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Mark Madsen, Would-Be Internet Mogul

marksits_16Professional towel-waver, bench-warmer and occasional basketball player, Mark Madsen has a lot of free time on his hands. Especially when he doesn’t have to worry about playing in those pesky NBA games and so he has taken the opportunity to become something of an Internet entrepreneur by buying up various domain names.

For instance, he recently purchased the domain name on eBay for $111,000. Unfortunately, it turns out the person he bought the domain from DIDN’T ACTUALLY OWN IT. OOOPS!

Using his eBay name thecollins2 and his self-started company, Woodside Technology Group, Madsen has bought and sold a number of domains, even getting involved on a message-board where domain name investors congregate. In July, 2006 he sold, as well as trying to sell, and Last year, he waded deep into the world of Canadian domain registration, with such winners as,, and, obviously,, reaping $21,000 from the sales.




Don’t Forget the Barbeque Sauce

Delonte West is a marginally decent NBA player on the Cleveland Cavaliers and here is a lengthy, but worth-it video of him while waiting over 18 minutes in the drive-thru line for his KFC. I don’t know who Delonte’s buddy is, but he is a GREAT hype man, he’s on POINT with Delonte, anticipating his rhymes and just killing it. That’s a true friend.

The best part is that they are waiting on Delonte’s cousin who is supposed to be making them the chicken. Good to see that he’s taking his conditioning serious in the offseason…

Also, nice KFC aprons…


Pistons Rookie Takes on Porn Star in Epic Battle

summersluxeDrafted 35th overall by the Detroit Pistons in this year’s NBA Draft, DaJuan Summers is a 6’8″ small forward who is spending the summer getting ready for his first foray into professional sports. Following in the footsteps of such other NBA Twitterati like Shaq, Summers has begun a race with a friend of his to see who can get 4,000 followers first. Not quite Ashton Kutcher’s race to a million against CNN, but then, Summers isn’t competing with a media giant, he’s competing with a porn star, Valerie Luxe.

According to her bio on Bangbrosnetwork, Valerie

has long awesome legs that leads to a full round glorious ass. She has a goddess like body that demands attention. As a radiant woman her presence is powerful and all eyers are on her. That freckled body of hers, those effulgent eyes, and full lips are irresistible.

I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d see “effulgent” on a porno site, but I appreciate it nonetheless…

dajuansummersThe stakes between these two twitter-fiends could be a bit more interesting, considering their occupations but, so it goes. If Summers wins, they go to a water park together, and if Luxe wins, he’ll take her out to dinner and give her an “amazing massage.” Seems like really, either way he wins.

I just hope his basketball career goes well, because he can’t spell for shit.

If you’re so inclined to pick sides, or just want to see everyone happy, you can subscribe to Summers’ twitter feed here, or Luxe’s here.

[Detroit 4 Lyfe via Sports by Brooks]


When Do I Get to Retire to Stud?

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum has many investments around the globe, perhaps none as interesting as his 2001 purchase of the Jonabell farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Renamed Darley Farms, the horse-breeding operation is one of many owned by the Sheikh in 6 different countries.  A rabid horse-racing fan, the Sheikh uses Darley as both a stud-farm to other horse-owners and to breed his own thouroughbreds with an eye towards winning the Kentucky Derby.

Commanding anywhere between $7,500 and $150,000 for every successful “session,” the 17 studs regularly “work” 3 times a day with a goal of impregnating 2,000 mares a year. Among the stallions in residence are Holy Bull, ranked 64th out of the top 100 horses of the 20th century, 2005 Preakness winner Bernardini, and 2007 Kentucky Derby winner Street Sense. As well, Affirmed, the 1978 Triple Crown winner, is buried on the grounds of Darley — standing UP under a statue honoring him.

Not a bad life it seems for these stallions — most of whom raced under a dozen times for their careers — that now get to hang out, have sex three times a day and otherwise are totally pampered and have nothing else to do. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Every morning at Darley Farms they pressure wash the mating barn, prior to readying the room for the veterinarian and setting up video cameras to record the magic. No outside photography is permitted because apparently the Sheikh is the only one who gets to enjoy horse porn. There are also daily tours available for those interested.

I highly HIGHLY encourage you to check out the full gallery and story at Wired, the pictures are great, the captions informative and, hey, who doesn’t like hearing about some horse-on-horse action?

[Wired via]


WTF is Right

I don’t have any idea what’s going on in this video, sent to me by the ever loyal the roomate, but it’s amusing and weird. Then again, I would expect nothing less from the Japanese, a people who think eating RAW fish is a good idea…

[Picture is Unrelated]


What, No More Football Phones?

madden-10-cover-368x500Having spent several years working in the magazine industry I can tell you with confidence that the world of subscription print media is crumbling. In order to try and retain subscribers — and draw in new ones — magazines need to get more creative. So, instead of giving away a crappy fleece blanket or a football flip phone, Sports Illustrated has moved into the 21st century and is now featuring something actually worth getting; a brand new copy of Madden ’10 for the system of your choice.

For a $50 subscription you get 28 weeks of the magazine PLUS  the game AND a bonus NFL Films DVD; considering that the game itself costs like $60 you’re already saving money. If you decide to cancel the subscription early you can only get a full refund if you return both the game and the DVD, if you decide to keep the game SI keeps $26. Even still, if you were going to buy the game anyways you save a little loot, and in this economy, that’s not so bad…



Formerly Decapitated Kid Gets BACK to Racing

article-1203945-05CC863A000005DC-462_468x286Now, I’m no parent, but it seems to me that if your then 14 year old kid wasnearly decapitated with what’s called a “Hangman’s injury” from driving a race car, maybe you don’t let your kid GET BACK IN A RACECAR! But then, I’m not the parents of Chris Stewart, a racing fanatic from Hampshire, England.

In September 2006, Stewart, then 12 years old, was driving a 1,000cc Mini go-kart when he crashed head-on into a metal barrier at over 50 mph. The force of the hit was so intense that his head was internally wrenched from the top of his neck. Yikes.

One of only 6 people to ever survive the hangman’s injury, Chris is now stunning his doctors by getting BACK behind the wheel.

Evan Davies, a expert surgeon in spinal injuries conducted the procedure to reattach Stewart’s head to his spine — known as occipital-cervical fusion — by inserting metal plates at the base of the skull and using screws to attach them to the spine. Bone grafts from Stewart’s hips were also used to help strengthen the connection. Ow.

“He’s the only person in the world who has survived such an injury and gone on to lead a normal life,” Davies said, “A few others survived, but they ended up completely paralysed.”article-1203945-05EF21EB000005DC-922_468x371

When the accident happened, Stewart’s mother Debbie was standing on the side watching. “I remember seeing his car going straight for the barrier head-on and then crashing. It’s probably every mother’s worst nightmare to see their child in a situation like that.”

It took over 90 minutes for emergency workers to cut Stewart free before he could be rushed to the hopsital. The slightest movement of his head, even a millimeter could have killed the young boy.

“We didn’t know if he’d even survive, walk or talk. So it’s unbelievable he’s back driving again,” said Debbie.

Besides getting to still be alive, Stewart has received quite a bit of attention, understandably so, even getting a chance to be on OPRAH!

[Daily Mail]

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