down, the dastardly Chicago Beer-Tosser has been CAPTURED!

After Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino pressed charges for getting a beer tossed on him from a previously anonymous Cubs fan, the media blitz was ON to find the culprit.

Johnny Macchione, the fan in question, turned himself in yesterday to Chicago police where he was booked and released on bond after being charged with a count of battery and a count of illegal conduct within a sports facility. He’s now the second-most infamous Cubs fan.

“I’d like to apologize to Shane Victorino. It really was nothing against him,” he said. “The Chicago Cubs, I’m sorry I disgraced you.”

Wow, disgracing the Cubs is a hard task, and yet, Johnny feels he did. And in some ways he has, in others he merely threw a beer on someone in a cowardly manner. As Victorino was saying yesterday, “[The fan] i’s probably at home thinking, ‘I got away with it.’ I hope he gets the understanding, hey, you can’t do stuff like that. I mean, if it happened in the streets, I don’t think you’d be walking too far (without a reprisal). It’s just not something you do.”

[Chicago Breaking News]


He’s Like the Town Bicycle…

quentinrichardson_jpg_w300h334This summer’s biggest moving piece in the NBA has clearly been Quentin Richardson, who yesterday was traded for the 4th time, THIS SUMMER.

Bringing with him an expiring $9.35 million contract and little else, Quentin began his magical mystery tour when the Knicks traded him to the Memphis Grizzlies on draft night. Then the Grizzlies traded him to the Clippers.  That marriage didn’t last too long as the Clippers about 20 days later traded him to the Timberwolves. I hope Quentin didn’t start house-hunting yet though, because 24 days after being traded to the hinterlands of Minnesota he’s on the move again, this time to Miami.

“We are very excited to add Quentin Richardson,” Heat president Pat Riley told the AP. “Over the course of his career, he has proven to be a fierce competitor, a great locker room presence and a very prolific 3-point shooter who may be one of the strongest perimeter players in the NBA. We feel that he will be able to match-up well against the top scorers in the league.”

We’ll see. Judging by the way things have been going this summer, and the attractiveness of his expiring contract, it wouldn’t be crazy to see Quentin get traded at least one more time during this upcoming season.



I Don’t See Kevin Bacon Anywhere…

The makers of this video claim that it’s the first ever 720 dunk, clearly they have never seen me play NBA Jam. This is Taurian Fontenette, nicknamed “The Air Up There” playing in an And1 game and throwing down the aforementioned 720. Not too shabby.

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