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Jose Reyes Plays the Field

On July 25th of this year, Jose Reyes and Katherine Ramirez were married at a city hall on Long Island. That apparently doesn’t seem to stop the All Star Reyes from enjoying himself whilst on the road. As usual, The Dirty is there, nabbing some photos from not-hot model Bentley Matthews‘ Myspace of her and Jose in a hotel. For example there is this photo of a shirtless Reyes hanging out watching ESPN:

Or her and a friend trying on Jose’s clothes (Bentley is the one on the left):

Ever wonder what Jose carries on him? Well, fortunately Matthews took care to get a photo of that too:

Feel free to check out the rest of the photos here and again more photos of Ms. Matthews from her modeling portfolio, the playing cards are especially classy. I personally am disappointed, I mean, sure, it’s not as though Reyes wife is especially hot, but I expect better from Reyes. If David Wright is scoring Erin Andrews and actual hot models than why CAN’T Jose? Jose is a good-looking dude and I’m saddened by his poor choices. If you’re going to cheat, it had better be worth it, and quite frankly Bentley is anything but; I’d call her more Kia than Bentley.

[The Dirty via Bitten and Bound]


Killer Whales Love to Steal

I find the idea of fishing as a sport to be highly inaccurate, maybe if the fish also had a means to catch the people it would be a sport. That said, how often do you go fishing and then have a giant killer whale steal your fish only feet away from you. That’s what happens in this video where some guy comes awfully close to reeling in an approximately 50 pound king salmon only to have it get bitten in half by an orca. Pretty neat! Nature is exciting!


He’s Like the Reverse Jesus

Saw this item in Buster Olney’s blog today and it made me chuckle, so for those of you that don’t read Buster or the Dayton Daily News, here you go…

Kent Mercker, who hasn’t pitched since early June because of a bad back, was handed an envelope in the clubhouse, and he quickly ripped it open, scanned the thick multi-paged letter and tossed it into the trash.

“Talk about a waste of eight pages of paper,” he said. “It was addressed to: ‘All potential free agents.’ ”

Mercker will be a free agent, but as he said, “What kind of market is out there for me?” Then he paused and said, “Well, hey. I’m left-handed, I’m 40 and I’m well-rested.”

Mercker has tried to play long toss and throw off the mound, “But my back is not working.”

Most likely he is headed for retirement and said, “I’m starting my new profession — turning vodka into urine.”


More Sanctioned Hazing

The hazing of baseball rookies continues! At Trevor Hoffman’s request the Padres rookies were dressed in Hooters outfits as part of their annual hazing ritual. It makes sense to me that Hoffman is a big Hooters fan, after all, the wings ARE delicious!

[Gas Lamp Ball]


The gents over at With Leather found this other fine photo of the Padres posing for photos in their Hooters garb. It’s almost enough to ruin Hooters for America.


Boston Fans Remain Classy in Tampa

Last night at the Slopicana, the Old Scratch Rays took the season series against the Sox pushing their lead to 2 games with 10 to play and likely ensuring not only their first ever playoff appearance, but to win the division. Despite their success this year, the fans still haven’t been showing up enough, making it possible for Red Sox fans to buy tickets without a problem and make their voices heard, sometimes we wish they wouldn’t… Take for example Christopher Sciesinski, a Sox fan who attended the game and decided that it was appropriate to try and vault the dugout and run onto the field. The security folk jumped into action and nabbed him before he made it onto the field and took him into custody. While getting cuffed one of the cops pulled out his taser and held it against Sciesinksi’s neck, but never discharged it.

Things to love about this picture:

  • Who knew Wade Boggs was working as a security guard. Is this the appearances agreement he made with the Rays?
  • The security guard terrified of himself getting tased.
  • How much I want to know what the cop is whispering into Sciesinski’s ear.
  • The cop so desperately excited to get a chance to use his taser.

Clearly feeling lonely and outshined, later in the game Sciesinski’s friend Robert Mansour decided that he too wanted to taste the metal bracelets and got arrested after drunkenly starting a fight with another fan. That way they had a buddy in jail. Now that’s friendship!


Nomar Loves Impressions of Himself

Nomar Garciaparra is well known for his many quirks and OCD antics at the plate, and this video of the Batting Stance Guy takes aim at Nomar with Nomar watching from the dugout. Fortunately Nomar has a good sense of humor about it.

Unfortunately Nomar tore his ACL while laughing and will be out for the forseeable future.

[Bar Stool Sports]


Curt in the Car Weighs in on Manny

Whilst I was listening to the Big Show on WEEI yesterday, Curt Schilling called in to talk with Lou Merloni and Brian Daubach about Manny Ramirez as a teammate. It was a totally random call, Schilling, the ol’ blowhard was just driving around and decided to call in. His call is an interesting look at Manny from a teammate’s perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, Manny is gone, and I’ve moved on. Sure, he’s putting up the ridiculous numbers I expected from him this season, but he never would have done them with the Sox, as Schilling explained, everyone in the clubhouse wasn’t sure if Manny would even play for the rest of the season. To me, when I hear that the situation with Manny became, according to Lou Merloni, “as bad as Carl Everett” I’m thankful that we managed to get someone as solid as Jason Bay before it was too late. Also, it is fun to speculate on who said that to Lou as, according to this site, the only two remaining teammates of Carl Everett on the Sox are Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek, so I wonder which one believes Manny and Jurassic Carl became one and the same. I’m guessing ‘Tek.

Finally, I apppreciate Schilling admitting that he’s been a drain on the payroll because he hasn’t thrown a pitch all season. Schilling is a whole lot of things but honest is one of them. Definitely listen to the clip though because it is an interesting take on the whole situation.


Streaking Can Be Dangerous

I love streaking. In college I streaked every Thursday and it made the college experience better for everyone. The opportunity to see me naked is one everyone should opt for. Thus when I came across this video of a guy streaking a soccer game in Australia I had to post it. Nathan Roberts is a player on the Virginia B Grade team but is sidelined due to fluid in his lungs, pneumonia and an inflamed liver and spleen. During a recent match between United and Hummocks Watchman Eagles after having “knocked back a few bevvies” it was mentioned that someone should streak. Taking up the offer after $50 was offered, Roberts went for it. The only stipulation was that he had to do a cartwheel while streaking. That, unfortunately, is when the troubles began. Join us as we watch the video (taken by his sister) together in all its grainy digitalized goodness and see what happens. Like any good streaker, Roberts had no regrets, “I like a bit of attention and I’d do it again,” he said. “But I’d up the price.”

Roberts gets tended to after injurying his foot when attempting a naked cartwheel.

Roberts gets tended to after knocking himself unconscious doing a naked cartwheel. He was taken off the field in a stretcher.

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