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Another Woods Arrives to Dominate Golf

Because I wouldn’t want anyone out there to not be kept up-to-date on the important college athlete signings, I bring you this bit of important news via Sports by Brooks; Wake Forest University recently scored the 2-time Arizona high school women’s golf champion. The young lady in question, Cheyenne Woods, has been nearly as dominant as her uncle, some guy named Tiger Woods.

The younger Woods, who has been playing golf since she was 5, received training from her late grandfather, Earl Woods, who was instrumental in making Eldrick Woods into Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, because of the distance between their homes, Earl was never able to give her the same kind of instruction that led to Tiger being on his way to the title of greatest golfer of all time. However, both Tiger and Earl watch(ed) video of her playing and provid(ed) advice and evaluation.

Cheyenne has already won the American Junior Golf Association Nike Golf Junior, the Big I Junior Classic and two U.S. Kids Golf World Championships and she also shares quite the resemblance to her famous uncle.

All the hoopla surrounding her doesn’t seem to faze Cheyenne, she told the Charlotte Observer: Continue reading ‘Another Woods Arrives to Dominate Golf’


Who Knew Budweiser Was So Versatile!

Jon Daly and Kid Rock teamed up together at the Buick Pro-Am event in Michigan, making possibly the first complete white-trash team in golfing history. Showing that you can take them out of the trailer but you can’t take it out of them, check out Jon Daly teeing off using Kid Rock’s tallboy Budweiser can.

I only wish Daly golfed in a pair of overalls also, it would make the day that much more special. Someday… Also, I love the crowd reaction, particularly the guy who calls for Daly to shotgun the beer. Golf is branching out!



Strippers Bring Much-Needed Excitement to Kid’s Golf

It was a nice Monday morning tournament at Eagle Trace Golf Course in Broomfield, Colorado, a group of young golfers, aged 7-12 were starting their tournament when all of a sudden a bunch of limosines pulled up. If this were an ABC reality show, these kids would be treated to a series of PGA stars who would come out and teach the kids some stuff and change their lives forever.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, out of the limos came the players of Shotgun Willie’s Charity Golf Tournament. The event, paired patrons of the classy local strip club with the strippers who served as caddies.

“It was mistiming,” said Eagle Trace Manager Evelyn Koch. I’d say that’s an understatement. “I cannot tell you the girls didn’t flash out there,” Koch continued, “But it wasn’t a free-for-all.”

For those young kids, this was probably the most influential day of their early golf careers. It probably made them want to play the game all that much more. The PGA should consider this as a potential marketing maneuver.

For the 144 patrons of the strip club who came out for the charity event, this day will also be long remembered. I didn’t even know that golf courses allowed Def Leopard and Motley Crue songs on the courses! Or that the hole flags could be used as stripper poles; they’re much sturdier than I thought.

The article goes on, getting more and more hilarious:

“There was nothing inappropriate going on around the clubhouse when the kids were around,” said golf instructor Dustin Moser, “There was a handful of girls that got a little out of control.”

Moser admitted several dancers were scolded for “top-dropping.”

Continue reading ‘Strippers Bring Much-Needed Excitement to Kid’s Golf’


I’m Still Not Going to Watch Golf But…

The LPGA has recently seen an influx of interest in their events; it seems that they are moving away from the butch lesbian era and into a more fan (read: man) friendly lipstick lesbian era. For example there is Natalie Gulbis with all her FHM “fame”…

But everyone knows her, and frankly, she doesn’t do it for me. Then there is Ms. Anna “Country Club Charlize Theron” Rawson who knows how to get the ball in the hole and she does not have that same problem.

(A whole heap more after the jump)

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