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The Destroyer of Shea

!BTvO8cw!mk~$(KGrHgoH-D4EjlLl0WegBKKBDgQKT!~~_1If you have $35,000 lying around your place I have the PERFECT investment for you; the wrecking ball that destroyed Shea Stadium is available on eBay.

According to the very terse description, this auction is for the “AUTHENTIC ONE AND ONLY 3TON GINNOW STEELWRECKING BALL USED TO DEMOLISH THE FAMOUS SHEA STADIUM IN 2008!”

You can’t put a price on history like that. Except, obviously the $35,000 starting bid. I have to imagine this collector’s item would be a natural fit in any sports fan’s game room. It’s like a Fat Head, but cooler.

[eBay via Sporting News]


And Like That, Poof, He’s Gone


Shea is no more. Good riddance.



The Mets Don’t Care About Their Fans

snnews shea STATEN ISLAND LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALLWhen the New York Mets decided to cut seating capacity by 26 percent the regular fans weren’t the only ones getting kicked in the junk, the Mets also were meting out pain to 1,200 Little Leaguers. For the past 4 years, Queens Little Leagues have been involved in their own special day at Shea Stadium complete with a pre-game ceremony where the kids would get to line up around the field. I’ve been to these games, and the kids are always super psyched and it is the best thing to ever happen to them. I’d go nuts if I could have done this when I was a kid. NUTS!

Recognizing that getting these young fans now means getting them for life, the Mets have decided to CUT the promotion. Smooth.

Even the government — well, a State Senator, Frank Padavan, who represents Queens — is getting involved. “Some things transcend dollars and cents,” Padavan wrote in a letter, “Mr. Wilpon, I urge you to think of the youngsters who for years have enjoyed a day at the ballpark with their friends, teammates, coaches and parents and reconsider and do the right thing for the children. It’s a rite of passage that will leave a lifetime of memories.”

The Mets are in discussions with the Little League organizers right now, offering the kids can buy tickets, at normal cost, have no parade on the field and no other special treatment. So essentially the Mets are telling these kids to go fuck themselves. I almost want all of these Little Leaguers to become Yankee fans just because the Mets are such assholes.

“In light of the fact that the New York Mets organization enjoys generous tax breaks and subsidies from the state and the city that helped finance and build Citi Field, I believe like many others, that it is imperative that you give something back to the Queens community,” Padavan continued in his letter. “Maintaining your commitment and providing the full and adequate amount of discounted tickets to area Little Leagues is a step in the right direction.”

It’s unclear whether Padavan signed off his letter with the “You Money Grubbing Asshole,” epithet that Wilpon deserves.

[Queens Courier]


Citi Field Opens for Business

Prior to moving into their new digs at Citi Field, the New York Mets let St. Johns University and Georgetown get in a game to test out the stadium. Former St. Johns and Mets player John Franco was on hand to throw out the first pitch before a crowd of 22,397 who came out despite the wet and chilly afternoon.

“It was a great turnout,” said Franco, “The crowd is a little bit closer to the field [than at Shea], but I think the players are going to enjoy it and I think the fans are really going to enjoy it.”

St. Johns took an early 3-1 lead, but something Mets fans are all too familiar with, the bullpen was unable to hold on, giving up 4 runs in the 7th to give Georgetown the lead, the final score was 6-4, Georgetown.

The real occupants of Citi Field will arrive on Friday for a two game exhibition against the Boston Red Sox but the early reviews of the stadium sound good.

“Shea was a party place and it was great, but this is like we grew up and now we’re in a new house,” said Dawnrose D’Aloia of Corona, N.Y. “It’s beautiful, how ornate the brickwork is.”

“I happen to be a big Mets fan and it’s a beautiful ballpark,” St. John’s athletic director Chris Monasch said. “They grabbed all the best aspects, I think, of all the new ballparks around the major leagues.”

“I was sad to see Shea go, but it was time,” said Mark Savino of Corona, N.Y. “I followed the construction of it online and came and saw it go up, but seeing it now for the first time like this, it’s very stunning. I wanted to be here, no matter what type of game it was, to be able to say I was here for the first one.”



How Long Does it Take to Destroy Shea?

Seriously, they have been taking down Shea for MONTHS, this place was a dump, how hard is it to swing a wrecking ball? Get it done!


Mets Finally Destroy Bullpen

In some of the best possible news for Mets fans, the organization yesterday completely demolished their bullpen. The weak point of the team this past season; the likely reason why Johan Santana won’t win a Cy Young award later today, the prime reason why for the second year in a row the team collapsed at the end of the season is thankfully no more. Unfortunately the destruction will not last, and the changes will not be too significant, but at least the benches and mounds’ll be new… Look for next year’s bullpen to be full of Latin players.


Shea Goodbye

So it begins, so long blue and orange stadium. May your demise signal the end of the Mets’ recent futility.

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