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Reggie Answers Back to Jealous Fly-By

Yesterday we mentioned Reggie Miller getting called out via plane banner by Alex Von Furstenberg for hitting on AVF’s fiancee, Ali Kay. Today, Reggie is getting his side of the story out. TMZ, the epic smut-dealers of society have obtained from Reggie(?) two flirtatious photos that Kay sent the former basketball star, one of her in bed and another of her in a bikini. Sassy!


According to Miller, the two began a flirtatious relationship in March, with theoretically nothing consumated. Reggie also insists that he ended the flirty texting by deleting her from his phone in April, because that sounds like something a normal dude would do, delete a ridiculously hot girl from your phone just cuz… Reggie’s version also has ALI reinstigating contact and wondering why he dropped off, which led to AVF getting jealous and angry, becoming threatening and then hiring people to follow Miller.

Being rich is tough.

That said, this Ali Kay girl is super hot but she better be worth all this fervor AVF, otherwise you just made a giant asshole out of yourself.



Those Trojans are Fabulous Fellows

Last year we saw Pete Carroll and his USC Trojans team hanging out with their shirts off and lots of embracing. I thought that was a bit, hmm, homoerotic? Well, this clip of the Trojans getting together and singing “Lean on Me” while Carroll accompanies on the piano tops that by about a thousand.

And just because the team was doing this as hazing for a freshman doesn’t make it better or OK.

[With Leather]


Kenny Williams, Pay the Man

duvw7zzdFresh off bailing the Toronto Blue Jays out by taking the horrible contract of Alex Rios off their hands, the city of Seattle noticed White Sox GM Kenny Williams walking around and figured since he was so generous why not help out the city budget some too. In Seattle to see his team take on the Mariners, Williams was nabbed by the police for the horrible crime of jaywalking outside the stadium, something they also nailed Manny Ramirez for last season.

Exiting a cab and heading towards the stadium, Kenny crossed the street without using the crosswalk. Williams informed the officer who stopped him that in Chicago people cross the streets everywhere, not just at the crosswalks. The officer informed him that’s not how things are done in Seattle, handing him a $56 ticket and sending him on his way.

[Seattle Times via Deadspin]


So, Now You Know About A-Rod’s Junk

Twins Yankees BaseballFrom the NY Post’s incredibly old and irrelevant gossip mongerer Cindy Adams comes this tidbit:

SO, these friends were at the bar in The Foundry in the Meatpacking District. Professional womanizer Alex Rodriguez, who now and then squeezes in a few hours with the Yankees, arrives with his newest temp — Kate Hudson. A quickie bar pit stop, then to their table, a butter pat away from my friends who also by now were seated. One of these friends had to use the men’s room. And while he’s in the gents’, in comes A-Rod. Now, having seen Alex up close, I can tell you exactly about his face. Never having shared a urinal with him, I cannot tell you about his other varying parts. I am now told, however — and reliably so — that there are reasons he scores big in RBIs.

Ugh. I can’t wait for herpes to rot his junk away.

[NY Post]


Ooh! More Car Crashes!

I could never sit through a full NASCAR race, I’ve tried, I just value my brain too much to put it through such an awful experience. However, I can ALWAYS enjoy a short video clip of a big crash. After all, it’s just human nature to want to watch a near-disaster happen. Here’s Sam Hornish Jr. — whoever that is — getting run into the same tire wall that we saw yesterday and then get slammed into by Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton as Hornish comes across the track. Neat!

Everyone walked away from the crash without injury. Sigh.


Bernard Pollard Has One Skill

BradyStill in the first quarter of the first game, the New England Patriots’ season came tumbling down after Kansas City’s Bernard Pollard came in on a blitz and exploded Brady’s left knee by running into it. Matt Cassel stepped in and ably guided the Patriots, but obviously was  not on the level of Brady.

Well, Bernard is BACK in action in the Chiefs training camp activities and courtesy of Sports Illustrated’s Peter King comes this story. Normally, during training camp the quarterbacks wear red non-contact jerseys. Well, just as it happened last season, Pollard came in on a blitz and the running back who was supposed to block him gave an ole-style hit instead. Going low to take on the block, Pollard instead — just as it happened with Brady — stumbled and came crashing towards Cassel’s knee.

“MOVE!” Pollard yelled, but it was too late. He rolled into Cassel, the Chiefs’ new $63 million QB and his left leg. Fortunately for the Chiefs, Pollard was able to slow himself and merely tapped his QB’s knee. Cassel was fine, he flexed the leg a few times and then got back to business, after some of his offensive mates gave Pollard some shoves.

“Pretty weird,” a smiling Cassel told King, “Yeah, I realized it.”

When King approached Pollard about the play, the safety said, “I got to the sidelines after that play and I realized what happened, and I thought, — OH MY GOD! It’s like a replay.”

Sigh. I dislike Bernard.

[Monday Morning Quarterback, Sports Illustrated]


Nice Fish!

Record Trout
Caught July 29, by Michelle V. Larsen-Williams of Pingree, Idaho, this rainbow trout is a record, coming in at 34.25 inches long, with a girth of 22.25 inches and weighing just more than 20 pounds. Dinner is served.



Tulo Adds the Cycle to His Resume

rockies15In 1933 Major League Baseball saw 8 cycles happen. This season there have already been 6 which anecdotally seems like the most in recent years. It turns out though that 2000, 2001, 2006 each saw 5 cycles happen and 2004 had 6 cycles in a season, so this year, in fact,  isn’t that abnormal. It sure FEELS like there are a lot more cycles this year though with Troy Tulowitzki pulling off the feat last night thanks to a VERY generous decision from the hometown Coors Field scorer. Thus making 2009 the 4th season to feature 6 cycles in a year.

After rocketing a line drive down the third-base line, Alfonso Soriano booted fielding the ball initially, combine that with an AWFUL relay that ended up skipping past third and going to home instead, Tulo chugged into third, awarded with a “hit.”

The coolest thing about his cycle is that Tulo is now the second player in MLB history to have an unassisted triple play and a cycle, joining former Red Sox player John Valentin in the exclusive club. Not too shabby for a player in just his 3rd season. Methinks we’ll see a lot more record book performances out of young master Tulowitzki before he finally hangs ’em up.


Ecstasy and Steroid Dealing, Body Burning Swim Coach Can’t Catch a Break


Canadian swimming coach Cecil Russell has had a long circuitous route towards being reinstated by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. Unfortunately, Russell’s latest appeal was denied, with an adjudicator upholding the lifetime ban that Russell received in 1997 for being involved in a steroid trafficking ring.

In 1999, Russell applied for reinstatement for the first time. He was denied. A year later Russell became involved in another drug smuggling ring, getting arrested and spending 4 years in a Spanish prison for his part in an ecstasy ring.

Despite his misdeeds, there has been no evidence that Russell ever gave ANY of his swimmers drugs.

That said, Russell has also admitted during the murder trial of a former “associate” that he helped burn and dispose the body. Which makes him a VERY versatile swimming coach. That doesn’t seem to bother the Canadians though, who are instead much more concerned with the fact that Russell has been working as a “personal trainer” at the Dolphins Swim Club in Ontario.

Under his ban, Russell is not allowed to do that. Paul Melia, president and CEO of the CCES feels very strongly about this:

“I continue to wonder what parents are thinking when they knowingly disregard the ban imposed on Mr. Russell and expose their children to this potential harm. I have to ask myself whether for some parents chasing success is more important than playing by the rules?”

HE CHOPPED UP A BODY AND BURNED IT and your concern is that he’s breaking some SWIMMING rules?!!!!? I am flabbergasted.

In denying his latest reinstatement bid, adjudicator Graeme Mew wrote in his decision that:

This is not a decision about whether or not Mr. Russell is a good coach. Rather, I have to decide whether there are ‘exceptional circumstances’ which warrant his reinstatement. In my opinion, the sands having shifted since more evidence has emerged, Mr. Russell has failed, on a balance of probabilities, to discharge his onus of establishing that the conditions for reinstatement are met at this time.

[Ottawa Citizen]


I’ve Got a Fast Boat

Boat drag racing is totally bizarre and totally awesome. Souped up nitrous powered boats? Yes, please!

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