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HulkaMania Reaches Into the World of Property Taxes

Germain Arena, in Estero, Florida was home to a teeming crowd of 100 people who turned out this past Saturday to see Terry “Hulk Hogan,” Bollea talk about a subject he knows all too well, the high cost of property taxes.

“Times are tough, man – for me, too,” he said. “It’s been a tough couple of years for me, and now I’m dog-paddling back on my feet.”

Through his divorce which was finalized in late July, Hogan became acquainted with the issue.

“I had no idea how bad it was,” he said. “I have no home right now, but I’m going to buy another one when I get back on my feet. That’s what this event is all about. Putting a little money back into people’s pockets.”

At no point did Hulk tear off his shirt and rip it into shreds.

Appearing as a spokesman for a, a site where for the mere pittance of $995 they will appeal the property taxes currently being levied against you. Never one to mince words, Hogan described the site’s actions as “It’s kind of like what (President) Obama wanted to do but couldn’t get done,” he said — SCATHING political commentary.

“We’re all in the same boat,” Bollea said. “No one is immune to this. The economy keeps going down, and it’s up to us to be champions . . . and keep getting up. It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many time you get back on your feet.”

If you can’t trust a down-on-his-luck aging wrestler then I just don’t know WHAT to think…

[Naples News]


World Dwarf Games? You Got My Attention

Stretching from July 26th to August 2nd, Belfast, Ireland saw an influx of athletes entering the city. The residents would be forgiven if they didn’t automatically look upon the athletes for their skill, after all, it’s not often that a city sees an influx of hundreds of dwarves all at once.

With hundreds of competitors, from over 20 countries and ranging in age from 2-70, the 5th annual games — held every 4th year in a different locale — were a huge success. Among the events included in the games were track and field stapels like the 10, 20, 40, 60 and 100 meter track races, the tennis ball throw, Frisbee throw, cricket ball throw, shot, discus and javelin. The fun didn’t end at the track though, among the other events there were football, basketball and even that CLASSIC Summer Olympics game, hockey.

Now, I’m not the greatest athlete, but I can at least hold my own in pretty much any game. That said, I think I might get housed by these athletes.

Except the 2 year old, I’d totally CRUSH that kid.


[The Chive and Belfast 2009] H/t Barstool Sports


Rodney King Finally Going to Kick a COP’S Ass

rodneykingA mere 17 years after he was brutally — and unfairly — beaten by some Los Angeles police officers, leading to near-catastrophic riots in LA, Rodney King is ready for revenge. As part of a charity boxing tournament, he will finally get a chance to fight back against the police, taking on a Philadelphia cop.

Fresh off stints on VH1’s “Sober Living” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” King is primed to make this fight count, insisting it will be totally legit.

“I take this very seriously,” King stated in a press release. “Never felt better — physically and in the mind.”

“I know some people will see the irony here . . . But I would have fought anyone who was worthy.”

I think the more accurate statement is “I would have fought anyone, so long as I was getting paid.” but either way, Rodney gets to finally take a swing BACK at a cop and I for one am only sad it took 17 years.

Simon Aouad, the police officer King will be up against is no angel himself. Arrested in 2006 and charged with drug possession, delivery and paraphernalia, Aouad had attracted attention when an intruder tried to break in and Aouad chased him away with multiple gunshot. This way the crowd won’t feel bad rooting against a hometown cop, I like it, smart move by whoever organized this thing.

The fight will be on September 12, in Philadelphia and also on the card will be Scott Cummings whose sole claim to celebrity is that at different points he was the bodyguard for Michael Jackson and Donald Trump. Now THAT’s a resume!

[Calgary Herald]

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