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Nats Ballgirl Remains Immune to Win Streak

The Nationals are in the midst of a 8 game win streak, which coincides nicely with my Red Sox precipitious drop to mediocrity over the last week. Fortunately, as good as the players have been on the field, the ball girls haven’t transitioned to become all-stars too.

I definitely appreciate someone who can laugh at themselves though. Which, I’d imagine is a pretty important part of being a Nationals fan in the first place. Also, I want to be the ball-boy (girl) at the park, that seems like great fun.

[Barstool Sports]


The Terrorists Have Won (the Right to Maintain Sand Traps)

Bermuda Guantanamo DetaineesAfter 7 years of captivity, in early June, four members of China’s Muslim Uighur minority were released from Guantanamo Bay to luxurious Bermuda. They were resettled on the pink sandy shores of Bermuda because US law forbids returning prisoners to their home country if they are likely to be tortured, as these men certainly would be if remanded to China, despite US evidence showing them innocent of any crime — which didn’t stop the US from holding them…

Initially, the biggest concern for the men was finding a job, but that problem is solved. They’ve been hired on to replace some Filipino workers who suddenly left their job on the grounds-crew staff for the plush Port Royale Golf Course, home to the PGA’s Grand Slam of Golf tournament.

Wendall Brown, chairman of the board of trustees for Bermuda’s public golf courses, said that, “They have been offered a temporary position at Port Royal until the Grand Slam. There are still special projects that we need to do like cleaning up and beautifying the course … All four of them have been given a job there. It’s on a temporary basis. Two of them speak fairly good English.”

While the men hope to settle permanently on the island and raise families, the British and US governments remain in conversations regarding these mens’ futures.

[Yahoo! via Sports by Brooks]


The Spanish Like Their Soccer Teams

Spanish La Liga team Getafe FC just barely escaped relegation last season thanks to goal differential, and are essentially the San Diego Padres of Spanish soccer. While the product on the field may not measure up, the marketing staff is doing yeoman’s work coming out with some bat-shit crazy ads. I don’t speak Spanish, but I don’t need to to appreciate the insanity that is these ads.

For instance, there is this one, featuring some iconic (Christian) religious icons and ends with the classic tagline, “my team comes first.” Take that Yahweh and Jesus! Sure burning at the stake might have been bad for Joan of Arc, but think of the joy of rooting on a miserable soccer team! If Jesus were alive today he’d prefer you root for Getafe after all…

If that’s not enough, how about a man birthing an egg out of which comes a midget who yells, “DONDE!” Classic advertising technique…

Wouldn’t you love to see the Bengals whip out a similar campaign?

[The Sporting News]


Hossa Finally Takes Home Lord Stanley

ept_sports_nhl_experts-471585112-1249761449Attending the Golden Puck Awards in Slovakia, newly-minted Chicago Blackhawk, Marian Hossa, was in attendance to receive the award for best forward. Along with his trophy, Hossa — who left the Pittsburgh Penguins after last year’s Stanley Cup loss to try and win one with Detroit instead (this year’s losers to the Penguins) — was given a goat named Stanley as a joke on his poor decision-making. Since the Slovokian word for goat is “cap”, he won the Stanley Cap! Finally!

You did it Marian!

[Puck Daddy]


To the Windows! To the WALL!

We all know by now that I don’t care a whit about NASCAR, and if you don’t know that, know it now. That said, I can appreciate a good crash like any other honkey out there. Here’s Jason Leffler out at Watkins Glen blowing through turn 9 and putting himself into the wall.

I once crashed a car like that too…


Three Cheers for the Cheerleaders

Football training camps are in full swing and you know what that means, no not football games starting soon, something WAY more important; the teams’ cheerleaders are putting out their newest calendars! Thank GOD! My parents went on vacation a few years ago and brought me back a signed copy of the St. Louis Rams cheerleaders calendar and it remains a precious memento. Every year these various teams of talented ladies put out helpful calendars that let you know EXACTLY what month it is in just a glance.

So, it was with much ado and pomp that the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, with some help from rapper T-Pain, released their latest calendar venture. God bless America!


[Bitten and Bound]


Is it Hot in Here or is it Me?

ALeqM5hIiGjXo8B__pWbF2p924_w_6My_AFinland, known for it’s wife-carrying and ice-swimming competitions has, since 1999, held the World Sauna Championships wherein competitors are challenged to stay in a sauna heated to 230 degrees for as long as possible.

Drawing in 150 competitors from over 20 countries, the championship was taken this year by Finland’s own, Timo Kaukonen, who withstood the heat of the sauna for 3 minutes 46 seconds. The second place finisher, Ilkka Poeyhiae lost by 2 seconds. That HAS to burn his ass.

The initial idea for the event came when a group of men frightened other patrons at a Heinola swimming hall when they threw so much water on the sauna’s stove that it became piping hot.

“This is a wrong way to go to sauna, this is not about relaxing, this is competition,” Ossi Arvela, the head of the competition, told reporters.

[Fiji Live]

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