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You’re Supposed to Yell “Fore”

Here is Sergio Garcia teeing off at the Bridgestone Invitational and slamming one off the dome of a spectator. I’d feel bad for the spectator but he CHOSE to go watch golfers in person, he already has mental problems.

Sergio was nice enough to shake hands with the man and give him an autographed ball. Almost worth it. No, not really.


Rumble Strips to Ruin Road Race?

Nevada_rumble_stripsIf you’re a small town in the middle of the Nevada desert whose sole claim to fame is a road race determined by Guinness World Records as the “world’s fastest road race,” maybe altering the road isn’t such a great idea.

In an effort to prevent “run-off fatalities,” the Nevada Department of Transportation intends to place rumble strips on a stretch of State Route 318 in between Lund and Hiko. Sure, like saving lives is worthwhile or important…

The problem is that the Silver State Classic Challenge, a road race where the participants are given the “opportunity to go as fast as [they] want on a stretch of Nevada public highway,” takes place on that self-same 90 mile stretch of highway. The local politicians are understandably reticent, not wanting to lose out on that sweet racing money that comes in twice a year (in Ely,  the town pulled in a cool $1.5 million from the race alone.)

The mayor of Ely, Nevada, Jon Hickman, recently told a local newspaper that the rumble strips would pose a safety hazard for drivers traveling up to 200 mph because ‘they’re designed for somebody who is going 70 miles per hour. If (racers) hit the strips it would throw them off a bit,’

The SSCC has been held twice a year ever since 1988 with the next one scheduled to take place on September 17-20. That means there’s still plenty of time for you to make your way there and get in the race.

[Failure Mag]


The Giants Fail at Bobbleheads


Bobblehead promotions are one of the easiest ways to entice fans to come to the ballpark; after all, who doesn’t love free collectibles of their favorite players? Unlike the Cleveland Indians who know how to make the coolest and most interesting bobbleheads (here, here and here), the San Francisco Giants marketing staff has some work to do. That is, unless you’re some HUGE Jon Miller fan…

I know I’ve been waiting my WHOLE life for the chance to have Miller’s bobbing Hawaiian-shirted visage grace my home. And look at that smile! Now isn’t that precisely what you want staring at you as you doze off to sleep at night?

I thought promotions were something you were supposed to get you to WANT to go to the game…Do not WANT.

[San Francisco Giants]


Do The Jockeys Get to Ride the Cougars?

news-cougar1_t350As part of the advertisement campaign for the Cougar II Handicap Race at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, the always innovative race track held a Miss Cougar 2009 contest. Because just because you’re at the race track on a Wednesday doesn’t mean you can’t try and meet some mature ladies!

Last year’s race had a mere 9,213 fans in attendance but thanks to the promotion — and free admission and half-price concessions — this year’s tilt had 13,245 fans.

Among the fans in the grandstand were

Tom Wold, 29, of San Diego [who] arrived with four friends he had e-mailed about the contest. ‘I said, let’s round up all my under-30 friends and let’s get over here,’ he said, holding up his beer. ‘We want to meet the winners and console the losers.’

Rosie Goldstein, (above right) a real estate broker from Tierrasanta took home the crown and title of Miss Cougar 2009, earning a free day at the races for her and three friends. What a lame prize! For Goldstein, who describes herself as “in her 40s,” this contest was very important, after all, she defines a cougar as “a woman who’s independent, in control and not afraid to take chances.”

“I hold my head up proud,” said Goldstein, “I have never felt more beautiful than this year.”

[Sign On San Diego]

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