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World’s Best Waterslide

I don’t have any idea for certain that this is real. What I do know is that it is super dope. I’m simultaneously jealous and hopeful that no one ever makes me do this. If this is real, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

[Barstool Sports]


The LFL is Sure to Delight

46612138Sure, the NFL season is getting underway with training camps in full swing. Starting Sunday there will be preseason football being played, but why care about that when there’s an unpstart new football league to follow. No, not the UFL, which will prove to have the same shelf-life as the XFL or USFL, I’m talking about the Lingerie Football League. The season starts up in September and should serve to push the women’s movement ahead lightyears.

Here are some photos from some recent practices for the Miami Caliente and the New York Majesty, enjoy!

[Fox 13]


This Race Sounds Like Fun

Winning the Tour de France earns you something in the area of 3/4 of a million Euros plus the respect of European cycling fans — something you obviously CAN’T put a price on. Winning the Single Speed World Championship doesn’t come with the same kind of prize.

Started probably in 1995, the SSWC is a mountain-bike race where all the competitors tackle a daunting course with just one gear on their bikes. Featuring a myriad of interesting characters in the race, the winner doesn’t take home a yellow jersey or a trophy, instead the winner gets a MANDATORY tattoo — where is up to you.

sswc-3Where the Tour de France has rigorous drug-testing, the SSWC considers you like a doper if you’re NOT hung-over during the race. And forget those classy lycra bike uniforms with sponsors names all over them, at the SSWC ridiculous costumes and outfits are de rigueur.  Think frilly dresses, neon unitards, Helga wigs, fishnets, feather boas, and faux fur, and that’s just on the dudes. The big prize for the participants, besides bragging rights, was a bottle opener with their placement number on it, but only for the first 150 of the 350 participants. SWEET!

Don’t worry, the participants aren’t the only ones in ridiculous outfits, with rambunctious (hard-partying) fans lining the course and celebrating the rides as they roll by.

The 2008 race was in Napa, California, the 2009 one will be in September in Durango, New Zealand. Start your training now!

[Outside and SSWC09]


Smoke Weed Every Day

charles-rogersThe biggest joke of the NFL draft every year is when are the Lions going to take ANOTHER wide-receiver. After taking one with their first pick multiple years in a year, much to the detriment of the team, the Lions finished last season as the worst team in NFL history. Success!

One of the biggest bust picks for them was Charles Johnson, a receiver out of Michigan State who was supposed to help stretch the field and be a dynamic play-maker. Instead, he corraled 36 passes for 440 yards and a mere 4 TDs over three seasons, taking nearly as many trips to the Injured Reserve list as to the end-zone.

One of reasons Rogers never lived up to the hype of being the number 2 overall selection? In an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines Rogers admitted that he used to smoke weed “every day.”

Since the Lions dropped him like a bad habit, Rogers has had various legal problems, and is yet to find another NFL team willing to take a chance on him.

Considering that EVERY SINGLE YEAR he was in college he FAILED a drug test, I for one, am SHOCKED by this revelation. Having signed a 6-year contract when he was drafted, including $14.2 million in guranteed bonuses ($8.5 million of which he was forced to pay back to the team), that can definitely buy you more than a couple ounces of some fine-ass hydro…

I mean, I’ve heard…

[Detroit Free-Press]

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